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Flat Agnes in Indonesia

agnes stanley story

Students of Group “Agnes Stanley” in class 11 Science 3 , SMAN 1 Karawang:

Faiz Deja Ramadhan Anita Dewi Istiqomah Angga Maulana Entri Aprilia Ita Puspitasari Ghani Wicaksono Syah Putra Saky Rianto Yuda Ardiansyah


The Guest Star:

Mr. “Kind” from England. Mr. “Howba” from Netherland. The Oarsman with cano. […]

From Fajar Nugraha, West Java, Indonesia

Hallo, I`m Fajar Nugraha from SMA Negeri 1 Karawang, west java, Indonesia, This is our Flatstanley, Chek this out please, Thanks



Indonesian Spaghetti cooked by Mas Akbar Suhardianto for Flats Karawang

Hello friends, this is the first i made spaghetti.

a varety of flavors mingled here. I eat spaghetti with flatstanley. :3 yummy :3

Indonesia – Gemma Zulhaida’s Flat Karawang

Hello we were at Niagara vehicle in Dufan. This game is located in the USA region of Dufan.  This is one of the thrilling and exciting game. Making our heart beat harder. Dufan or Dunia Fantasi is the outdoor playing place the largest in Indonesia. Here many kind of games are very interesting. […]



In Indonesia, cassava can be used as staple food, beskles rice and corn, because it contains of carbohydrate. Cassava can be used as basic commodity in industrial and castle foodstuff.

Cassava is a kind of root that becomes bigger in the ground that is called tuber.

Parts of cassava that can […]

Budapest Visit

Hallo, everybody. We are students of Five Senior High School (SMAN 5) Bandng, West Java, Indonesia.

From left to right, Arya, Khalis, Iqbal and Hikmat. Our school has a lot of Flats, among others are,

Kuda Lumping, Juragan, Kartini, Den Bagus, Sangkuraiang and many more. Now, here is ours. It’s […]

Bali with Garry’s Kuda Lumping

I am Garry Prima Suryalaga, a student of 5 Senior High School known as SMA 5 which is located in Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia. I am in year ten, and I sit at ten D.  I just arrived in Bali. This is the picture of me with the ‘Kuda Lumping’ at I Gusti […]

Austria Visit by Kuda Lumping

Hallo, We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Here we come to tell you about

the adventure of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ in Austria. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Marsel who let our flat  join them

‘Kuda Lumping’ is Austria. It joined Mr. and Mrs. […]

The Winner

HI. friends. We are students of Five Senior High School, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

From left to right. Rezky, Ilham, Gina and Adhyra. As you know our school, SMAN 5 Bandung, has a lot of Flats.

Among others are Kuda Lumping, Sangkuriang, Usro, Juragan, Den Bagus and many […]

West Java Citibank Winner

Dear Dale Hubert,

I would like to say thank you to Citigroup Success Fund from CITIBANK that finally I won fund 5 millions rupiahs in applying for this Flat Stanley project, so I could bring 35 students and 10 teachers visiting 5 cities in West Java.

We name our project The adventure of […]

Trip to Turkey 3

Hallo, every body. Here we come with another story of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ who joined our Principal,

Mr. Jumdiat, to Turkey for a comparative study in some of International Schools in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey.

Before beginning  our story, let’s introduce ourselves first. We are students of SMAN 5 […]

Trip to Turkey 2

Hi, Friends. Firstly, we want to introduce ourselves. From left side, Firgha, Andri, Andrean and Ryan.

We are students of SMAN 5 (Senior High School), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

This picture was taken in our classroom. We are going to tell you about the other story of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’


Trip to Turkey 1

Hallo, Friends. Here we come from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We are in  grade twelve of Natural Science Program. From left side are Pandu, Lithanya, Nandya and Hasby.

A few months ago our Principal, Mr. Jumdiat, went to Turkey for a comparative study.

He visited some of […]

Usro Visited Dufan

Hi, We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We are in the XI grade now.

From left to right : Rizky F, Navintri, Nadia and Nanda.  The building behind us is our school building.

We have a new FLAT. It’s name is ‘Usro’ . ‘Usro’ is  one of […]

Traditional Market

My name is Olivia. Now, I am in the fourth grade of Petra 9 Christian Elementary School Surabaya.

On 19 st February 2005, I visited the traditional market with my classmates […]

Tiwisada (First Aid)

Learning to Help Others through “Tiwisada”

Tiwisada, which means little doctor, is one of the favorite extra curriculums in Petra 10 Christian Elementary School. Not all students in the school can join “Tiwisada”. The ones who would like to join “Tiwisada” should fulfill some requirements as follows :

Tea Plantation

Hallo, we are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. On the left one is our new flat.

This is one of Flats belong to our school., SMAN 5 Bandung. His name is ‘Prabu Kian Santang’.

‘Prabu Kian Santang’ was a king who led the Pajajaran Kingdom long time ago.


Stones and Minerals

Stones and Minerals

(Stone Hardness Measurement)

Field trip results from Ujung Genteng (West Java) for Geography subject

in SMAK 3 BPK PENABUR Bandung (Senior High) Indonesia

The students who did […]

Stanley’s Kingdom (A Story and Play)


Created Story by SMA Kr.Petra 5, SURABAYA, EAST JAVA, INDONESIA class X-6( Elvina, Joshua, Ruth, Karina, Irene, David, Lucky )

One day, ther was a kingdom, which had a king, named Stanley. The king had a joker, named Ruth, an Adviser,named Karina […]

Spain Visit

Hi, Friends. We come from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Agita is on the left side, in the middle is Ajeng and on the right side is Nadhira. We are in the Grade XII.

And next moth we  are going to finish our study in Senior High School. We […]

Story Telling

Story Telling Improves My English Competence

Hi! I’m Shannon. I’m in the fifth grade of Petra 10 Christian Elementary School. I like studying English, especially through stories.

Learning English through story is fun. It can improve my pronunciation and vocabularies. […]


Hallo, I am Neisya from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java Indonesia. I want to introduce my FLAT. Its name is ‘Srikandi’.

Do you know what ‘Srikandi’ is? . Srikandi is a heroine from Indonesia.

She had her contribution in fighting to free Irian Barat, West Papua, from  Dutch colonial in […]

Smoked Milkfish

Smoked Milkfish

Process in making a smoked milkfish

After we visit the ‘’ Tanjung ‘’ shop in Sidarjo and see the process of making milkfish, Mr. Flat Stenley, my friends and I, such as Seraphine, Lely, Eunnike, Andre Bayu, Rhein, Handita, with my teacher, Mrs. Maria.  We tried to make smoked milkfish with […]

Si Panigaran

Hallo. Firstly we want to introduce our group from Grade XI, Natural Science Program,

from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. From left to right : Gilang, Indri, Raissa and Annisa.

We are closed friends. It is our Flat named ‘Si Panigaran’ which means HUNTER in English.

Last Sunday,  […]

Singapore Visit

Trip to Singapore

Halo, my name is Yanda. I am a student of Five Senior High School, (SMAN 5) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Last month, I spent my weekend holiday in Singapore. Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ joined me. Look, we are very exited to be there.

This […]

Sea Products


On Saturday, February 26th 2005,our school Petra 5 Elementary School and Mr. Flat Stanley visited Kenjran beach, East Surabaya. We’ve got information that sea product from Kenjeran can be consumed become a special food called Kupang (shellfish) and chips fish. They can be also be made as handicrafts. […]

Science Assignment

My Science Assignment

Hallo friends, my name is Marsya , I am 13 years old.


I have many best friends in my school.

Today I get science assignment for examine of plants.


Science Centre


It contains interactive model that has to be played for seeing the phenomenon that has been created. This model is made as interesting as possible so the student can play and learn with these model. […]

School Visit

Flat Stanley’s Indonesian School Visit

Hello friends,

This time we (Angel, Puji, Mariyana, Riyo, Haikal and Wawan) will tell you about our school with DAYAK FLATSTANLEY. We will see some places in our school with FLATSTANLEY too.


Sankuriang Visit

Hai, we are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We want to introduce our new Flat. It’s name is ‘SANGKURIANG’.

We named our Flat Sangkuriang because Sangkuriang derived from a famous legend from West Java.

Sangkuriang was a young man who fell in love with his own […]