Author Walter Sayers visited our class!

London, Ontario author Walter Sayers visited Mr. Hubert’s class. Walter Sayers is the illustrator/designer and author of the story “My Big Fat Waldoodle”. The story is about William and his pesky doodle that keeps getting him into trouble when he is trying to do his homework.

For those in the London area interested in having Mr. Sayers visit their classroom, he may be contacted at

Walter explains, ”

My goal is to help inspire more kids to be creative through writing and
creative doodling and to visit more class rooms."

Flat Stanley meets a Doodle!

Stanley was impressed, as were all of our students, with Walter’s enthusiasm creativity and the way he allowed students to think outside the box as they created their own doodles.

Flat Stanley in Georgia

Hi, here are some pictures from Flat Stanley’s adventures in Georgia.  Today, Flat Stanley and I went to Stone Mountain GA where we saw the granite carvings of the Civil War Heros (General’s Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Grant, and Jefferson Davis).  After that we went to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in dawsonville GA.  Dawsonville GA is the home of Bill Elliott (awesome bill from dawsonville).  We saw a great video about the heros of Georgia Racing and I never knew how many famous race car drivers are from Georgia.  Tomorrow we are headed to Florida and more pictures will follow!

Thanks for sending me on this trip to Georgia!

Flr Stanley and Sheri (Parker’s mom)

Flat Stanley from 95q Eastwood School in New York

dalehubert-busking.htmIt’s true the Flat Stanleys from New York have stayed a long time in London, Ontario, but they’ve have a good time.

On May 8, 2010, they had the privilege of meeting Royce Gracie. For those unfamiliar with him, Wikipedia reports:

Royce Gracie is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter, a UFC Hall of Famer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He holds the most submission victories in UFC history with 11, which he earned between UFC 1 and UFC 4. Gracie became a larger than life figure in the mixed martial arts world for his domination in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He became famous for beating opponents much larger than him, and between 1993 and 1994, he was the tournament winner of UFC 1, UFC 2, UFC 4, and fought to a draw with Ken Shamrock in the championship match in the Superfight at UFC 5. [2] Gracie popularized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and revolutionized mixed martial arts with his results contributing to the movement towards grappling and cross-training in the sport.

Here he is with Flat Jason and Flat Kierra with Royce Gracie!

But the month of March was even more exciting. All of the visitors from PS 95 q went with Mr. Hubert to the Galapagos Islands. Sadly, only Flat Kierra and Flat Jason safely returned. Keep in mind that the Galapagos are very windy islands… Some of the poses resulted in flat visitors being swept into the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps a sailor will one day find them and mail them back.

Here are Flat Jason and Flat Kierra with Mr. Hubert with a giant tortoise on a Galapagos Island.

Here’s something interesting about the giant tortoise. Do you know why it has such a large shell? You might think that it’s for protection, and that’s true. However, the predators on the Galapagos Islands are the Galapagos Hawk and some rodents. Why does it need such a big shell? Here’s the answer: When the tortoises were evolving, there were other predators – including dinosaurs! – so, the Galapagos tortoise is still protecting itself against dinosaurs, even though they are now extinct.

As you may know, Mr. Hubert was once a street singer, before he became a teacher and the creator of the Flat Stanley Project, he sang in the streets of Europe.  Here he is, many years ago.

While in Ecuador, on his way to the Galapagos Islands, he met these entertainers from Argentina. One is holding Flat Jason and Flat Kierra while the other holds a Flat Stanley.

Did you know that the Galapagos Isalnds were created by volcanoes? Everywhere you looked you could the cones of ancient volcanoes. In fact, there are many active volcanoes in the area!

Here they are, with a real wild iguana! Fortunately, iguanas are usually quite slow, especially when they were cold in the morning. But Flat Jason and Flat Kierra were nervous while they were this close to such a scary beast!

While at Wilfrid Jury Public School, Jason wrote:

Dear friend,

This is Flat Jason. He lies to go on trips to Applebee’s and he likes to eat popcorn, cancakes and even ice cream. He likes to play: football, baseball, soccer. I like to play hockey, and Flat Jason likes to watch TV, and visit Santa. Please take care of flat Mikey. Your friend, Jason.

Richard wrote:

Thursday, January 21, 2010,

Dear Jason,

Your flat Jason is having a great time! We have built a snowman and watched TV and played on my Nintendo D.S. We had a great time together!

From, Richard H.

Fatin wrote:

Jason is enjoying his time here. Jason and I went to buy a Nintendo D.S. Jason chose a pink one because I’m a girl and girls like the colour pink. Not so long after, we went to my cousin’s birthday party. We ate chocolate cake, and flat Jason loved it. We also ate chocolate cookies. After a while, we played hide and go seek. The next day, I played with my Nintendo D.S and I wnet shopping to get something to paint. When I got home, I painted, and Jason did too. While we were painting, my mom was cooking hamburgers. A little while later, we read a book about Chester. It was funny (hahaha). Just then, we went to watch my favourite movie. Then, my mom said, “Do you want some ice cream?” So we said, “Okay! Okay!”, but flat Jason couldn’t eat it, so I made him flat ice cream. Jason loved it. A minute later, we went to bed, but before that we brushed our teeth. Then we wne tot bed. Jason said, “I forgot to tell you: I’m having a wonderful time!”

From, Fatin.

P.S. It’s so much fun to play with Jason. Also, have fun!

Gillian wrote:

Marach 2, 2010,

Dear Jason,

Flat Jason and I are having a great time. First we went to my hockey game. It was a tie. After that, we went to McDonald’s. I got small fries with a chicken burger. Flat Jason had flat fries. Then, we went home. I read a book called “Miley Cyruc Miles To Go”. Jason read, “More Tales From the Class at the End of the Hall”. He really liked it. I have to go so have fun reading my letter.

From, Gillian.

Did You Lose this Flat Stanley?

“We found him in West Yellowstone,  Montana,  just blowing down the street.”

This Flat Stanley was found by this very honest little girl. Contact me if you think it might be yours.

The family writes:
“This Stanley has a big white square sticker on his back with nothing on it my daughter puts him to bed every night so he won’t be scared and lonely till she can find his home. She tells him she will find his home soon so not to be afraid.”

Flat Stanley in Richmond, Virginia

Here are some pictures I’ve been taking of Flat Stanley in Richmond, Virginia. My son lives in Pensacola, Florida with his mom and sent me this project. There’s a pic with Flat as a passenger in one of our stations live trucks. Flat anchoring the evening news with former MSNBC anchor Bill Fitzgerald and Flat posing with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and me as he signs Flat Stanley /Austin Burkett Day into law:)
Congrats on such a fun project! My son will be talking about it over the many years to come!
All the Best,
Jon Burkett
CBS 6 News
Richmond, VA

From the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

Special thanks to Stacey hall and First Lady Ginger Beebe from the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for their continuing support.

First Lady Ginger Beebe with Secretary Madeleine Albright and Flat Stanley

Flat with his favorite weatherman, TODAY Show’s Al Roker

Flat Stanley and James Carville

Flat and country singer Tracy Byrd at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion

Flat Stanley, First Lady Ginger Beebe, and Mary Matalin

Dale Hubert took Flat Stanley to the Galapagos Islands

In March, 2010, my dad and I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was a Celebrity Cruise and all the passengers were certainly treated like celebrities! We were surrounded by expert guides and helpful staff. It was a perfect vacation.

In Ecuador Flat Stanley visited the caldera of an ancient volcano. What used to be the inside of the volcano is now fertile farmland.

Dale Hubert, Flat Stanley and My Travel Teddy were on the top of volcano.

Flat Stanley met a local animal.

This marks the equator. One side is in the northern hemisphere and other side is in the southern hemisphere. The country of Ecuador was named after the equator.

Straddling the equator – one Flat Stanley in two hemispheres!

Many years ago, Dale Hubert sang in the streets through Europe, so seeing these street entertainers from Argentina brought back memories! They were full of enthusiasm and positive energy and it was a delight to meet them! There were performing in the street in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

On board the Xpedition with one of the Galapagos Islands in the background.

Flat Stanley visited an island where frigate birds nest. These birds are called Pirates of the Air because of the way they raid other birds and animals.

Flat Stacie used a broom handle to prevent herself from being blown into the lap of this sea lion. Sea lions were everywhere – on benches, on stairs, on the beach and even sleeping in boats.

Flat Stanley met lots of sea lions, too.

Look at the lava!

This is a younger island, so it’s still mostly lave with very little plant life. But give it time…

When we crossed the equator Flat Stanley met Neptune, King of the Sea.

And this beautiful pirate showed Flat Stanley where he was by placing him on the equaotor on this map of the Galapagos Islands.

Flat Stanley met a Galapagos bee. Since this is the only bee on the island, and it prefers yellow flowers, almost all fo the flowers on the islands are yellow.

Another sea lion!

Lots of land iguanas!

A marine iguana.

Since marine iguanas take in a lot of salt when they eat, they have evolved a special gland that removes the salt from their bodies and they spray salt crystals out of their noses!

This type of cactus is one of the first signs of plant life on a volcanic island. It is able to hold moisture in the spiny hairs.

It’s hard to believe that life could establish itself here, but, over time, plants will grow on this lava.

A few years ago a dead whale was washed ashore and the Sally Lightfoot crabs had a feast.

Flat Stanley had this excellent guide take him to the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

Flat Stanley and Dale Hubert met many of the famous land tortoises.

Here’s a good question – why do these turtles need such massive shells? What could possibly hurt them? Well, today only the young turtles are at risk from rats and sea birds, but millions of years ago these tortoises evolved when there were dinosaurs around. This tortoise is still on the lookout for dinosaurs!

Daniel from California visited Dale Hubert in Ontario

Daniel and his family were in London, Ontario, and visted Dale Hubert at his home. Daniel is from California and his teacher, Mrs. Eng, has been a great supporter of the Flat Stanley Project. Daniel dropped by on Christmas day – what a great Christmas present!

Daniel’s brother, Ryan, visited too!

Daniel was given an autographed Flat Stanley. It was the one Dale Hubert had taken on a trip to Scotland last year.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA

Hello, Dr./Mr. Hubert, how are you?
My name is Todd Barber, and I’m the lead propulsion engineer on the Cassini mission to Saturn at JPL in Pasadena, CA. I also worked on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
A family friend sent me Flat Stanley last month and we had a wonderful time getting our picture taken in thermal infrared (hottest to coldest = white, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue), riding models of both the Sojourner/Mars Pathfinder rover and a Mars Exploration Rover, and checking out Mission Control at JPL.

I thought I would submit these photos to you in case there is interest in displaying them on the Flat Stanley website, particularly since 2009 is the year for Flat Stanley to explore science.
It’s not every day we have a visitor as distinguished as Flat Stanley, either!

Regards and congratulations on this wonderful project.

Todd J. Barber
Cassini Lead Propulsion Engineer
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Oct09 023

Oct09 016

Oct09 014

Oct09 002

Oct09 020

Oct09 025

Oct09 003

Oct09 004

Oct09 005

Flat Jack Stanley

Hello Dale Hubert,

Our family has been enjoying reading the Flat Stanley books to our son, Jack.  Just today at his school he was part of a costume competition.  The kids had to dress up as story book characters.  Jack’s dad made this Flat Stanley costume for Jack to wear out of recycled paper and card board boxes and HE WON!  We were planning to email Jeff Brown and thank him, but then found out that he’s no longer alive.  We actually got teary.  Then we saw your name as a big part of the Flat Stanley project.  So we wanted to thank you and let you know how much we’re enjoying them.
So, THANKS!  Have a great weekend and God bless you!

Eva, for her 6 year old son, Jack

Flat Costume

Flat Jack Stanley

Monkey Puzzle Tree

This is an amazing plant. I took these pictures in Scotland in August, 2009. Flat Stanley was in a monkey puzzle tree. The leaves are incredibly hard – almost as if they’d been made out of ceramic or even steel. They are sharp, too – like the blades of knives.DSC_8170-smallHere’s the most interesting part. Why are the leaves on the monkey puzzle tree so incredibly tough? It wasn’t to stop monkeys from climbing them. This type of tree is so old that it evolved tough leaves to protect itself from dinosaurs. That’s right, this type of tree existed in the time of the dinosaurs. Not this particular one, of course. Some trees can live as long as 1000 years. That’s a long time, but the original monkey puzzle tree evolved in the Late Cretaceous period, about 140 million years ago. So even though the dinosaurs that this tree protected itself against didn’t survive, the monkey puzzle tree is still tough enough to prevent being eaten by one.

The monkey puzzle tree is native to Chile and was introduced to England and Scotland in the 1800’s where they can still be found, usually in the gardens surrounding castles and large estates.

Check out the monkey puzzle tree at Wikipedia . DSC_8112-small

Peggy Seeger

Flat Stanley enjoyed visiting with the excellent musician and captivating entertainer, in London, Ontario on September 19, 2009. Here’s a song by Peggy Seeger for use on the Flat Stanley Project, One Plus One is Two:


She is holding the very same Flat Stanley that Dale Hubert sent to Peggy’s half-brother, Pete Seeger. On the back of this flat Stanley is Pete’s message:

“Kids- if YOU keep your sense of humor, and reach out to other kids in ALL the world, and get them to reach out to you in their own way, there may be a human race here in another 100 years!”

Winchester Public School

Flat Stanley was a school project for students in grade 1 to 4. The librarian sponsored a contest to make a Flat Stanley visiting our school, Winchester P.S. after reading Flat Stanley. Our school mascot is a knight so we have  “Knight Stanley” reading in our library and honouring our castle in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.
Susan Carter

Hazel Dell Elementary

Hazel Dell Elementary

Flat Stanley is babysitting some of his little friends. They are at my aunt and uncle’s house in Granger, Indiana. It was during Christmas vacation.
Over Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, Flat Stanley went to my cousins’ house in Maryland. Over that time my aunt had a baby. Here is Flat with the new cousin. Flat met a girl named Flat Lisa!
My Flat Stanley is on the table with my sister’s Flat Stanley. They are right by a beautiful Christmas tree.
It was around Christmas time when Flat Stanley went to the Steers game in Pennsylvania. Flat Stanley had a fun time because they won the game!
I sent my Flat Stanley to my cousins in South Carolina. They are at their house. It is Thanksgiving. See the turkey in the oven!
Flat Stanley went on an airplane to Arizona. He is just sitting when they took off. Now he is off on his big adventure!
Flat Stanley was in first grade in Opelika, AL. The children were learning about Flat and where he came from. I bet this picture was taken on January 21, 2004.
Flat Stanley went to my great aunt’s house in Washington. My aunt made a gingerbread house. She said it was ugly, but I think it looks just fine!
My Flat Stanley went to my Aunt Ann’s house at North Carolina. They had lunch with Flat Stanley. Flat was there for two months. I sent my Flat Stanley to my Aunt Ann because she was lonely and sick.
My Flat Stanley went to a lot of places. He went to Ohio, Florida, parks and museums. He got shot out of a cannon. He got to see a lot of cool things. I’m sure he had a lot of fun!

Wisconsin Homeschool

Wisconsin Homeschool Visit

Stanley going on a trail bike ride into the Reforestation Camp, County property in Wisconsin that is close to our home.
Stanley and Jacob reading during home school time together.
Stanley visitor doing the pledge to the flag at homeschool.
One dressing up as all time sack leader for the Green Bay Packers, NFL football.  #92
Snowmobiler, sized appropriate for Stanley of course.
Visiting Door County Candle Works to learn how to make candles.
In the following pictures Stanley is eating Cheese Curds in Wisconsin, (squeaky cheese!) and celebrating Mardi Gras in Wisconsin.
A visitor from Oregon gets to experience the fresh Wisconsin Snow and outdoors!
Stanleys are tasting Curds and others are waiting in line to taste the Squeaky Cheese!
Stanleys are attempting to move with magnets.
Many visitors, Kentucky, Kansas….Vermont!
(getting ready to go cross country skiing)
More from Wisconsin:
Kindly submitted by Katie Harbath who wrote,

“I thought you’d enjoy this cute story about Flat Stanley from when the President was in my home state of Wisconsin this week. — Katie”
Taking constituent service to a new level, Rep. Tom Petri’s staff managed to introduce “Flat Stanley” to President Bush during the President’s visit in Appleton Tuesday.
Young children and parents all across the country know that Flat Stanley is a character in a story who was flattened by an accident. Being reduced to two dimensions made it possible for him to travel through the mail. Accordingly, teachers nationwide have young students make their own Flat Stanleys which they mail to people they know in other schools, states or countries as a way to improve their writing and communication skills and learn about different places.
When President Bush’s visit to Appleton was announced, the parent of a second grade student at Barlow Park Elementary School in Ripon called Rep. Petri’s Fond du Lac office to ask if her daughter’s Flat Stanley could get a photo with the President.
With little hope but a willing attitude, Petri staffer Melissa Kok took the Flat Stanley with her to the President’s speech at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.
“I took a couple of pictures of Flat Stanley while President Bush was speaking in the background,” Kok said. “Those pictures didn’t turn out too nice because the camera focused on Stanley and the President was blurry in the background.”
“After President Bush finished with his speech, I moved to the front of the aisle to take better pictures of him leaving. He then proceeded down the stairs and shook hands with everyone in the front row where we were standing. President Bush saw that I had Flat Stanley and even said, ‘Flat Stanley! Did you want to take a picture?’ Of course, I said yes,” Kok said.

Mrs. Powers’ Class

In front of the gates at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Then a stop at Dunkin Donuts in the morning.

Mrs. Powers’ reading class

Mrs. Powers’ reading class

Sandy Skoglund’s picture, “Revenge of the Goldfish”

This is Clarke School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. It is an Oral Deaf School where students learn to read lips and use the little hearing that they have to learn to speak for themselves.

Having a “Subway “for lunch


Riding inside the “Subway” Truck

Famous Rodin sculpture at Smith College

Ellen Driscoll. American, born 1953. “Catching the Drift”, 2002 Women’s Room.

Notice the underwater world of sea creatures and plant life.

Sandy Skoglund. American born 1946. “Liquid Origins, Fluid Dreams”. 2002 – Men’s Room.

Notice the droplets in the sinks

Mrs. Silver’s Class

From Mrs. Silver’s Class

St. Andrew’s P.S. (Our Flat Family)
Mrs. Silver’s grade 3 class and our Flat Stanley
This year we have decided to expand our Flat Stanley project by introducing his girlfriend, Flat Stephanie.
Flat Stanley and Flat Stephanie had a wonderful time in the Mayan Riviera. He swam with dolphins, went to some Mayan villages, visited ancient ruins and relaxed by the pools.

Webster Elementary

From Clinton, Illinois:

Mr. Dean Karr’s Special Education Class and Mrs. Judy Hendricker’s third grade class at Webster Elmentary School in Clinton, Illinois made a Flat Stanley Scarecrow. It was for the community’s annual Apple n’ Pork Festival. The large version of Stanley sports a Webster School sweatshirt. He is now back at the school, where the teachers plan to dress him for various holidays.