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World Class Musician and Guitar Maker

Flat Stanley was fortunate to meet two world-class experts in the world of music: Tony McManus, the famous Celtic guitarist and Marc Beneteau, maker of outstanding guitars. Marc and Tony were in London, Ontario, and were kind enough to pose for a picture with the little flat guy.

This […]

Peggy Seeger

Flat Stanley enjoyed visiting with the excellent musician and captivating entertainer, in London, Ontario on September 19, 2009. Here’s a song by Peggy Seeger for use on the Flat Stanley Project, One Plus One is Two:

She is holding the very same Flat Stanley that […]

Josh Gracin with Flat Stanley

I am a big Josh Gracin fan, so when my diabetes group was doing a fundraiser for diabetes using Flat Stanley. I had to have a picture of flat stanley with Josh Gracin. Stanley enjoy the concerts that Josh had at Hershey Park, PA Amanda Moreland […]

Mark Wills

My class is participating in the Flat Stanley project and LOVING IT! Yesterday our Stanley took pictures with country music singer, Mark Wills. We would love to share this with everyone. Mark’s road manager thought it would be a great idea, too if we tried to get Mark and Stanley on […]

Carrie Underwood in Iraq

Little Steven

My friend Jessie is a dj at a rock station in Dallas. She told me I might want to fly in for a visit since rumor had it that the legendary Little Steven was wandering around the station shaking hands and making new friends.

Here is the 4-1-1 on  Steven Van Zandt […]

Don Ross

Don Ross is the only person to have ever won the North American Finger Style Championship twice.  Quite literally, he is one of the very best guitar players in the world. Don kindly posed with Flat Stanley in London, Ontario, November 2004. He plays guitars built by my friend, Marc Beneteau For more on […]

Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton has had a huge impact on my life.  He’s one of the reasons I wanted to learn to play guitar.  Having a musical background helped me get into Teacher’s College.

A brilliant song-writer and dynamic entertainer, Tom Paxton kindly posed with Flat Stanley in Toronto, November 2004.

For more […]

Eric Nagler

Eric is an interesting person-

Christine Lavin

Christine Lavin Christine Lavin is a brilliant lyricist and an engaging entertainer.  She provides a wonderful blend of humour and intelligent social commentary presented with quality musicianship. Christine Lavin kindly posed with Flat Stanley at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, November 2004. […]

George Jones

While visiting your gallery, I noticed you did not have a picture of Flat Stanley & George Jones. My Grandaughter’s 1st grade class at Fairlane Elementary in Lafayette, TN is having a lot of fun with this project. My Granddaughter (Jamie) sent him to George’s concert . He was more than happy to help […]

James Gordon

Flat Stanley met James Gordon on February 20, 2005 in London, Ontario. James took Flat Stanley with him and there are some adventures planned.

Katie Santry, Demi Lovato, and Karleigh Santry

Katie Santry and Karleigh Santry are teen correspondents for Popstar! Magazine, and  Demi Lovato is holding a Flat Stanley.

Katie Santry and Karleigh Santry:

Vin Garbutt

Submitted by Dale Hubert

(Visit for more info on this great entertainer)


Rufus Wainwright

Flat Stanley held by Dixie Lopez met Rufus Wainwright at a Cuban restuarant in Miami.

Jordan Pruitt

Reba McEntire

Here is Flat Stanley and REBA McEntire!  My second grade class at Heritage Elementary in Waddy, Kentucky loved doing the Flat Stanley project and really enjoyed getting this picture back from our favorite singer…REBA!!!  🙂 Mary Roach

Flat Stanley is On the Road Again with Willie Nelson

This is a picture of Stanley visiting a recording session with Willie Nelson at Pedernales Studio in Austin, Texas.  The teachers names are Angie Sutton & Kathy Lewis at 3rd Grade, Tennessee Ridge Elementary School, Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee.

Dave Matthews

This is a picture of Dave Matthews, Flat Stanley and me in front of the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia.  Stan actually took a picture with all 5 band members!!!  He had quite an adventure following the band around Australia for a week in March, 2005


Amy Grant, Vince Hill and Flat Stanley

Tennessee’s Favorite Trio

Amy Grant, Vince Gill and Flat Stanley

Makayla from Colorado Springs sent Flat Stanley to visit her Aunt Lori in Nashville for a month.  Lori is a big hockey fan, and attends the Predator games as a season ticket holder.  She sits six rows back from Amy Grant and Vince […]

Acoustic Eidolon

Flat Stanley with Acoustic Eidolon

Here is a picture of Flat Stanley with Acoustic Eidolon.  They are a music duo.  We are doing a Flat Stanley project with another school.  The two schools will be joining in a new school next year, and we thought this would be a way for the two […]

Tom Goss

I’ll be taking Flat Stanley on my most current national tour in support of my third CD “Back To Love”. My little brother is a 3rd grader in Kenosha WI and he sent me his Flat Stanley for this reason. I of course had to make my own as well. I have attached […]

John Butler Trio

John Butler Trio

We have a picture of Flat Stanley with musician John Butler of the John Butler Trio.  John Butler has performed on David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and has two platinum albums under his belt with another one almost there.  John is also the uncle of Carson Stringer who is […]

Kris Allen

Kris Allen American Idol’s Kris Allen visits the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas and meets First Lady Ginger Beebe and Flat Stanley […]

Flat Stanley Song by Tim Williams

Catherine MacLellan

Catherine MacLellan, June 2009, in London Ontario. What a beautiful voice!


Exciting news – Flat Stanley is about to visit Dollywood.