From Gaby Cueto in Mexico City

Hi. My name is Gaby Cueto from Mexico City. Currently I am a preschool principal but when I was a teacher I had a very successful and rewarding Flat Stanley Project. My students sent it to relatives and friends all around the world and they shared their experiences when they came back with another Flat Stanley. It was very exciting when another Flat Stanley and Friend arrived to tell us all about their adventures!! I am sending some pictures. I did this project in 2011 and I still have a couple enthusiasts that keep sending me their adventures!

I am very excited because this year I will continue this project with my teachers. Thank you for this wonderful way of connecting, communicating and making learning what it should be – FUN!

Warm regards,

Gaby Cueto




Stan and Dale on the Celebrity Millennium

Just returned from a very enjoyable Alaskan cruise. I was amazed at how many people recognized the Flat Stanley my sister was carrying!

The man holding Flat Stanley had previously taken a Flat Stanley into orbit!


It turns out Karen Baxter’s Garage doesn’t fix all flats.


Jocka and Maria were entertainers on the Celebrity Millennium and they took the little flat guy up for a closer look at their act.


Speaking of closer looks, this is going to hurt in the morning!

ketchican eagle cropped with blurred fs


Alaskan artist Maida had previously hosted Flat Stanleys.





This couple recognized Flat Stanley in the dome car near Denali.



Another couple from Toronto stopped to say hi.



The most important part of the totem pole is the bottom.


Sami and Flat Stanley in Icy Point Strait, Alaska


A Flat Stanley participant


You should travel on the Celebrity Millennium just to meet this crew member!


More from the Grannies on Safari in Mongolia

Here is the Mongolian school the Grannies visited and donated the iPod touch as a gift from Flatter World Inc.

The Grannies made friends with a group of 9th graders at the 115 school in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia.  We told them that we were excited to be in their country and that as “Flat Grannies” characters in the Flatter World with Flat Stanley, we hoped they would join us as members of the flatter world.  We gave them an iPod with the Flat Stanley application and invited them to start sharing their adventures in Mongolia.

Mina, a member of the class has communicated with us and we look forward to many more encounters with the class.


When traveling through Mongolia it was important for the Grannies to see how the everyday Mongloians – who live outside the city, live.  Their houses – round and made of felt and wood – are called Ger’s.  Because many Mongols are nomads, they still move each season to parts of Mongolia that have better feed for their animals. It takes about two hours for a family to pack their Ger’s with all of their belongings and move them, sometimes by truck and other times by horse and cart!

The Grannies visited a family – the picture is us standing outside their home – and met the mom and her small son.  We ate dried Mare’s milk curds and nuts!

Flat Grannies on Safari on the Trans Siberian Railway 2011

You may recall when the Grannies on Safari announced their partnership with Flatter World on August 19 in Chicago. It was a fun event with flat costumes. 


Flatter World launched the new Flat Stanley app for the iPhone and the Grannies announced their latest trip to Siberia. Things have changed since the middle of August – the Grannies are in Siberia! And they took our Flat Grannies with them.

So who would have thought there are no WIFI-friendly Starbucks along the ancient Trans-Siberian Railway route. The Grannies on Safari are doing their best to keep us updated on their progress as the travel on the Tans-Siberian Railway.

September 12, 2011

The statue is Musa Cälil the poet in Kazan.


The Grannies are walking in the Kazan Train Station.


The Grannies are aboard the train planning their trip.


The Flat Grannies are on the border between Europe and Asia in Yekaterinburg. They are on the border marker.


Aboard the train talking to the chef. The Flat Grannies are seriously looking at the menu!

Flat Agnes in Indonesia

agnes stanley story

Students of Group “Agnes Stanley” in class 11 Science 3 , SMAN 1 Karawang:

  1. Faiz Deja Ramadhan
  2. Anita Dewi Istiqomah
  3. Angga Maulana
  4. Entri Aprilia
  5. Ita Puspitasari
  6. Ghani Wicaksono
  7. Syah Putra Saky Rianto
  8. Yuda Ardiansyah


The Guest Star:

  1. Mr. “Kind” from England.
  2. Mr. “Howba” from Netherland.
  3. The Oarsman with cano.

Flat SCUBA diving with Tom Madden

Flat TJ with the airplane pilot David Webb

Flat TJ seated with Grandpa and Grandma

Flat TJ watches the take-off

Flat TJ at a shipwreck on shore

Flat TJ feeds an Iguana

Flat TJ prepares to go SCUBA diving with Grandpa

Flat TJ dives among some Coral

Flat TJ dives at an airplane wreck

Flat TJ with the Divemaster Oscar

A Damselfish visits Flat TJ diving at a Coral Head

Flat TJ dives at an Elephant Ear Sponge

Flat TJ dives with some new fish friends

Flat TJ dives at an airplane propeller


My Grand-daughter’s second-grade classroom in Jack, Alabama, is involved in the Flat Stanley Project.  This past week, Flat Stanley joined me at the Wisconsin Capitol to protest Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  I created a story about Flat Stanley’s experience, not to rally for my beliefs, but to talk about Democracy.   I hope that you enjoy the story and pictures.


Vivian Weber-Pagel

“Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania

Hello! My name is Natalia Cosovanu and I teach English at School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania. I have recently started the Flat Stanley project with my 5th to 8th graders and I would like to nominate my school for  special recognition as my students are very enthusiastic about the project. They have never turned down any request for a foreign Flat Stanley to visit our town and region. We have had guests from as far as Australia, Canada, U.S.A, Great Britain. Even though they were on the spring or summer break, the students of School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” often came to school and we worked together on writing diaries to send back or took pictures. I should mentioned that they study English as a foreign language and Flat Stanley really helped a lot with practising English. (I have attached some pictures of our Flat Stanley activities.)
This year we intend to continue the project and found a Flat Stanley club. Our school year only started a week ago and we have got around 80 students ready to sign up.
Ms. Natalia Cosovanu
School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” Radauti, Romania

Flat Stanley’s Adventures

I am visiting Egypt.  It is quite hot here.  I am visiting a teacher who works in a school that has children from kindergarten all the way up to Sixth Form.  She says I can stay as long as I like and she will take me to lots of new and exciting places.

I will be keeping a journal of all my experiences and will try to upload it for everyone to see.

Dale Hubert took Flat Stanley to the Galapagos Islands

In March, 2010, my dad and I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was a Celebrity Cruise and all the passengers were certainly treated like celebrities! We were surrounded by expert guides and helpful staff. It was a perfect vacation.

In Ecuador Flat Stanley visited the caldera of an ancient volcano. What used to be the inside of the volcano is now fertile farmland.

Dale Hubert, Flat Stanley and My Travel Teddy were on the top of volcano.

Flat Stanley met a local animal.

This marks the equator. One side is in the northern hemisphere and other side is in the southern hemisphere. The country of Ecuador was named after the equator.

Straddling the equator – one Flat Stanley in two hemispheres!

Many years ago, Dale Hubert sang in the streets through Europe, so seeing these street entertainers from Argentina brought back memories! They were full of enthusiasm and positive energy and it was a delight to meet them! There were performing in the street in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

On board the Xpedition with one of the Galapagos Islands in the background.

Flat Stanley visited an island where frigate birds nest. These birds are called Pirates of the Air because of the way they raid other birds and animals.

Flat Stacie used a broom handle to prevent herself from being blown into the lap of this sea lion. Sea lions were everywhere – on benches, on stairs, on the beach and even sleeping in boats.

Flat Stanley met lots of sea lions, too.

Look at the lava!

This is a younger island, so it’s still mostly lave with very little plant life. But give it time…

When we crossed the equator Flat Stanley met Neptune, King of the Sea.

And this beautiful pirate showed Flat Stanley where he was by placing him on the equaotor on this map of the Galapagos Islands.

Flat Stanley met a Galapagos bee. Since this is the only bee on the island, and it prefers yellow flowers, almost all fo the flowers on the islands are yellow.

Another sea lion!

Lots of land iguanas!

A marine iguana.

Since marine iguanas take in a lot of salt when they eat, they have evolved a special gland that removes the salt from their bodies and they spray salt crystals out of their noses!

This type of cactus is one of the first signs of plant life on a volcanic island. It is able to hold moisture in the spiny hairs.

It’s hard to believe that life could establish itself here, but, over time, plants will grow on this lava.

A few years ago a dead whale was washed ashore and the Sally Lightfoot crabs had a feast.

Flat Stanley had this excellent guide take him to the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

Flat Stanley and Dale Hubert met many of the famous land tortoises.

Here’s a good question – why do these turtles need such massive shells? What could possibly hurt them? Well, today only the young turtles are at risk from rats and sea birds, but millions of years ago these tortoises evolved when there were dinosaurs around. This tortoise is still on the lookout for dinosaurs!

Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA

Hello, Dr./Mr. Hubert, how are you?
My name is Todd Barber, and I’m the lead propulsion engineer on the Cassini mission to Saturn at JPL in Pasadena, CA. I also worked on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
A family friend sent me Flat Stanley last month and we had a wonderful time getting our picture taken in thermal infrared (hottest to coldest = white, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue), riding models of both the Sojourner/Mars Pathfinder rover and a Mars Exploration Rover, and checking out Mission Control at JPL.

I thought I would submit these photos to you in case there is interest in displaying them on the Flat Stanley website, particularly since 2009 is the year for Flat Stanley to explore science.
It’s not every day we have a visitor as distinguished as Flat Stanley, either!

Regards and congratulations on this wonderful project.

Todd J. Barber
Cassini Lead Propulsion Engineer
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Oct09 023

Oct09 016

Oct09 014

Oct09 002

Oct09 020

Oct09 025

Oct09 003

Oct09 004

Oct09 005

Brooke & Flat Stella


My name is Brooke Hansen. I am American but I am living in Thailand. I made Flat Stella then I went to New Zealand to have an adventure.

The first thing we did is go whale watching. There was a whale called Noodle. Stella liked it so much she jumped in to have a short swim with him. She jumped back in the boat. He took forever to go down. We just saw the back part of him so we couldn’t see how big he was. We had to wait for him to go down to see his tail go up. We saw dolphins on the way back.

One day we hiked 30 km. Stella got tired so I had to carry her. We walked by a lake and in the mountains. We went in a jet boat to an area where they filmed Lord of the Rings. It was really scary because the captain could spin the boat.

We went in a cave. It was filled with glow-worms. The scary thing was it was pitch dark. We were in a boat. All we could see were glowing dots. Stella was so afraid of the eels and trout. Luckily she didn’t fall in. The guide told us we could drink the water because it was so clear. My sister drank it.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

This is an amazing plant. I took these pictures in Scotland in August, 2009. Flat Stanley was in a monkey puzzle tree. The leaves are incredibly hard – almost as if they’d been made out of ceramic or even steel. They are sharp, too – like the blades of knives.DSC_8170-smallHere’s the most interesting part. Why are the leaves on the monkey puzzle tree so incredibly tough? It wasn’t to stop monkeys from climbing them. This type of tree is so old that it evolved tough leaves to protect itself from dinosaurs. That’s right, this type of tree existed in the time of the dinosaurs. Not this particular one, of course. Some trees can live as long as 1000 years. That’s a long time, but the original monkey puzzle tree evolved in the Late Cretaceous period, about 140 million years ago. So even though the dinosaurs that this tree protected itself against didn’t survive, the monkey puzzle tree is still tough enough to prevent being eaten by one.

The monkey puzzle tree is native to Chile and was introduced to England and Scotland in the 1800’s where they can still be found, usually in the gardens surrounding castles and large estates.

Check out the monkey puzzle tree at Wikipedia . DSC_8112-small

Washington, DC- Childnet Awards

The Flat Stanley Project was a winner of a Childnet International Award

The awards ceremony took place in Washington, DC, the week of April 16, 2001.  If you have an innovative and interesting idea for a web project, consider contacting Childnet at: and become a part of the Dot Hope Effect.
Here are some images of Stanley in Washington

Welcome to the Hyatt Regency at Capital Hill

Stanley with Nigel Williams, Director and Creator of Childnet International
(many thanks for a wonderful time!)

At the Lincoln Memorial

then it was off to the Washington Zoo

then to the Smithsonian Museum of Space and Flight

One small step for a man,
one giant leap for a Flat Stanley

The Awards Ceremony were held at the National Geographic Society Headquarters

Florence Harper, a Washington teacher, and her mother brought a bunch of Flat Stanleys to the event

The Flat Stanley Project placed second at the Childnet International Awards Ceremony in the Individual Category