September 2020
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Tabby and Flat Stanley

Tabby and Stanley

I met Flat Stanley when I was in first grade. Instead of sending him away to a friend, he got to spend Spring Break with me and my family. When I met him we spent all 9 days of spring break together.


Day 5 of a Year of Flat Stanley

It is Fat Tuesday so Flat Stanley and I decided to take part in the Mardi Gras festivities at work.  Mardi Gras was started by people in which they ate all of their yummy foods before fasting for Lent.  Now people from all over celebrate Mardi Gras by dressing in bright purple and yellow, sharing […]

Day 4 of a Year of Flat Stanley

A few friends of mine invite me out to lunch and I thought I’d ask Flat Stanley if he’d like to join us.  He gladly accepted.  We went out to have some Sundubu (Korean tofu stew).  Flat Stanley is always happy to try new things, even new foods.  This stew comes really hot with a […]

Day 3 of a Year of Flat Stanley

I was folding clothes when Flat Stanley came up to me and sat down. I sighed, looking at my drawer full of clothes knowing that I didn’t wear half of them and wondering where I would put the ones I just folded.  Flat Stanley smiled.  He suggested that we bag up the clothes I didn’t […]

Day 2 of a Year of Flat Stanley

It is important to try out different  jobs to see what one would like to do as a career, Stanley decided.  I honored his request by sending him to a Mechanical Engineering firm.  Engineering requires good math and science skills but is an important field and can be quite rewarding when you see your designs […]

Day 1 of a Year of Flat Stanley

Hi!  My name is Amanda and I met Flat Stanley about two days ago and presented him with a wild and challenging idea.  We were going to hang out for a year, endeavoring to take at least one picture a day to document our journey.  Flat Stanley graciously agreed.  We began today.  Flat Stanley came […]