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Miss Flat Stanley by Cristian Gonzales

Peggy Seeger

Flat Stanley enjoyed visiting with the excellent musician and captivating entertainer, in London, Ontario on September 19, 2009. Here’s a song by Peggy Seeger for use on the Flat Stanley Project, One Plus One is Two:

She is holding the very same Flat Stanley that […]

Flat Stanley in Sweden

Flat Stanley Song by Tim Williams

On the Set in Hollywood

Flat Stanley Visits England

Flat Stanley Goes Surfin’

Flat Stanley Goes Hi-Tech

Flat Stanley Goes Hi-Tech Video by Brenda Lyles and Pat Hendrickson Chesterfield County Schools

Radio Interviews with Dale Hubert

Western Australia Interview with Dale Hubert, March 4, 2005

National Public Radio Show, Here on Earth, Interview with Dale Hubert, April 3, 2005

CBC Radio Report (Real Media format) or (MP3 format)

National Public Radio Interview (Washington, DC) with Dale Hubert, March 3, 2005


Flat Stanley in Flight in a B-1

Flat Stanley in Flight Special thanks to Major Libby for flying with Flat Stanley in a B-1 at 45,000 feet (Video)

Student Readings

Listen to Shaquiera read her story about Flat Stanley making friends (Audio- MP3 format)

Listen to Shaquiera read her story about Flat Stanley in Jamaica (Audio- MP3 format)

Listen to Laura Read her Flat Stanley Letter (Audio- MP3 format)

Listen to Rebekah read her Flat Stanley Story (Real Media format) (Audio)

Listen to Samantha read […]

New York Video Link

New York Video by Shannon Conboy