Flat Agnes in Indonesia

agnes stanley story

Students of Group “Agnes Stanley” in class 11 Science 3 , SMAN 1 Karawang:

  1. Faiz Deja Ramadhan
  2. Anita Dewi Istiqomah
  3. Angga Maulana
  4. Entri Aprilia
  5. Ita Puspitasari
  6. Ghani Wicaksono
  7. Syah Putra Saky Rianto
  8. Yuda Ardiansyah


The Guest Star:

  1. Mr. “Kind” from England.
  2. Mr. “Howba” from Netherland.
  3. The Oarsman with cano.

Indonesia – Gemma Zulhaida’s Flat Karawang

Hello we were at Niagara vehicle in Dufan. This game is located in the USA region of Dufan.  This is one of the thrilling and exciting game. Making our heart beat harder. Dufan or Dunia Fantasi is the outdoor playing place the largest in Indonesia. Here many kind of games are very interesting. If you go to Indonesia , don’t forget to visit Dunia Fantasi. Dunia Fantasi is located in Jakarta. Have fun in Dufan guys.




In Indonesia, cassava can be used as staple food, beskles rice and corn, because it contains of carbohydrate. Cassava can be used as basic commodity in industrial and castle foodstuff.

Cassava is a kind of root that becomes bigger in the ground that is called tuber.

Parts of cassava that can be used are:

o  Tuber — can be made as steam cassava, tape, schotel, lemet, etc

o  Shoot leaves — can be made as urap (a kind of salad that mixed by coconut), lalap (it is eaten without boiling and seved with chili sauce), bobor (a kind of milk coconut soup)

Our students are interested In making tape because It tastes sweet, special food and can be made as various kinds of snack as: fried tape, tape cake, dodol (it Is like jelly), etc.

Our students make one of the ingredients to make tape cake, that is “tape” as an observation


The Ingredients to make tape:

o  5 Kg of cassavas

o  15 pieces of yeasts

o  clean water

The way to make tape:

o  peel the cassava, rub the mucus that Is sticked on the surface

o  wash the cassava with clean and flow through water

o  steam the cassava in steamer until it is done until medium soft

o  take out the steaming cassava, leak through until It Is cold

o  spread the yeast powder on the steaming cassava evenly

o  wrap the cassava with banana leaves and put in the pan

o  keep In room temperature for 2-3 days, until the cassava Is soft and sweet

Ellen Huang, Sinta, Jefferson Suhendra

Shintya Geovani and Austin Adiputra Tahir

Students of Petra 1 Christian Elementary School

W.R Supratman 46 Street

Phone: 62-031-5678624

Surabaya – East Java – Indonesia

Budapest Visit

Hallo, everybody. We are students of Five Senior High School (SMAN 5) Bandng, West Java, Indonesia.

From left to right, Arya, Khalis, Iqbal and Hikmat. Our school has a lot of Flats, among others are,

Kuda Lumping, Juragan, Kartini, Den Bagus, Sangkuraiang and many more. Now, here is ours. It’s name is ‘ACUN’.

Why we named it ‘ACUN, because it is one of popular names from Sundanese Culture.

Pictures below were taken in Budapest, Hungary. The man with ‘Acun’ is Nara, Arya’s cousin who is studying in Budapest to take his Master degree.

Nara was graduated from SMAN 5 Bandung, in 2003.acun3

This picture was taken at Chain Bridge Lanc Hid. Acun was very excited because Nara took him around.


Here is the other side of  Chain Bridge Lanc Hid.

Can you see the big lion on the top of the bridge? It is not a really lion. It is a symbol of this bridge.

Still in area of  Chain Bridge Lanc Hid. Nara and Acun wanted to show us how fantastic this place is.


Do you know what season it is? I think it is Autumn. Look! Some trees with no leaves. It is the first time for Acun to travel in Autumn.

Wow……. How clean the river is. It is Danube River.

I think Acun and Nara wanted to ask everybody in Indonesia to keep our environment clean like we see in this picture.

It is Zrinyi Street. The street is very clean and no cars. Everybody leave their cars in the public parking area.

This picture was taken in St. Stephen Basilica. Acun16

Acun7We don’t know exactly what it is because Nara didn’t give us more explanation about the pictures

Nara and Acun took a picture with a sculpture in the area of St. Stephen Basilica

Now Acun and Nara were in the Roosevelt ParkAcun 13

This picture was taken on the other side of Roosevelt Park

Arya’s cousin sent these pictures by e-mail.

Composed by :

Arya, Khalis, Iqbal and Hikmat from XII J-V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Bali with Garry’s Kuda Lumping


I am Garry Prima Suryalaga, a student of 5 Senior High School known as SMA 5 which is located in Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia. I am in year ten, and I sit at ten D.  I just arrived in Bali. This is the picture of me with the ‘Kuda Lumping’ at I Gusti Ngurahrai airport, Bali, Indonesia. I joined with a group of teachers and the Head teacher of my school to visit SMA 4 Bali on January the seventh 2008. Everyone is always says that the school is the best one in Bali, and has good reputation.  I had a great moment there because I can compare my school with SMA 4 Bali, Denpasar. According to my opinion, the school was look like an Indonesian ethnic hotel, really beautiful. The building was new with the special characteristic of Bali architecture, facilitated with big and modern hall, library, big and clean student’s organization room and the toilets are clean! The whole school is clean! From the presentation of the representative of SMA 4 Bali, I conclude that the school has a regional, national and international achievements. The school has a link partnership with  school in Singapore and Malaysia.


These are a group of SMA 5 teachers  in front of Bumi Asih Hotel, where we stay while we were in Bali, with the “ KUDA LUMPING” is in the middle of them. They are ready to go to 4 Senior High School, Denpasar. All the  teachers wore formal dress, batik. They are waiting for the bus to take them to SMAN 4 Denpasar.  They are all happy and cheerful. Do you know who holds our Flat? Yes, She is our art teacher, Mrs. Jenar who designed our Flat. She is not only an art teacher but also a good painter.


Mrs. Elly Nirmala one of my teachers  is with “KUDA LUMPING” surrounded by some heavy travel bags.

bali4‘The Kuda Lumping’ is with our tour guides They wore Bali Traditional dress to make people know that they are Bali people. Beside visiting SMA 4, we also had opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bali for the rest of three days. We were accompanied by three tour guides, one in each bus. The guide was very important for us, especially for me because I become understand about Bali in a short time from what he explained to us. He kept talking about Bali without being asked along the way to every place we visited.

Ketut was the guide in my bus, he was good, friendly, and respectful. He knows Bali a lot. He can tell us all about Bali. If we ask something about Bali He can answer it clearly and comprehensively. He was humorous, He always make us laugh with his funny stories, long journey became no problem for all of us, He guided us to enjoy Bali.  Ketut took us to Tanah Lot, Pantai Kuta, Pura Besakih, Gunung Batur, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Tirta Empul, Sukawati market, and some other commercials place.

bali5The teachers had just been arrived at 4 Senior High School, Denpasar.  Perspective of this school are intellectually,  emotionally and spiritually agile. “KUDA LUMPING” is on Mr. Adil’s Hand.

The English Teachers from SMAN 5 Bandung are in front of the statue of God of Agile in front yard of SMA 4 Bali. They hold ‘Kuda Lumping’. They are Mr. Agus Kusmawan,  Mr.  Herman, Mr. Benny and Mrs. Ida

They are students of 4 Senior High School, Denpasar. One of them is holding our “KUDA LUMPING”.   Most of the students are really smart , we can see the trophies behind them  that they got from the contests. They are lucky because the facilities of the school are better than my school.


The ‘Kuda Lumping’ is in the hand of Ms. Elly Hernick, one of our Indonesian teachers .The teachers are in the hall listening for the presentation of SMAN 4 profile from the representative of SMA 4 Bali. Indonesia

bali9‘Kuda Lumping’ is  in front  door of the main building. You can see the sculputure and an umbrella. It is the symbol of front door of  houses or offices for Balinese.

‘Kuda lumping’ is in Ngurahrai Airport Bali with some SMA 5 teachers, they are ready to fly back to Bandung. The man who wore the red t-shirt is my father, Mr. Agus.. He is one of English teachers at my school. The man in the middle is our Indonesia teacher and next to him is our Physics teacher, Mrs. Elly




Composed by : Garry Prima Suryalaga, a student of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Austria Visit by Kuda Lumping

Hallo, We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Here we come to tell you about

the adventure of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ in Austria. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Marsel who let our flat  join them

‘Kuda Lumping’ is Austria. It joined Mr. and Mrs. Marcel. This is one of interesting place that can be visited by tourists.

The took a picture with Indonesian who they met.

Mr.and  Mrs. Marsel stayed in the farmer’s house in the country side in Austria for a night before they continued her journey to other places.

The host were very friendly. They liked our flat and wanted to know much more about Indonesia.

‘Kuda Lumping’  had dinner with them. ‘Look at their menu!’ It is different from Indonesian food but ‘Kuda Lumping liked it.

It is a very beautiful view. ‘Kuda Lumping’ and Mrs. Marsel were very happy. They met many other people from different countries.

The picture was taken near the lake, where people can see a fantastic scenery below.

‘Do you ever ride this carriage? It is a hanging train which used  the cables.

‘Kuda Lumping’ wanted to take this cable car to travel around and see the view from above.

Still staying in the villagers, ‘Kuda Lumping’ learn how to play accordion. Look! the boy showed them how

to play it and ‘Kuda Lumping’ wathed it carefully.

This picture was taken from the other side of the lake. You can see snow on the peak of the hills around the lake.

How nice to be in Austria.

Austria is a beautiful country, isn’t it? ‘Kuda Lumping’  among the visitors. I t looked so confuse because it didn’t know where to go.

Everything looked nice. Oh .. ya, ‘Kuda Lumping’ wanted to buy some souvenirs. Is it the right place?

OK, That all from us. See you with other adventure of our  Flat, ‘Kuda Lumping’.  Bye

Composed By : Annisa Syafitri, Erwina Maya, Wijayanti A, and Zahra from Senior High School SMAN 5 Bandung), West Java, Indonesia

The Winner

HI. friends. We are students of Five Senior High School, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

From left to right. Rezky, Ilham, Gina and Adhyra. As you know our school, SMAN 5 Bandung, has a lot of Flats.

Among others are Kuda Lumping, Sangkuriang, Usro, Juragan, Den Bagus and many more.

We have our own flat too. We named it The Winner.

Look, he is proudly running by holding our National Flat, Red and White

The picture above was taken in the front gate of Bandung Zoo.

This picture was taken in front of ITB which is not far from the zoo.

ITB derives from The Institute of Technology Bandung.

ITB is the oldest institute in Bandung and it is a famous campus not only in Bandung but also in Indonesia.

From this campus our first President, Soekarno, got his engineer.

Soekarno started his struggle against the Dutch Colonial since he was a young boy

and continue his mission here  with some of his friends

Look, the winner is among us in Ganeca Street. ITB is located in this street

so if you want to visit ITB just find Ganeca street.

Oh …. How to get  to the zoo? Don’t worry, The zoo is in the end of Ganeca street.

After we walked around Ganeca street, we got tired and hungry. The winner was more tired than us

because he was always running all the time.

We took Delman, a cart carried by a horse,  to find  some food and drink.

You have to know that Bandung is famous for its food. Do you want to try? Please, come to Bandung!

We took a rest in Ganesha Park. This park is in Campus ITB area.

Here we can enjoy fresh air because the environment is clean and lots of green leaves.

Still in the park we took the picture in a monument.

Do you know why we took the winner here? Of course we want to show him and everybody

that we want to continue our study here. Now we are in the 12 grade and on April-May,

we will have our final examination. We hope all of us pass the examination and

on August we can continue our study here. Amin.

The winner looked very tired and we were waiting for the bus, one of public transportation

in Bandung. to take us home. We still wore our school uniform because we went here after school hours.

Composed by :

Rezha, Ilham, Gina and Adhyra, XII J-V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

West Java Citibank Winner

Dear Dale Hubert,

I would like to say thank you to Citigroup Success Fund from CITIBANK that finally I won fund 5 millions rupiahs in applying for this Flat Stanley project, so I could bring 35 students and 10 teachers visiting 5 cities in West Java.

We name our project The adventure of Flat Asep. Asep is a popular name for sundanese young boy in Bandung, our city. Asep means a handsome boy. He is wearing a sundanese traditional costume

The Mayor of Bandung (Mr. Dada Rosada), the Head of Tourism and Culture in West Java (Mr. Budhyana), the head of education in bandung, Mr.Edi Siswandi supported this project and some Indonesian Ministers such as Indonesian Educational Minister (Mr.Bambang Yudhoyono), the Minister of Indonesian Trade (Ms. Mari E Pangestu) has known Flat Stanley Project. You can see them holding Flat Asep.

The Adventure of Flat Asep will promote tourist objects such as popular tourist spots, Special foods, fruit, handy crafts from five cities; Bandung. Bogor, Purwakarta, Garut and Tasik.

I would like to say thank to Dale Hubert who will publish it. Flat Stanley project is one of favourite project at my school. Students can share many things in this project. I really appreciate to Dale Hubert who had a great idea. I will share it to other teachers in West Java too. Flat Stanley will be popular in our city I guess.

Best regards,

Dedeh Suatini
English teacher at SMAN 24 Bandung-Indonesia
Bandung Montage Coordinator

Ms. Mari E. Pangestu, the Minister of Trade of Indonesia is with Flat Asep. Mr. Bambang and Mr. Cheppy with Flat Asep. Mr. Bambang is the Minister of Education.
The mayor of Bandung, Mr. Dada Rosada (Holding Flat Asep) and the Headmaster of Bandung 24 Senior High School, Mr. Suparno. The Head of Culture & Tourism in West Java, Mr. Budhyana.
The Head of Educational Office in Bandung, Mr. Edy Siswandi. Mrs. Mia (Who is wearing the red jacket) is volunteer from CitiSuccess Fund (CitiBank).
Click on the links below to find out some Tourism Objects in these cities:

Trip to Turkey 3

Hallo, every body. Here we come with another story of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ who joined our Principal,

Mr. Jumdiat, to Turkey for a comparative study in some of International Schools in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey.

Before beginning  our story, let’s introduce ourselves first. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We are now in Grade 12. We majored in Social Science Program. This picture was taken in our school library.

The girl who holds ‘Kuda Lumping’ is Rizkia Vini, and on the left side of Rizkia are Rahmawati and Kamil, while on the right side is Bobby.

This picture was taken in front of ‘Aya Sophia’ Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our Principal was in  black T-shirt and a man who holds the twin brother of ‘Kuda Lumping’ is one of the teachers of the school.

Two other men are Prof. Ibrahim from National Education Department of Indonesia,

and The Principal of SMAN 8, Jakarta, Indonesia who joined this program.

‘Kuda Lumping’, his twin brother, and Mr. Jumdiat, our Principal, took a picture with a chef

of the  restaurant of the boarding school , Istanbul, Turkey.

This room also functions as a dining room as well as a restaurant.

Here, Kuda Lumping and the principal were in front of  the announcement board of the school.

Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’  and Mr. Jumdiat were inside the library.  Here they were searching for any information on Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.

They also took a sight of  how they put the books on the selves orderly..

Look!. “Kuda Lumping’ showed us the map of Turkey. It was in the teachers’ room of an International School in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our Principal is very proud to take ‘Kuda Lumping with him because it never interrupted his schedule.

What is behind them? Oh,  yeach, it is Bosporus Strait which divided Turkey into two parts.

Istanbul with is famous for its trade and culture located in Europe while Ankara is located in Asia Continent.

Ankara the capital of Turkey is the most outstanding place where the Government officials office here.

Our Flat and our Principal visited  ‘Aya Sophia’ Museum. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The picture was taken in front of the museum.

That’s all of our story about the adventure of ‘Kuda Lumping’ which accompanied our Principal to Turkey for the school comparative study.

Composed by : Rahmawati, Rizkia, Bobby and Kamil from SMAN 5 (Senior High School),

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia,

Trip to Turkey 2

Hi, Friends. Firstly, we want to introduce ourselves. From left side, Firgha, Andri, Andrean and Ryan.

We are students of SMAN 5 (Senior High School), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

This picture was taken in our classroom. We are going to tell you about the other story of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’

who was taken by our Principal, Mr. Jumdiat, to Turkey for a Comparative Study.

Our Principal, Mr. Jumdiat, and ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked very happy to be at the library. They enjoyed their visit in Turkey.

This picture was taken in a library of an International School in Istanbul, Turkey

This school has some laboratories. One of them is a Biology laboratory where the picture was taken.

You can see some of microscopes that can be used for students practice to observe to  tiny things.

These are  modern devices and are arranged neatly. The room is clean and every thing is put in order.

This picture was taken in the teachers’ room of the International School in Istanbul, Turkey.

The man beside our Principal is one of the teachers from that school.

Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked very happy among them.

Still in the teachers’ room, our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’  held by one of the guests.

This room is very clean and every thing looks so nice and comfortable.

Each teacher own his/her lockers where  he/she can keep his/her personal things.

Our friends from other group has told you about the tall man in the Museum of Army. Do you remember that?

And now we tell you about ‘Kuda Lumping’ and our Principal were inside the museum.

Do you understand what was written behind our Principal? I don’t think so. It is Turkish.

I think you need to go to a library and look it up in Turkish – English dictionary.

Wow. It is a beautiful view. Behind our Flat and our Principal were Bosporus Strait.

This strait links Europe and Asia Continent. We know that Turkey has divided into two parts.

First, Istanbul which is famous for its culture and trade located in Europe while

second, Ankara, the capital of Turkey, the Official Government, is part of Asia Continent

This picture was taken in the other room of the International School in Istanbul, Turkey.

What was written on the board? Can you see it?

It is an enouncement on activities held  by students.

‘Kuda Lumping’ with his twin brother looked very excited because our Principal was in between them.

The picture was taken in front of  ‘Aya Sophia’ Museum in Turkey.

That’s all of our story and don’t forget to read the next adventure of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ and our Principal in Turkey.

Composed by : Andri, Andrean, Firgha and Ryan from SMAN 5 (Senior High School),

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Trip to Turkey 1

Hallo, Friends. Here we come from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We are in  grade twelve of Natural Science Program. From left side are Pandu, Lithanya, Nandya and Hasby.

A few months ago our Principal, Mr. Jumdiat, went to Turkey for a comparative study.

He visited some of International schools there. Our Flat ‘Kuda lumping’ joined him. Now we are  going to tell you about their visit.

This is our beloved Principal, Mr. Jumdiat, with his friendly smile.

The picture was taken in Changi International Airport, Singapore before he continued his flight to Turkey.

It was the second time for ‘Kuda Lumping’ to visit Singapore. Do you remember?

It has been told last year when one of students from our school took him for a short visit to Singapore.

This picture was taken in a seminar room of International School in Ankara, Turkey. In this occasion, our Principal, Mr. Jumdiat,

gave presentation about our school, SMAN 5 Bandung.

Look! Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’  was very excited because it could accompany our Principal.

Still in Ankara, Turkey, our Principal  and  ‘Kuda Lumping’  strolled surround the International School.

The picture was taken in the lobby of the school.

You can see some pictures and some  information about the school before entering the area of the school.

Do you think that our Principal and ‘Kuda Lumping’ were watching a movie? Of course, not.

They were in a Audio Visual Room of an International School in Istanbul, Turkey.

This picture was taken after they attended a meeting.

Our Principal took a picture with the Principal of the International School in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ was very pleased because he was asked to join them.

Our Principal took ‘Kuda Lumping’ at the school library.

We think ‘Kuda Lumping’ wanted to see a map of Istanbul because he didn’t want to be lost there.

Or they wanted to find a dictionary of Turkish – English  to help them understand the Turkish.

Our Principal wore a special cloth for teaching. ‘Kuda Lumping’ wanted to wear the cloth too but no clothes was small enough for him.

They took this picture in front of the cupboard in the teachers room.

Wow. How tall the man is. It is not a real  man indeed. It is just a sculpture of an army, stood on the entrance gate.

Our principal who is tall but  looks so small next to it. Do you want to know where the picture was taken?.

Yes, it was taken in a Istanbul Military Museum in Turkey.

Composed by : M Hasby, Lithanya, Nandya and Pandu, students of SMAN 5 (Senior High School),

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Usro Visited Dufan

Hi, We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We are in the XI grade now.

From left to right : Rizky F, Navintri, Nadia and Nanda.  The building behind us is our school building.

We have a new FLAT. It’s name is ‘Usro’ . ‘Usro’ is  one of main characters in Modern Puppet Show, Si Unyil,.

Everybody in Indonesia knows him well especially kids.

Monday, the 12th, we took ‘Usro’ to Dufan in Jakarta. Dufan or Fantastic World is located in Jakarta.

It is like World Disney but it is not as large as World Disney. We took this picture early in the morning before we left.

We went by car. On the way to Jakarta, we took a rest for a moment. We spend three hours before we got to Dufan.

We were very happy because we could enjoy our free time with our classmates.

Although Mondays is our school time but on this day we had two days free (Monday and Tuesday)

because the XII grade took the final examination. Don’t you see our Flat ‘Usro’ is very excited?

Why? Because it was the first time for him to visit Dufan

We had just arrived in Dufan. A Banner greeted us ‘SELAMAT DATANG’, which means Welcome.

Behind us is the main gate of Dufan. We have to buy tickets before getting in.

Look, Nadia had got  tickets for us. ‘Usro’ didn’t have to buy a ticket because his height is under 100 cm.

We invite you to join us. Are you interested in joining us?  Come to Indonesia and don’t forget to visit Dufan

It is announcement which said : Today open from eleven a.m. to six  p.m.

We didn’t wait until it was closed because we had to go home in Bandung before late.

Our parents gave us permission as long as we promised to go home before 9 in the evening

The arrow show the direction to some attraction. All of the them challenged your instinct.

If you have no encourages don’t ever try.

We were in  queue line waiting for  taking ‘Tornado’. It is the most one  that attracts  young people included us.

Are you frightened? Want to try ?

Now we are taking a boat in ‘Arung Jeram’ . It is very fantastic. Although water can wet our dress, we are enjoying it. .

We are on the a small boat to sail along small river in ‘Istana Boneka’.

Here, we can see all countries in miniatures which their specific thing. Each countries shows us

what make their countries are known by people over the world.

After tiring enjoyed the attraction in Dufan we felt hungry.

This picture was taken in Mc Donald in the area of Dufan.

Everybody isn’t  allowed to take his/her own food to the location so the visitors  have to buy food and drink there.

Expensive? of course. But we couldn’t make compromise with our stomach.

We were on the way home. Although we felt tired,  we were very happy and excited.

It was really an interesting trip for us. ‘Usro’ invites you to come to Indonesia and don’t forget to visit Bandung,

for shopping and enjoying specific food from West Java.

Composed by :

Rizky F, Navintri, Nanda and Nadia from Class XI D, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Traditional Market

My name is Olivia. Now, I am in the fourth grade of Petra 9 Christian Elementary School Surabaya.

On 19 st February 2005, I visited the traditional market with my classmates and be accompanied by Flat Stanley due to social knowledge Yesterday. I saw many small shops with sell various kinds of goods. There are vegetables, fruit, fresh meat, fish, cakes etcetra. There are many consumers and traders who make the transactions.

I was very pleasant because I could make some transactions directly. I felt so great and joyful due to the visit to the traditional market. I could learn how to make transactions and be dare to meet others.


4th grade

Petra 9 Christian Elementary School

Surabaya, Indonesia

Sender : Restu W.

Tiwisada (First Aid)

Learning to Help Others through “Tiwisada”

Tiwisada, which means little doctor, is one of the favorite extra curriculums in Petra 10 Christian Elementary School. Not all students in the school can join “Tiwisada”. The ones who would like to join “Tiwisada” should fulfill some requirements as follows :

  • The students belong to the 4th or 5th grade.

  • The students have good achievements in the study.

  • The students are responsible and can be a leader.

  • The students have clean and healthy living.

  • The students have good moral and willingness to help others.

  • The students are permitted to join the extra curriculum by their parents.

Tiwisada is taught by a doctor and a teacher (as the assistance). The activities are not only learning the theories but also practicing. The cadres practice to measure the weigh, height, blood pressure, and body temperature, and also to give the first aid for other students who are hurt or have broken bones.

These are the tools needed and steps to handle a broken thighbone patient : Tools :

  1. 1 long splint

  2. 1 medium splint

  3. ± 7 clean napkins

Steps :

  1. Put the long splint beside the body (from the armpit to the heel).

  2. Put the medium splint between two legs (from the thigh to the heel).

  3. Tied up the splint with the napkins.

Here are the steps for helping the patient by using a stretcher :

    1. Put the stretcher beside the patient.

    2. One of the helper bent down on his knees and hold the patient’s head tightly.

    3. Another helper hold the patient’s body and legs.

    4. Lift the patient together and put him on the stretcher.

    • Willy, Meta, and Febri are lifting Stephanie (the patient).

    • Kevin and Amando are holding the stretcher.

    • Steven is holding Stanley.

The cadres do not practice only in the extra curriculum session, but they are also in duty during the break time for a certain day. Their duties are watering the medical herbs and helping other students when they are hurt or felt down.

That’s my story about “Tiwisada”. It’s a really fun extra curriculum, isn’t ? If there is a similar extra curriculum in your school, try to join in. You will get more knowledge about health and you can help your friends too !

Tiwisada Team

Petra 10 Christian Elementary School

Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2 Street

Surabaya – East java


Tea Plantation

Hallo, we are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. On the left one is our new flat.

This is one of Flats belong to our school., SMAN 5 Bandung. His name is ‘Prabu Kian Santang’.

‘Prabu Kian Santang’ was a king who led the Pajajaran Kingdom long time ago.

His father was a prince of Siliwangi Kingdom.’Prabu’ and his father had big contribution in spreading out Islam in West Java

‘Pajajaran’ and ‘Siliwangi’ were famous Kingdom in West Java many years ago.

Last week, We (Mia, Icmi, Fitri, Nadia, Meisa and Reza) took our flat ‘Prabu Kian Santang’ to Tea Plantation in Ciater,

Subang, north Bandung.Reza is not in the picture because he took the picture You can see how fresh the weather is,

and our flat looks so excited in joining us.

Reza is in action with the flat. Behind, you can see the tea plantation is very vast.

The picture was taken when we tried to climb that hill which is full of green colour like green carpet

‘Prabu Kian Santang’ is standing proudly.  The cool and the good view can make us so relax.

In this place, there is also a factory where the tea leaves is produced became tea that we can drink everyday.

The girl who is holding our flat is Mia and the boy beside her is Reza, our photographer.

The other three girls are Nadia, Icmi and Fitri. And the picture was taken by Meisa.

As far as you see you can only see the green colour of tea trees.

After tiring climb the hill, we took a rest for a moment in a mosque for praying.

Before praying we took the picture in front of the mosque.

We had an exciting trip and lots of fun. It’s really wonderful and interesting place to visit, and it will be incredible experience.

Composed by :

Mia, Nadia, Icmi, Meisa, Fitri and Reza from Five Senior High School (SMAN 5)

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Stones and Minerals

Stones and Minerals

(Stone Hardness Measurement)

Field trip results from Ujung Genteng (West Java) for Geography subject

in SMAK 3 BPK PENABUR Bandung (Senior High) Indonesia

The students who did the laboratory activities:

  1. Edwin 4. Rivan 7. Henny

  2. Ferry 5. Agus 8. Shindy

  3. Ryan 6. Meliana

With teachers, Ms. Ary (Geography), and Mr. Hermawan (English)

More complete report is filed at our web at:


Objectives: To observe and identify stones and their characters.

Tools and Stocks:

  • Magnifying glass (Loupe) with 10x magnification power (1 Piece)

  • Millimeters scale ruler (1 Piece)

  • Hammer (1 Piece)

  • HCL liquid (low concentrate) (20 cc)

  • Stone samples (1 kit)

  • Stone pictures (1 kit)

  • Any kind of stones collect from site (many)


Activity A

  1. Pick 1 of stones collected from site up

  2. Observe briefly with magnifying glass. Compares with stone samples, then identify.

  3. Observe it’s hard level and colours, then identify. (Be sure that the hard level revealed, although it might be too small to see clearly, and the stone colour, will be state that the stone is igneous rock).

  4. Record the result into tables.

  5. Repeat step 1 to 4, for each sample stone collected from site.

Observation Table

Color of stone

Hardness Level

raw granule

fine granule



Colored (pale) white







Dark or colored black





Activity B

  1. Pick 1 of stones collected from site up

  2. Observe briefly with magnifying glass. Compares with stone samples, than identify.

  3. Observe it’s interlaying happened or may be fossil trapped in there, and foam forming if the stone dropped with a small drop of low concentrate HCl liquid. (Revealed of interlaying in stone, fossil trapped and foam forming when the stone dropped with a small drop of lower low concentrate HCL liquid, ensure the stone is sedimentation).

  4. Record the result into tables.

  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4, for each sample stone collected from site.

Observation Table

Type of Stone

Form of granule









Quickstone (Gamping)




SMAK 3 Flat Stanley girl observes a stone with a magnifier

Drip HCL to measure the acid or alkaline of the stones. Our Flat Stanley girl

is in the pocket of the student with yellow gloves

Observe activities of the stone research with our teacher, Ms. Ary (back)

Stanley’s Kingdom (A Story and Play)


class X-6( Elvina, Joshua, Ruth, Karina, Irene, David, Lucky )

One day, ther was a kingdom, which had a king, named Stanley. The king had a joker, named Ruth, an Adviser,named Karina and a witch,named Irene. This Kingdom was very peaceful, prosperous, and safe. But,across from kingdom, there was another kingdom named Dark Kingdom. It had a dark king, named Lucky, and two servants : a dark devel, named Joshua and the mysterious mummy named David. Lucky wanted to destroy king Stanley’s kingdom to expand his land.
He could do it provided that he could found an intrument which make an eclips of the sun. This instrument was very dangerous, because it could freeze any place. Therefore this instrument was secretly hidden. King Lucky wanted to passess thie intrument. He delegated the dark devil and the mysterious mummy to hunt it. They just had half of the map and the ather was in stanly’s kingdom of couse king lucky had to rob the other map in stanley’s kingdom.
But this plot was knonw by elvina the kind fairy so she warned king stanley hurriedly but it was too late. When she arrived at that kingdom most of the inhabitant had died many buildings were already destroyed and the map was gone. But when she entered the basement she found king stanley to revive the inhabitant and dertroy the dark kingdom. She went wit the jocker, the adviser and the witch.
With the clue,bandage, leaf by the mysterious mummy, they succesed in finding the dark kingdom. They olso saw the king lucky, King of The dark devil and mysteriuos mummy left their kingdom to go to the place where the instrument was hidden. Apparently that was hidden in a pyramid. Inside the pyiramid,there was an oases. They were surprised to see that the intrument was a box with a model of galaxy in that box. There were the sun, the moon, and the earth.
But, accidetlly, the jocker stumbled and lost her balance of course king lucky came to realize they weren’t alone, so he commanded the mysterious mummy expelled some bandage which could coil around and crash something. The witch attaked it and cut that bandage. But it could appear again. When the witch lelt tired, the adviser told her to draw aut the bandage more and more, finally the mysterious mummy gave up becouse he ran out of his bandage.
And the dark devil replaced the mysterious mummy. He made himselfdisapper, so that the fairy got confused and suddenly he appered and ram into the fairy with his horns, so the jocker helped her.The  Dark Devil pretended to attack the fairy. But when he ram towards the jocker, he bounced her big stomach and struck hard into the hard rock of pyramid so he moaned becouse his horns were broken.
King Lucky was very angry. He expelled his Black Blizzard the deadly power to attack all of them so they  flung away.He attacked them not only with the Black Blizzard but also with Dark Vortex that made them dizzy. Thay became waek and lucky attacked them with the Fusion which could turn them into a turtle.Fortunately the fairy and the witch made a mirror from their last power.so the Fusion bounced and hit lucky himself and he became a turtle.
After seeing that the mysterious mummy and the dark devil gave up.They felt very sorry to have disturbed  Stanley’s Kingdom So they buried that box and went back to satnley’s kingdom.Finally they helped each other. At last people in stanley’s kingdom lived in peace and prosperity.

Spain Visit

Hi, Friends. We come from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Agita is on the left side, in the middle is Ajeng and on the right side is Nadhira. We are in the Grade XII.

And next moth we  are going to finish our study in Senior High School. We hope we can continue our study in a best University.

Below we are going to tell you about our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’

Agita comes from Batam., a small island belongs to Indonesia near Singapore.

It takes only 40 minutes by ship to Singapore. She always visits her parents in the school

holiday. Last holiday, she took ‘Kuda Lumping to Batam.

The picture was taken in  Barelang Bridge. It is 1 km in length.

The bridge is a pride of Batam people because if it’s unique design.

In the afternoon, most people come to Barelang Bridge to see sunset. The view is very fantastic.

‘Kuda Lumping is on the ship from Batam to Singapore with Ms. Evi, our Indonesian teacher.

They went to Singapore for holidays. The picture was taken before the ship left the Batam

The picture was taken a few minutes after leaving to Singapore.

Ms. Ida, our English teacher. Ms. Evi and ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked very happy

because it was the first time for them to visit Singapore.

‘Kuda Lumping’ and Nadhira had a trip to Garut, West Java.

They stayed in the Dazira Lake Hotel. The Hotel was designed like a traditional house. It was built on the Dazira Lake.

From the hotel we can see the beautiful view because the hotel is   surrounded by water.

People who stayed at the hotel have to row their boat to go to the front office or to the restaurant.

After rowing their boat around the lake, Nadhira and ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked tired but they were very happy.

They enjoed their holiday very much

Do you know where the three pictures above were taken?.

They were taken in Spain. Don’t you remember that our Flat hobby is traveling?.

Ok. ‘Kuda Lumping’ wanted to see Matador.

These picture were taken by Nadhira’s father when he went to Spain last year

After traveling a lot, ‘Kuda Lumping’ went home in Bandung.

Ajeng took him to ‘Dago Pakar’, a forest consevation, which is located in north Bandung.

On the weekend, most people come here to get refreshing. The air is fresh and the weather is cool.

Composed by : Agita, Nadhira and Ajeng, students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Story Telling

Story Telling Improves My English Competence

Hi! I’m Shannon. I’m in the fifth grade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School. I like studying English, especially through stories.

Learning English through story is fun. It can improve my pronunciation and vocabularies. It can also increase my self confidence when I perform it well in front of my friends.

On February 2005 I joined a story telling competition. I prepared myself to follow the competition. I practiced with my teacher for one hour everyday. Three days before the competition, my teacher asked me to perform the story in the classroom in front of my friends to make me more confident.

Finally the day came. There were thirty participants joined the competition. At the first time I felt a little bit nervous even though I had prepared myself well, but at last I did it well! I became the second winner of the competition. I was so happy although I was not the first winner. I realized that the competitors were great and well prepared too. I’m sure that I will do better next time.

Well, that’s my experience in telling stories. If you want to perform a story well, here are some important things to be noticed:

  1. Choose the right story.

  2. Study the vocabularies.

  3. Pay attention to your pronunciation, intonation and clarity.

  4. Tell it naturally.

  5. Keep your eye contact with the audience, be confident.

  6. Use media to make the story more interesting (even simple materials can be used)

Here are my pictures with Stanley and the media. See the sheep over there? They are made of carton, cotton and wood. Aren’t they nice?

Created by:


The 5th grade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School

Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2

Surabaya – East Java



Hallo, I am Neisya from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java Indonesia. I want to introduce my FLAT. Its name is ‘Srikandi’.

Do you know what ‘Srikandi’ is? . Srikandi is a heroine from Indonesia.

She had her contribution in fighting to free Irian Barat, West Papua, from  Dutch colonial in 1963. Everybody in Indonesia know her well.

In my story, I want whole people in the world know her to. This is my story about our trip to ‘White Crater’ and ‘Situ Patenggang’ Lake, South Bandung.

Last Sunday, I took her to ‘White Crater’ and ‘Situ Patenggang’ lake. It is not far from Bandung.

“White Crater, is a crater of Mount Patuha and ‘Situ Patenggang is a small lake not far from ‘White Crater’

This picture was taken in ‘White Crater’ It is very cold and I wore my thick sweater to protect my body from cold weather.

The sulfur smelled bad but it is useful for skin treatment. The crater looks like a small pond and we can touch the water.

Most people come here on Sunday or holiday because it is near and low cost. We can take our own car just an hour from Bandung

It is fantastic, isn’t it. I like to be here because it is natural and fresh.

Look! How beautiful ‘Srikandi’ is. She really enjoyed her holiday. I am very proud of her because ‘Srikandi’ is my favorite heroine.

‘Srikandi and I were on the boat in ‘Situ Patennggang’ lake. There is a mall land in the middle of the lake.

We can reach it by rowing our boat ourselves. Surrounding, we can see tea plantation. It is really beautiful.

If you come to Bandung, don’t forger to visit this place.

Composed by

Neisya from XII B -V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Smoked Milkfish

Smoked Milkfish

Process in making a smoked milkfish

After we visit the ‘’ Tanjung ‘’ shop in Sidarjo and see the process of making milkfish, Mr. Flat Stenley, my friends and I, such as Seraphine, Lely, Eunnike, Andre Bayu, Rhein, Handita, with my teacher, Mrs. Maria.  We tried to make smoked milkfish with average utensils and produce good quality smoked milkfish.

I. Selecting the ingredients.

In order to make smoked milkfish, we need raw material, such as fresh milkfish with a good quality.

II. Utensils.

1.     Knife.

Is used to clean up the fish’ scales,

dissect the fish and take out the intestine.

2.     Rice-straw.

Is used as the medium of burning and

smoking so the colour of the milkfish will

turn into light brown.

3.     Basin.

Is used to soak milkfish in salted water.

4.     Rice-boiler.

Is used to steam the milkfish after it is soaked in salted water.

III. Processing.

Some ways to make smoked milkfish, such as:

1.     Clean the fish’ scales first.

2.     Clean out the intestines and clean the fish

by using water.

3.     Fill in the stomach with salt and spread

the body with salt.

4.     After that, put it on the plate.

IV. Smoking Process.

After the milkfish have been cleaned and salted,

put it into the rice-boiler. In addition, before we steam it, we have to put rice-straw in the rice-boiler sufficiently under the milkfish. Thus, we placed it on the gas-fire for 30 minutes.

After a few minutes of steaming, removed the milkfish from the rice-boiler and put it on the plate. The smoked milkfish is ready to eat.

V. Addition Ingredients.

Smoked milkfish will be more delicious if we eat it with shrimp-jelly. Therefore, our teacher—Mrs. Maria teaches us how to make the shrimp-jelly.

1.     Grind chili and garlic together sufficiently.

2.     Mixed sugar and 1.5 spoon of ketchup and soy sauces.

3.     Mixed all the ingredients above together.

Created by :

Natalia Halim ( VI A )
Grade : 6th, SD kristen Petra 13,
Sidoarjo – Indonesia

Si Panigaran

Hallo. Firstly we want to introduce our group from Grade XI, Natural Science Program,

from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. From left to right : Gilang, Indri, Raissa and Annisa.

We are closed friends. It is our Flat named ‘Si Panigaran’ which means HUNTER in English.

Last Sunday,  we took ‘Si Panigaran’ to places of interest in South of Bandung. It is about 50 km from Bandung.

We went to Situ Patenggang first. It is a small lake which is surrounded by tea plantation.

In Situ Patenggang, we can see a beautiful scenery. The air is fresh and the weather is cool.

It is located on plateau. On the way you can see farmers plant and pick vegetables and flowers.

It is easy to get to Situ Patenggang. You can take Public Tranportation from Bandung.

‘Si Panigaran’ and we are going to take a boat sailing around the lake.

Do you want to try? Come to Bandung!.

Beside that you can travel around the lake on food. It only takes about 45 minutes walking from one side to the other.

You can see many kinds of plants here. But don’t try to pick them because they are protected.

After rowing, we felt very tired, and we took a rest near the lake.

‘Si Panigaran’ felt very happy because it was an interesting trip he ever had.

Before going home we went to  ‘Kawah Putih’, which is the same direction and

it is not too far from Situ Patenggang area..

Kawah Putih means a white crater. although the crater look green but people called it a white crater.

It is Mt. Patuha’ s crater. It is easy to reach the crater.

From the parking area, you  just walk for 5 minutes.

Most domestic and foreign tourists come here because it is easy to get and you don’t need a lot of money.

Bandung is a capital city of West Java.

There are a lot of  interesting places near Bandung. It is the reason  why most tourists come to Bandung.

Kawah Putih is one of interesting places that you don’t miss if you go to Bandung

‘Si Panigaran’ enjoyed his trip with us, we can take our food and drink ourselves as long as we keep the area clean.

Don’t throw rubbish everywhere if you don’t want to be fined

It was an exited trip that we had. Cheap, satisfied, happy and not far from Bandung.

We began our trip at 7 in the morning and we got home at 4 in the afternoon.

We could take a rest before preparing our lesson for Monday.

Composed by : Gilang, Annisa, Indri and Raissa, students of SMAN 5 Bandung,

West Java, Indonesia

Singapore Visit

Trip to Singapore

Halo, my name is Yanda. I am a student of Five Senior High School, (SMAN 5) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Last month, I spent my weekend holiday in Singapore. Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ joined me. Look, we are very exited to be there.

This picture is taken in Clark Quai, a small harbour in Singapore river. You can see some boats to take the tourists along the river.

In this picture, you can see that ‘Kuda Lumping’ are on the boat.

We take a river touring, so we can see some historical buildings that only found in Singapore.

From the picture you can see how happy “Kuda Lumping’ is because it was the first time for ‘Kuda Lumping’ having a trip to Singapore.

We are still on the boat to see the other side of the river. Do you see a building with the unique shape?

It is an esplanade. In this building, some concerts are held. Convention can be held here too.

The building’s roof is like ‘Durian’ skin. Do you know what ‘durian’ is?

It is a specific fruit from tropical country.  When the sun is shining, the roof gives a beautiful light. It is very fantastic

Do you see the lion which spread out the water from it’s mouth. It is not the really lion.

It is a sculpture of a lion with the below part of it’s body is like a fish. Its name is Merlion which is the symbol of Singapore.

Every body who visits Singapore come here to take some photos or make films

Before continue our trip, ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked at the map in order not to be lost in Singapore.

The map shows us the route of Sub Way and Train in Singapore. They are called MRT and LRT. Both of them can run very fast.

We can go to far distance only in a few minutes. Don’t you want to try?

After a short visit to Singapore, we decided to go back to our country, Indonesia.

Now, I am and ‘Kuda Lumping’  are in Changi International Airport.

It takes  about an hour and 15 minutes by plane from Changi to Sukarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta.

Composed by : Yanda a student of SMA N 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Sea Products


On Saturday, February 26th 2005,our school Petra 5 Elementary School and Mr. Flat Stanley visited Kenjran beach, East Surabaya. We’ve got information that sea product from Kenjeran can be consumed become a special food called Kupang (shellfish) and chips fish. They can be also be made as handicrafts. Do you want to know ? let’s see together…………..


We went to the settlement where people produced shellfish. In the settlement there was a woman who was Mrs. Sulikah. She was our informant. Shellfish is useful to recover liver.

Shellfish includes sea animals (such as shells) which have roots and is in the middle sea at Kenjeran Beach. Fisherman take shellfish when the sea ebbs that’s in the morning.

Then are three kinds of shellfish : Java shellfish, Rice shelfish and Awung shellfish.

The picture that you see beside is Java shellfish which is known as the most expensive.

The process is like this :

Shellfish are taking by using sickle then put in the basket

Move them into a large container, step on and stir them around using palm leaf rib from bamboo (to remove from root and the sand)

Boil shellfish and sift. The broth of shellfish can be cooked again. Shellfish can be cooked by frying.

The broth of shellfish can be made as Petis (colored black ). It can be eaten together with shellfish or tofu and tempeh. Want to make it ? boil the broth of shellfish until it is coagulate and add palm sugar and refined sugar.

The broth of shellfish can be made become shellfish chips. It can be eaten as side dish and sancks. How to make it ?

  1. Mix the broth of shellfish with starch stir it and add with spices

  2. If it is coagulate, roll and put into a two plactic. After that, boil and leave it for night.

  3. Chop and dry in the sun. Finally, fry it

Mr. Flat Stanley and me were going to eat the broth of shellfish and fried shellfish food. Not forget petis and shellfish chips.


Fish at the sea not only be used as side dish but can also be produced become chips such as Udang (shrimp) chips, Terong chips, Teripang (sea slug) chips and Bulu Babi (sea porcupine or urchin) chips.

Apparently Mr. Flat Stanley wants taste many kinds of chips which is from sea animals.

Ikan Pari (rayfish), Ikan kakap (large fish),Ikan Asin (salted fish),Ikan Lurjuk (tiny sea fish) and Ikan Teri (tiny sea fish). Not forget Udang (shrimp),Terung, Teripang (sea slug) and Bulu Babi (sea porcupine or urchin).

Mr. Flat Stanley was taking a picture with Teripang (sea slug) which recently was taken from the sea.

It is a place to keep dried fish. Look ! what we bring, it is Ikan Asin (salted fish)


There handicraft are made of shell, snail, crab and oyster. They are sold at Kenjeran Beach area. They are also exported to Asia Countries such as Korea and Thailand.

It is beautiful, isn’t? They can be made become mirror, frame animals shape such as turtle, curtain, lamp, necklace, key holder, jewellery box, broach, hairpin, and ashtray.

Star fish and sponge can be preserved to be used as decoration

Shell and snails are washed by hydrochloric acid, granulated, given colour (or the real colour), shaped as the will

Mr. Flat Stanley doesn’t forget to bring souvenirs. They are frames and chains of shells and snails.

After visiting handicraft and chips trade place, we also visited the fisherman settlement. We saw women separating little shrimp from big shrimp. Little shrimp that you see is called Drago usually use as raw material Terasi, Upil chips, and Peyek (crisp).

We hope, you enjoy Mr. Flat Stanley’s tour in Kenjeran Beach.

 Friends, preserve and take some advantages of your sea product well.

Claudya, Shanny, Novia, Hansen, Ridge, Ratna, Daniel, Yohana

The 5th Year students

SD Kr. Petra 5

Surabaya,East Java


Science Assignment

My Science Assignment

Hallo friends, my name is Marsya , I am 13 years old.


I have many best friends in my school.

Today I get science assignment for examine of plants.

This assignment will me do with my group and my that friend is Ayu, Endah, Grace, Cyntia,

Andhika, Gita, and Natanael.

Now, we seeing many plant that will us examine.

Here, to many a kinds of plant.

Till me and my friends confuse for choose it .

Now, we had got plants that will we use.

This plant is so interest cause the unique type.

Now, we will start for examine this plant.

After finished, we will write it on us book.

And my friends who will write it.

I am happy, so much for do this assignment.

Not just me but my friends too.

Now, I am and my friends already finish this assignment.

We will concentrate to my science teacher.

And her name is Mrs. Tutut.

She is a good and patient teacher.

This day is the day that make us happy and makes tired.

Hope, my group will get a good value.

Story by :

Ayuningtyas O.P

Grace Devinasri P.

Cyntia Dwi F.

Endah Rusydiani


Natanael Ekananda A.

Gita Permana P.

Science Centre




It contains interactive model that has to be played for seeing the phenomenon that has been created. This model is made as interesting as possible so the student can play and learn with these model. From the models, we can play and learn lots of things. For example; we can learn the low of Newton, showed the concept of water pressure, probability and others.


We can find a lot of variety of Indonesian culture. The most interesting object is batik. Batik is one of Indonesia’s popular clothes all over the globe. In Science Center we can learn how to make it and also we know the equipments that needed. Besides batik, this gallery have Wayangs (Indonesia’s puppet), photography room, different kind of traditional dresses and some of Indonesia’s traditional game.

Students can also learn how to make batik in this gallery. Inside this gallery we also have some of different style of Batiks displayed.


In this gallery, we can find many kinds of tools that can be used for study science, especially Biology and Chemistry. For example: aseptic room, model of atom, insect map, and others. We can learn about different kind of animals in the forest.


One of the facilities in SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya is green house. Green house is a place where students grow the plants or maybe just to keep it. Most of the plants in our green house is collected from the students. The wall is made of glass, so it will create some kind of effect in the building that makes the temperature higher than outside of the building. This is one of our favorite place to learn. It can be used for primary and high school students of Sekolah Pembangunan Jaya.


In library we can look for another information. Library usually use for students to study. There are many facilities in the library, example like there are many of various books and many of student’s art works displayed on the wall.

Names : Fraya, Tyas, Uli, Dea, Dimas, Sesar, Sally, Ella

School Visit

Flat Stanley’s Indonesian School Visit

Hello friends,

This time we (Angel, Puji, Mariyana, Riyo, Haikal and Wawan) will tell you about our school with DAYAK FLATSTANLEY. We will see some places in our school with FLATSTANLEY too.

SMA NEGERI 7 is at Lamaru, 25 kiometers east of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

SMA NEGERI 7 Balikpapan held an inauguration of a new building on February 24, 2005. Our school has enough facilities.

We also invited Flatstanley to see those facilities like Natural Science Labolatory, Computer Labolatory, Library, Language Labolatory, Cooperation, etc and FLATSTAINLY was very happy and enjoyed being there.

Because FLATSTANLEY was hungry, we also invited FLATSTANLEY to go to the canteen to eat and take a rest. And after FLATSTANLEY was satisfied, we continued traveling in our school.

SMA NEGERI 7 also has some extra study like cheerleaders, Boy Scout, traditional dance, etc. and we invited FLATSTANLEY to take a photograph with traditional dancers and FLATSTAINLY was very happy.

Finally, we tell you that although SMA NEGERI 7 is located in the eastern suburb of Balikpapan, we don’t want to be isolated.

We are waiting for you to visit SMA NEGERI 7 Balikpapan, Lamaru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, INDONESIA.

See you next time, bye !

Sankuriang Visit

Hai, we are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We want to introduce our new Flat. It’s name is ‘SANGKURIANG’.

We named our Flat Sangkuriang because Sangkuriang derived from a famous legend from West Java.

Sangkuriang was a young man who fell in love with his own mother, ‘Dayang Sumbi’. Do you remember ‘Dayang Sumbi’?

A few years ago, a group of students from  SMAN 5 Bandung, sent the Flat Dayang Sumbi (added Juni 7 2006).

Now, we and ‘Sangkuriang’ are at ‘Ngopi Doeloe Cafe’.

This place is a favorite place in Bandung for young people to hang out.

‘Ngopi Doelu’   means have a cup of coffee first before you do your activities.

The menu served here is only coffee which has many kind of tastes.

We ordered for a vanilla latte.

Look! Sangkuriang waited patiently because he knew how delicious  the drink is. ………..s l u u r p

Having lunch at Japanese Restaurant, Shin Men.

The place is cozy and we can taste a specific Japanese food

Now, we are at Ngopi Doeloe Cafe parking area. This place is a favorite place.

Most boys and girls come here just to hang out.

It is the reason why  ‘Sangkuriang come here because the view is very beautiful

Sangkuriang wanted to know how to make a delicious sushi a specific food from Japan. All ingredient is uncooked.

Do you want to try ? Please come to Bandung and I will take you here.

Sangkuriang in front of Shin en restaurant at Cihampelas walk in Bandung. Cihampelas walk is also called CIWALK.

It is like a shopping centre which is surrounded by some cafes.

Composed by : -Delya, Hapsari , Hilda. A.Martina, and Kamelia utami, from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.