September 2020
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From Gaby Cueto in Mexico City

Hi. My name is Gaby Cueto from Mexico City. Currently I am a preschool principal but when I was a teacher I had a very successful and rewarding Flat Stanley Project. My students sent it to relatives and friends all around the world and they shared their experiences when they came back with another Flat […]

Flat Stanley visited Romania

Flat Stanley has visited Romania. Here are some pictures. Best regards, Georgeta […]

Stan and Dale on the Celebrity Millennium

Just returned from a very enjoyable Alaskan cruise. I was amazed at how many people recognized the Flat Stanley my sister was carrying!

The man holding Flat Stanley had previously taken a Flat Stanley into orbit!

It turns out Karen Baxter’s Garage doesn’t fix all flats.

Jocka and Maria were entertainers on the […]

from Great Uncle Bob

I enjoy hearing from participants and their families. Here’s the latest from Great Uncle Bob


More from the Grannies on Safari in Mongolia

Here is the Mongolian school the Grannies visited and donated the iPod touch as a gift from Flatter World Inc.

The Grannies made friends with a group of 9th graders at the 115 school in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia.  We told them that we were excited to be in their country and that as “Flat Grannies” […]

Flat Grannies on Safari on the Trans Siberian Railway 2011

You may recall when the Grannies on Safari announced their partnership with Flatter World on August 19 in Chicago. It was a fun event with flat costumes. 


Flatter World launched the new Flat Stanley app for the iPhone and the Grannies announced their latest trip to Siberia. Things have changed since the middle of […]

Flat Agnes in Indonesia

agnes stanley story

Students of Group “Agnes Stanley” in class 11 Science 3 , SMAN 1 Karawang:

Faiz Deja Ramadhan Anita Dewi Istiqomah Angga Maulana Entri Aprilia Ita Puspitasari Ghani Wicaksono Syah Putra Saky Rianto Yuda Ardiansyah


The Guest Star:

Mr. “Kind” from England. Mr. “Howba” from Netherland. The Oarsman with cano. […]

Flat SCUBA diving with Tom Madden

Flat TJ with the airplane pilot David Webb

Flat TJ seated with Grandpa and Grandma

Flat TJ watches the take-off

Flat TJ at a shipwreck on shore

Flat TJ feeds an Iguana


From Fajar Nugraha, West Java, Indonesia

Hallo, I`m Fajar Nugraha from SMA Negeri 1 Karawang, west java, Indonesia, This is our Flatstanley, Chek this out please, Thanks




My Grand-daughter’s second-grade classroom in Jack, Alabama, is involved in the Flat Stanley Project.  This past week, Flat Stanley joined me at the Wisconsin Capitol to protest Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  I created a story about Flat Stanley’s experience, not to rally for my beliefs, but to talk about Democracy.   I hope that you enjoy […]

From Bob Vitaletti, Denver CO

I just completed a Flat Stanley project for my grand niece in Scranton PA, (it’s actually my Third Flat Stanley project over the years). Her teacher sent me your web site link. Here are the two parts.



From Iran – Gorgan City




I am serving in Afghanistan. I am from Delavan ILL. The grade school sent me Flat Stanley. Here are some pictures.

Gordon L Rush Mazar-E Sharif Afghanistan


“Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania

Hello! My name is Natalia Cosovanu and I teach English at School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania. I have recently started the Flat Stanley project with my 5th to 8th graders and I would like to nominate my school for  special recognition as my students are very […]

Flat Stanley and President Obama

Flat Stanley is the perfect listener to state secrets – he’ll never talk!

Flat Stanley’s Adventures

I am visiting Egypt.  It is quite hot here.  I am visiting a teacher who works in a school that has children from kindergarten all the way up to Sixth Form.  She says I can stay as long as I like and she will take me to lots of new and exciting places.

I […]

Dale Hubert took Flat Stanley to the Galapagos Islands

In March, 2010, my dad and I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was a Celebrity Cruise and all the passengers were certainly treated like celebrities! We were surrounded by expert guides and helpful staff. It was a perfect vacation.

In Ecuador Flat Stanley visited the caldera of an ancient volcano. What […]

Flat Stanley helps earthquake victims in Haiti

Flat Stanley visited Haiti with Mr. Dennis Cady from Wichita Falls, TX to assist the earthquake victims.

Notice my work gloves!! Karen Jones Jefferson Elementary WF, TX […]

Scotland, England, Belgium, Singapore

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Peyton’s flat Stanley adventures with Jordana and friends.

Niagara Falls, submitted by Andrena Victor

Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA

Hello, Dr./Mr. Hubert, how are you? My name is Todd Barber, and I’m the lead propulsion engineer on the Cassini mission to Saturn at JPL in Pasadena, CA. I also worked on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. A family friend sent me Flat Stanley last month and we had a wonderful time getting […]

Flat Stanley Flies from Thailand to Maine

My name is Nicholas Parker. I am half American and half Thai. I took Flat Stanley on a plane last month. We went to see my grandmother in Maine.  We saw snow for the first time. It was cold and it was windy. Stanley and I went to a pond and saw a tree […]

Brooke & Flat Stella


My name is Brooke Hansen. I am American but I am living in Thailand. I made Flat Stella then I went to New Zealand to have an adventure.

The first thing we did is go whale watching. There was a whale called Noodle. Stella liked it so much she jumped in to have a […]

Monkey Puzzle Tree

This is an amazing plant. I took these pictures in Scotland in August, 2009. Flat Stanley was in a monkey puzzle tree. The leaves are incredibly hard – almost as if they’d been made out of ceramic or even steel. They are sharp, too – like the blades of knives.Here’s the most interesting […]


This is Flat Stanley’s trip to Zambia



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World Travels with Flat Kathryn

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World Travels

This little guy really gets around! Flat Stanley World Tour with Rosemarie Monteleone



New Hampshire

Antakya, […]

Washington, DC- Childnet Awards

The Flat Stanley Project was a winner of a Childnet International Award The awards ceremony took place in Washington, DC, the week of April 16, 2001.  If you have an innovative and interesting idea for a web project, consider contacting Childnet at: and become a part of the Dot Hope Effect. Here are […]


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