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from Great Uncle Bob

I enjoy hearing from participants and their families. Here’s the latest from Great Uncle Bob


Flat Stanley Travels by Balloon and on the Wings of an Angel

Mr. Hubert,

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Debra Hurley from Maiden Elementary in Maiden, NC .

Our story began on Dec.18, 2010 when my husband came in from a “walk about” on our land and had found a Flat Stanley. He had no idea what it was all about but […]

Flat Stanley helps earthquake victims in Haiti

Flat Stanley visited Haiti with Mr. Dennis Cady from Wichita Falls, TX to assist the earthquake victims.

Notice my work gloves!! Karen Jones Jefferson Elementary WF, TX […]

Bull Riders – PBR

Professional Bull Riding

Last year we enjoyed taking Flat Stanley to the PBR for our niece, Chandlyr, who sent her Flat Stanley to us from Texas. My son, Garrett, took him to the autograph session and we had the opportunity to take several pictures of him with some of the year’s top bull riders […]

Flat Stanley and Miss Jackie travel Canada

Flat Stanley and I are from Darwin, Australia and are currently travelling Canada. Year 4/5 at Moulden Park School thought it would be a great idea if Stanley came travelling with me and we posted our journey back to them. So far we have been to San Fansisco and Fort Bragg in Califorina,USA, Vacouver across […]

Flat Stanley and the Magic Coin

The following is a story I wrote when my nephew Erik sent me a Flat Stanley a few years ago. My wife and I turned it into a book, and included an unusual-looking coin I’d picked up in my travels overseas. I’m sure most of the formatting will be lost here, but I hope you […]

Flat Stanley, Matchmaker

This is one of the most exciting Flat Stanley events I’ve ever been a part of. A few weeks ago, Eric Velez contacted me to say his long-time girlfriend was a teacher and a huge fan of my Flat Stanley Project. Eric asked if I’d like to help create a Success Story by using Flat […]

Leslie Sklavounos from Quebec

November 16, 2001

Dear Dale,

I am a first grade teacher from Quebec, Canada. Last year, I found out about the Flat Stanley Project, through a popular teacher web site called “Teacher’s Helping Teachers”. I accepted […]

Okinawa, Japan

Dale, I started out with this project to show the children of Okinawa how similar all children were. They like the same things and even though live in different places …all shared a common element……. they are kids. I teach for several schools here and these children do not speak any English…. so I […]

Colleen from NJ

Dear Dale, I am now a fourth grade teacher in Paterson, New Jersey.  I actually heard about this project when I was in college but had no idea it was as big as it is.  This past year(2000-2001), my third grade class and I read the book and created our own Flat Stanley’s.  Each […]

50 Stanleys Mailed

I just wanted to let you know that my students are REALLY enjoying this project. We have made and sent out around 50 Stanley’s–first to relatives and then to other classrooms both from the list and some who contacted me after I posted a message on proteacher.

I thought that my kids would benefit […]

Flat Stan in the Piney Woods

Well, thank YOU, Mr. Dale.  You are a darling and a delight. My little grand nephew sent FS to our mailbox 2 weeks ago and after the ’shock’ of meeting him (when he slipped out of the large envelope) we thought it was Frankenstein, in anticipation of Halloween!) We plunked him on the counter,  […]

A 7 Year Old to Become Prime Minister of Canada!

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this project has been for my grade two daughter. Her Flat Stanley went on a great (political) adventure. His travels included Jasper National Park, flying with the Snowbirds in MooseJaw, SK, and then on to Ottawa where he not only did some great sightseeing, […]

A Wonderful Stanley Year at PS 95

We have enjoyed our project of flat stanley so much this year.PS 95 class 2-201 dual language has taken their original flat stanleys to the next level.We created flat students and been all over. We have been in conmmunication with other participants in other schools like North Carolina, Hawii, Arkansas,Washington just to name a […]

A Very Touching Note

Dear Mr. Hubert:

I have to tell you how sweet my little 10 year old Douglas is.  A couple of years ago, he was given the project of making Flat Stanley and sending him on his journeys.

Well, Douglas chose his great aunt Pam to be Stanley’s host although he didn’t see her very […]