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Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

A Trip to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

with Avon Valley College, U.K., teachers

reported by SMAK 3 BPK PENABUR Bandung (Senior High), Indonesia

On April 9th 2006, we went to Saung Mang Udjo, a Sundanese art and bamboo craft center, website: to meet four guest teachers from the Avon Valley College, United Kingdom, web: on the joint programme held by the British Council Indonesia and TIPD programme, U.K.

With our three Flat Stanley dolls of SMAK 3 BPK PENABUR Bandung (Senior High) web:, then, we left our school at 2pm. Our team were Mr. Stephanus (computer teacher), Mr. Hermawan (English teacher), Felicia, Billy, Stevie, and Vania. We arrived first, and took some pictures quite a lot while we were waiting for the U.K. teachers. At 3.30 pm they arrived and we had a brief introduction.

The U.K. teachers were Mr. Lee, Mr. David, Ms. Lucy, and Ms. Linsey (see the picture). They had a look at some handicrafts, such as wayangs (leather puppets), angklungs (traditional bamboo musical instruments), masks, and bamboo flutes. After we had a conversation, the show began at 4pm.

The show consisted of two sections. In the first section, they performed “wayang” (leather puppets) show with Sundanese musical instruments, such as saron, boning, kendang, rebab, (the last two are types of traditional drums), gong, and etc. They informed us that the players of the instruments are called “nayaga”. Also they performed traditional ceremony that we called “sunatan” (circumcision) with “kuda lumping” (fake horse). After that, they performed us “Arumba” show (Arumba means melody of bamboos). Then, the young students of Saung Mang Udjo between 7 until 12 ages played angklungs. The titles/themes of the songs were jasmine, a kind of flower called “kenanga”, “do re mi” song, and a cockatoo bird song (“burung kakak tua”).

After it, we had break time because the angklungs must have changed. So we had a look to another merchandise and drank some Coca cola. After fifteen minutes passed by, we went to the first place and enjoyed next performance by senior teenage students of Saung Mang Udjo. They played an international song titled “the Final Countdown“.

Then, we had a short course how to play angklung. All of our U.K. guest teachers were very enthusiastic to learn about it. Then, as the climax came, we danced together and that day we were very glad to meet them. Well… thanks to Saung Mang Udjo and the British Council, who came to our school two days after it, i.e. on April 11th, 2006, for a study visit.

Salted Fish Tour



On Thursday, October 7 Th. 2004, our school BPK PENABUR Bandar Lampung and Mr. Flat Stanley visited the salted fish industry in Batu Payung, Tarahan Village, South Lampung Regency. We met Mr. Pasek there. He is salted fish entrepreneur. He has some workers. They made salted fish from small and medium big fish. We interviewed him. We got some information from him about how to make salted fish, as follows:

1. Ingredients : fish, iodized salt, and salt water.

2. Tools :

o Blower

o. Candang (a small basket with holes made of bamboo)

o. Laha (a bamboo flat for drying fish)

o. Stove (made of bricks, zinc and board)

3. How to make:

a. Sprinkle some salt on the wet fish and put the fish in order, leave them for about 2 hours.

b. Put salty fish into boiling salt water using candang for about 2 minutes

c. The last step, put the cooked fish on laha and dry them in the sun.

There is particular way to dry the fish to avoid them from being rotten, I e:

  1. Dry the small fish in 3 – 4 hours, and for the big fish you needs any longer time.

  2. Keep the salted fish away from the rain.

Mr. Pasek said that he had distributed his alter fish to Jakarta, and his product got the best quality.

The advantages of our study tour:

  1. We increase our knowledge about how to make salted fish.

  2. We understand that the sunshine is very important for drying up some salted fish.

  3. We conclude that salt is very important for food preservation, because it can delay the growth of bacteria and fungus.

We hope that Mr. Flat Stanley would also be satisfied with this study tour to the salted fish industry. During in Bandar Lampung Mr Flat Stanley wears the traditional clothes of Lampung (tapis).

Yinny and Rina

The 6th Year students


Bandar Lampung


Saungujo Visit

Hallo, everyone. I am Annisa Syafitri from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java Indonesia.

I have a new flat. It’s name is ‘NASYAWIRAHA’. It stands from my name and my closed friends in Class XII H.

NA is from ErwiNA, SYA is from my name Annisa SYAfitri, WI is from WIjayanti, RA is from ZahRA and

HA is from our Class XII H which is spelled HA in Indonesian.

In this occasion my flat  joined me to visit A traditional Music Instrument Gallery belongs to Mr. Ujo.

This gallery is famous with ‘SAUNG UJO’.

Here we can find a lot of ornaments that can be used in performance of traditional art like dancing and Puppet Show.

Besides that you can practice Anklung which is the most popular traditional music instrument from West Java.

Do you want to know how to play Anklung? Come here!.

Behind us you can see ‘Si Cepot’. Si Cepot is a famous character in the Puppet Show ‘Wayang Golek’ from West Java.

It is funny and all he said make us laugh. Although Si Cepot comes from West Java, he can speak English.

Why? Because ‘Wayang Golek’ is often performed in front of Foreign tourists.

Look!, Nasyawiraha showed you a mask. It is used in Mask Dance.

Mask Dance is usually danced by a beautiful girl. She dances gracefully with a mask covers her face.

Can you imagine that a girl with an ugly face dancing in front of you?.

But at the end of her performance she opens the mask and we can see how beautiful she is.

‘Nasyawiraha’ took a picure with the girls who work in the Gallery. Behind them, there is a set of Anklung.

In this picture you can see some of traditional arts and ornaments that you can buy for gifts

Composed by : Annisa Syafitri, a student of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Sampe in Bandung

Before we start our project, we will introduce our group. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

From left side is Yasyiroh, Ribka, Aryane and Afda. ‘Sampe’ is one of SMAN 5 Bandung’s Flat. It is among us.

The topic of our Project is ‘Sampe’ took around Bandung. The picture above was taken in our class.

Ribka is one of our member took a picture with ‘Sampe’ in the front gate of Traffic Garden.

This is a kind of Park for children It is located in the opposite of our school.

Here, children are introduced to Traffic Sign, how to be a good pedestrian and many others that related to Traffic.

Beside that there are some facilities for children like small train, small car, swimming pool for children and others vehicles.

On Sundays, most of families take their children here. Most families like this place because it is not only easy to get but also also cheaper.

Now, Ribka and ‘Sampe’ in the public swimming pool. It is called ‘Pemandian Tirtamerta’.

It is located on the right side of our school building. This picture was taken in our break time.

Yashiroh and ‘Sampe’ in the main gate of ‘Siliwangi’ Stadium. It is about 300 meters from our school.

‘Siliwangi’ Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Bandung. Indonesian Foot Ball match  is always held here

when  Bandung’s Foot Ball Team, ‘Persib’  become host.

When there is a National Ceremony for people from  Bandung or even from West Java, the local Government choose this place too.

Yasyiroh and ‘Sampe’ are in the Siliwangi Golf Court.

This place is one of the best places to play Golf in Bandung. The grass is fresh and soft.

Aryane and ‘Sampe’ are in front of Savoy Homan Hotel. It is the oldest hotel in Bandung.

It is located on Asia – Africa street not far from  ‘Merdeka’ Building in which Asia- Africa conference was held. in 1955.

Braga street is the oldest street in Bandung. It was known as the central activities in the era fiftieth.

There were old buildings along the street.

‘Gedung Merdeka’  is the pride of people from Bandung because it is a historical building in which Asia-Africa conference was held.

Inside, there is a museum where we can see everything about the conference.

Now it is often visited by tourists not only from other places in Indonesia but also from foreign countries.

Composed by :

Yashiroh, Ribka, Afda and Aryane from XII-I, V-09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Reza’s New Best Friend

By Reza

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My name Reza Asriandi Ekaputra. But
all of my friend call me Reza. I live in Komplek Pemda
II no.F/53 cibeber-south cimahi,--INDONESIA--. I’m
in the ten grades or the first grade in senior high
school. I have studied in SMAN 3
BANDUNG--INDONESIA--(national senior high school 3 of
BANDUNG--INDONESIA--). My telephone number is
62(country code)22 (place
code)6671272-----62226671272----- Today I have a new
friend. His name is Stanley the strong flat boy. I am
very happy. I think he is my best friend in the world.

The first I’ll give you information about my
country’s condition. My country name is INDONESIA.
It is one of tropical country in the world. My country
not only tropical but also archipelago country. It has
many islands. More than 5000 islands. It has many kind
of ethnic. The big ethnic are Sundanes(West Java),
Javanese(middle java and east java), Betawi(Jakarta
province),Batak, Asmat, Dani, etc. I am one of
Sundanese ethnic. My country has 2 kind of weather the
first is musim kemarau (dry season) and the second is
musim hujan (rainy season). My country has many kind
and different condition. For example, in the place
where I live, it is in the center of west java. Its
condition is not too hot but not too cold. But at
Jakarta (near a sea) this place is very hot. In NTT
(Nusa Tenggara Timur) and NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat)
this place has very wide grass field. 

The second information is about my school. My school
is named SMAN 3 of BANDUNG (Sekolah menengah atas
negeri 3 Bandung). This is one of favorite school in
my Country. This school takes place in Jalan Blitung
(belitun steet) no.8. It telephone number is
62224235154. My school has AVI room (Audio Visual),
English Laboratory, chemistry Laboratory, Biology
Laboratory, computer Laboratory, physics Laboratory,

I have many kind activities in my school. I always go
from my house at 6.30 am and always go home at 6.30
pm. I think all of those make me tired but I must
enjoy it before I have studied in favorite school.

I have a wish. I want all of people in the world
always keep the peace in the world, don’t make a
war, keep the endangered animal and I want to make all
of people in the world to be a family.

Thank you for my new friend attention, see you

Reza Asriandi Ekaputra.

Puppet Show



Mrs. Farida, The Principal, taked picture with the player and Mrs. Jetti, the trainner teacher, and also Stanley. Players for 2004-2005 School Year are (left to right) : Giovanni, Richard, Jeanne and Natasya

Puppet Show at Petra 7 Christian Kindergarten is a show of puppets played by student. Each student play I character of the story. The story is composed by teacher who trains the students for the show.

Usually, the show to be performed is about childhood and daily life of children. Every Friday the players are trained and they practice many stories/tales. Puppet Show from Petra 7 Christian Kindergarten have several times represent PETRA Kindergarten in performing Puppet Show Contest, in several region in Java. Jombang and Banyuwangi for example, and also Jakarta.

In 1986, they won The First Prize of the National Puppet Show Contest held in Surabaya. This activity is very effective in supporting and motivating students talents in art, from their early childhood.

Pictures showed here was taken when the players were practiced and Stanley were invited there. Stanley dressed as Cak Surabaya (son of Surabaya) and using male traditional dress.


Flat Stanley and Police

Hello our names are Karina Sukoco,Sisca Yulianti,Enjang Puspitasari,Eka Yuli Astuti,and Ade Putri Larasati.We doing photo with Flatstanley in RESORT POLICE(POLRES)in Karawang.When we come to Polres Karawang,we interview with:Mr.Andap Budi,Mr.Pia Supriyadi,Mr.Agus.

*Andap Budi as Police Resort(Kapolres)

He was born in Jakarta on 23th June 1966.He became as police Resort two weeks ago.He became Police Resort because recommendation from commandant Indonesian police (POLRI),after saw his education.Before he became as Polres,he became as CID (Criminal Investigation Departement) or BEREKRIM POLRI about narcotic.

*Pia Supriadi as Vice Police Resort

When we interview,he very busy,so our question can’t answer by him.

*Agus as Intel

He was born in Sumedang on 16th August 1963.Now he became Intel. Mr.Agus graduated on 1985 in Bintara Sergeant,and became a officer on 1995.

When we interview,they say all visi and mission same,are :

“FOR GIVE THE BEST SERVICE FOR COMMUNITY,KEEP AND PROTECT OUR STATE”.Their opinion if task police are interesting experience,because can help another people. According to their mine the biggest case of this year is motorcycle thief.

They also give criterias for became a police,are :

*Normal Body Structure



*And can pass several test,such as swimming.


Our Weekend at Plaza

Hi Mr.Hubert!!!

We are students from SLTPN 1 Balikpapan. We would like to tell you about our Saturday. Every Saturday, we like going somewhere to have refreshing. And in our Saturday, September 4th 2004, more special because we invite two new friends, Connie

and Venha, the Flat doll. They are Flat Stanley’s sisters.

We bring them to walking around Plaza Balikpapan. It is one of the biggest malls in Balikpapan. We take some photos with Connie and Venha.

Here they are!!!

First we go to the Bowling Area.

Then we go to the GoSh center. It’s one of the famous brands of shoes in the world.

This is Venha with Indonesian singer album, Indonesian Idol and Krisdayanti. They have a nice voice. You can hear it with buy their album!!

This is Venha again, still with Indonesian singer album, Akademi Fantasi Indosiar (AFI).

With Colonel Sanders, the inventor of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In front of Gramedia, we can’t take a picture inside, so we just do that outside of Gramedia.

Because we felt so tired, so we stop our “journey”. Even we were tired, we fell so happy too!!! See?! Balikpapan it isn’t just a forest everywhere. There still so many interesting place in Balikpapan, but we didn’t have much time. Thank you for Connie and Venha the Flat Doll. Hope you enjoy it!!!

By Claudia, Ira, and Tiara

From SMPN 1 Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Planetarium and Museum 2


On March 15th, 2005, we (Mrs. Isabella, Mrs. Eli Betani, Mrs. Christin, Mr. Flat Stanley, and some of my friends) visited

TNI-AL Museum and Planetarium. This building is located at Perak, Surabaya, near the harbour. It is called “Loka Jala Cerana”.

In the Museum, we saw many kinds of Maritime Attributes, such as TNI uniforms, pictures of war, pictures of heroes, periscopes,

ship miniatures, etc. At the corner, we saw a dome. It is a small planetarium, used to train the marine (so, the marine know the


When we entered the dome, the lamps were dimmed. Then we looked up at the ceiling, and we saw the stars. The presenter mentioned

the name of the stars. In the planetarium, we enjoyed the presentation about Galaxy, the theory of planet revolution and planet rotation,

planet’s names, planet’s order and the black hole. Black hole is an area that has great gravitation. So, it can attract meteorite, rocket, and everything, which pass near

the black hole, even the light can be attracted. That’s why we call it black hole. I think that’s all.

Written by:

Cynthia Tantono

Grade 6

Petra 13 Elementary School

Sidoarjo – Indonesia

Planetarium and Museum 1

Visiting the Planetarium and Museum accompanied by Flat Stanley

My name is Jessica P; I am in the sixth grade. On 21st February 2005, the students of sixth grade and me was visited the planetarium and museum accompanied by Stanley. Some of the teachers came with us. Ones of them are Mrs. Ester. She is my VI A teacher class. She taught in social subject. It is so far to go there.

Mr. Madjid guides us to look around the army weapon garden. Mr Madjid explained us about the whole of museum. It was called “Loka Jala Srana “. The meaning of Loka Jala Srana is Loka = Location, Jala = Sea, Srana = Tool.

After we had explained, we are invited to look around the museum condition. There had many historical meanings; such as from uniform to ships meaning.

From various of collections, we interested with collection which is called dragon (kinds of barongsai) that is ones of Bali arts and had been used by Taruna Angkatan Laut ( students of Army Force ) in Canada 1966.

From there we were visited to the planetarium. We saw about many kinds of rases. There are Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Leo, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer and Virgo. After that we are enter into planetarium. We had explained about solar system and everything that is relates of solar system. While we are watching the film about the orbit of the stars, we are knew how to read the meaning of razes and how is important function to the sailors.

After we are finished it, we are back to our school

Jessica P
6 th grade
Petra 9 Christian Elementary School
Surabaya, Indonesia

Ora et Labora at Pamulang, Tangerang

Christian Elementary School of Ora et Labora Pamulang, Tangerang, Indonesia


We are some students of Elementary School grade 3,4,5 and 6 of Ora et Labora at Pamulang, Tangerang. On Saturday, February 24, 2007 we went to Godong Ijo Nursery in Sawangan, Bogor District. We also brought Flat Stanley, our “Special Friend” a paper puppet.

After arriving there, we were very enjoyed because the place was cool. There were so many plants. First, we saw two big Python snakes. It was about 6 meters long. It was scary. Fortunately, it was sleeping in a big glass box that was locked. There were some chicken’s hairs around them. Had they eaten the chicken? Might be. After that, we took pictures with the snakes and of course with Flat Stanley. He looked scary.

Suddenly, there was a big black dog approached us. It’s name was Nero. Some of us were afraid of this dog. In fact, Nero was a friendly dog. It didn’t bark at all. It was kind of Labrador dog.

Then, we walked deeper inside to the Godong Ijo. In a park, we saw a very big turtle. The turtle came from Galapagos Island. The diameter was about 60-80 cm and 50 cm height. It must be very old. It had a very hard shell on it and it walked very slowly. Flat Stanley wanted to take a picture with the turtle, but he had to be careful because it could hit somebody who touched it.

There, we also saw a ‘lumur Madagaskar’. It liked a squirrel, a kind of animal that lives in the dark place. It was in a cage covered with cloth. We could not see it clearly. But we saw it jumped from one branch to another.

Then, we entered a big room and there were many collections of animals. There were many Tarantula spiders put in small glasses. They were poisoned so we were forbidden to touch them. There were also many kinds of snakes that put in closed boxes, because they were wild animals. One of them struck the glass wall of the cage. It opened it’s mouth and showed it’s sharp teeth. It looked like to attack us. Thanks God, that they were in strong cages. Flat Stanley looked scary too. There were also some iguanas. Some of them were still small.

Finally we visited the plant area where we learned how to create a new species with pruning technique. Some workers showed the steps of pruning technique. First, he cut the original plant for main flower then joined it with a new plant to make a new kind of flower. Then it was covered with a plastic. It was interesting experience for us. We can try it at home.

Before going home, we had a rest and enjoyed lunch while seeing ‘Koi’ fishes in a pond. Wow… it’s very relax time. Then We took pictures together. Of course, with Flat Stanley too.

We really had a good time and at the same time, we got the lesson of nature. I hope you can visit to Godong Ijo Nursery and my school, someday.

Written by

Students of Elementary School of

Ora et Labora, Pamulang

Flat Stanley’s Group :

1. Tania Anjani P Class 3A

2. Daniel Christovery Class 4B

3. Titus Logo Class 4B

4. Amanda Valentina Class 4B

5. Andreas Febian W Class 5A

6. Andrew Mahisa Halim Class 5A

7. Nathasya Esterita JS Class 5A

8. Ida Ayu Putu S Class 5A

9. Theresia Claudia RT Class 5A

10.Bondan Wisnuaji Class 5B

11.Peter Andreas TN Class 5B

12. Tasya Bintang AN Class 5B

13. Viena Priska P Class 5B

14. Sarah Devina Class 6A

15. Finna Amali C Class 6B

16. Irene Risty S Class 6B

17. Alvin Julian T Class 6B

Occupations for Kindergarten Students

The Activity of Kindergarten Christian Petra School 13 Sidoarjo

Kindergarten Christian Petra School has many lesson themes. One of them is “OCCUPATION”. Kindergarten Christian Petra School 13 held a study out to introduce the kinds of occupation in society.

We have already visited many places surround Surabaya to interview many people who has different occupation, they are:

police station, hospital and houses construction. The students interviewed~ policeman, doctor, and laborer directly.

They wanted to know more about their profession.

One of students question is “Why is patient should be examined by using stethoscope?” The doctor smiled when he got the question. He tried to answer that question by using simple word clearly. The policeman also smiled with pleasure when one of student asked him about his impression being a policeman. The policeman also tried to answer the question by using simple words to satisfy our student. The laborer was very glad when we came to visit them. Because it’s seldom for them are visited by kindergarten student.

Our students were very happy when had the activity. They ask many question to the doctor, policeman and laborer.

They spoke like a journalist. It is very important student to know more about many kinds occupation. So the students will more interested in studying when we bring into the real life.

Nyi Iteung

Firstly, we want to introduce our group. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We are in the 12 grade now. From left side, Meridiani, Dian, Laksmi who holds our Flat and Anissa.

We have our own Flat. It’s name is ‘Nyi Iteung’.

We named her ‘Nyi Iteung’ because the name is so popular for Sundanese Folk Tales.

She is a  beautiful girl whom “Kabayan’ loves. ‘Kabayan’ is well-known character for Sundanese.

Last December, our school had a trip to Jogjakarta. Almost all students from grade 12 joined the trip.

Our Flat ‘Nyi Iteung’ joined us but Dian didn’t. We went by bus. There were 7 buses took us to Jogjakarta.

The first place that we visited was Sugar Factory, in Madukismo, It is about 15 km from Jogjakarta.

From central park we rode an old train to reach the factory. The train was very slowly; and noisy.

‘Nyi Iteung’ was inpatient to get there.

This Factory spreads a bad smell. We thought that we could not stay there for a longer time.

Look! ‘Nyi Iteung’ and Anissa always kept their nose closed with their hand. When we were there, the factory had not being operated.

After visiting Sugar Factory, we went to Kota Gede, where the silver hand made.

This picture was taken in front of art gallery in Kota Gede.

Meridiani and ‘Nyi Iteung welcome everybody to come to the gallery.

We can buy many kinds of accessories made of silver.

We looked around in ‘Anchor Silver’. We can see a miniature of Prambanan Temple,

small animal sculptures like horses.

Beside that we saw miniature of big ship and many kind of jewelry such as necklace, ring, bracelet brooch, etc.

Unfortunately those things were very expensive so we cannot buy any of them as a gift.

A miniature of Borobudur temple cost 40 million Rupiahs,

We were very disappointed because we bought nothing.

In this place we can also watch how to make handicrafts made out of silver. It is not an easy and simple one.

To make all of them, we must have skill, talent and experience.

And don’t forget that we have to be careful and patient too.

It is because why the price is very expensive.

After staying for a day in Jogjakarta, we left for Magelang, Central Java, in which Borobudur Temple is located.

Borobudur Temple, which belongs to Buddhist is one of the seven-wonders in the world.

This Temple was built a long time ago.

People built it without cement or any kinds of glue.

Laksmi, Meridiani and ‘Nyi Iteung  took the picture before we went upstairs.

Laksmi, Anissa, Meridiani and ‘Nyi Iteung’ were on the top of the Temple.

We were very tired after we went up hundreds of stairs.

From the top we can enjoy the scenery around.

We were very happy that we can reach the top.

After we took a rest, we with other students  went down to go back to Bandung.

Composed by :

Laksmi, Dian, Anissa and Meridiani from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

XII J – V 09

Noodle Factory

Flat Sakerah and Students of Petra 4 Christian High School

Visited Noodle Factory

Let me introduce you our new friend comes from Madura Island, Sakerah., 16. He has been living in Sidoarjo for 2 years. We and Sakerah will visit a noodle factory in Sidoarjo. From left to right : Drs. J.P. Widodo, Sopranita, Dra. Tjandrawati Tjuatja, Willy N., Dra. Canisia Paula M.M., Nungky and Flat Sakerah.

You know? The noodles that we usually eat have a complex process in production. We want to tell you about the process of making noodles in our city, in Sidoarjo. We are so excited because this is our first experience to visit noodle factory. It was an amazing experience that we have got. It’s fun to see flour changed become noodles. So, check this out!

When we arrived, Sakerah was so curious until he could not stop talking about how amazing this place is. This place had a lot of big machines!

Our headmistress asked the owner about the process. Then, the owner took us to the second floor. In that place, there was a box like machine. This machine was used to mix the flour, water, and the main ingredients about 15 minutes. After the mixing had been completed, the mixture would go down to the first floor automatically.

The mixture would get into a roll-press machine. Then, it would be distributed by moving instrument to other 7 rolls. Sakerah asked the owner,” Why do you need a lot of rolls to flatten the mixture? ” Then, the owner said that every roll had its own ability. So, the mixture would get flatter in every roll.

Then, the mixture that has become noodles was taken into a machine to cook it. After that, the noodles would be cut until it went to other machine to dry it up. After this step, the noodles would go to the packaging process. The good product would be packed, but the fail ones would be changed into chips.

Sakerah wanted to taste it. Then, he tried one bite, but… it tastes bad! Then the owner said that it must be cooked first before you eat it.

In the end of our visiting, the owner gave us his product as souvenir. Sakerah felt so happy. And, one of our team took our picture.


Hello, Friends. We are Reggy and Risa from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Remember our Flat ‘The Winner’? In this occasion the winner had a trip with  us.

Last week, we took ‘The Winner’ to a Sundanese restaurant in Nagrek.

It is about 20 km East Bandung. It is one of Sundanese Restaurants in West Java which is interesting to be visited.

The restaurant not only serve  the delicious food and drink but also offer us a lot of games.

This Restaurant serves a special rice which is called ‘nasi liwet’. It is cooked and served traditionally.

We and ‘The Winner’ enjoyed our meal. The menu was so special with tofu, ‘tempe mendoan’ , salt fish and some vegetables.

Of course, we never forgot chili sauce which is very hot. We ordered orange juice and cucumber juice with lime squash for our drink.

In this location, there are lots of small huts, unique Sundanese hut for four or more people.

Sundanese call it ‘SAUNG’. Visitor or customers order their meal from here and the waiters come to serve them.

You can feel the weather is very fresh and the scenery is very beautiful.

Most visitors like to be in ‘saung’ better than in the main building

Look! Risa and ‘The Winner’ took a picture with a little girl who will enjoy playing the Flying Fox.

Flying Fox is one of any games in this playground of the restaurant.

If you want to try this game you have to pay Rp. 15.000. It is about $ 1,40

In this area, there is a n unique bridge with leaves along it. Sometimes, we can find small reptiles like  lizards here.

‘The Winner’ looked happy with Reggy and Risa.

‘The Winner’ tried to help Reggy and Risa make handicrafts . The use brown clay to make it.

If we want to make handicraft  for ourselves, and want to take it home, we have to pay.

Young children have to pay fifteen thousand rupiahs, Junior High School Students have to pay twenty thousand rupiahs,

Senior High School Students have to pay twenty five thousand rupiahs and for adults thirty thousands rupiahs. Do you want to try?

This is one of the craftsmen who showed us how to make a tea pot. ‘The Winner’ was very happy because Reggy and Risa took him to this place.

Behind us, you can see a fire place for baking the formed clay.

Do you like riding horses? You can go here but don’t forget to pay ten thousand for thirty minutes.

This place is so special for people around Bandung because we can taste delicious food and drinks,

make handicrafts we want, ride a mount horse and enjoy panorama about  green wet rice fields, mountain, river and small water fall.

It is our adventure with ‘The Winner’

Composed by :

Reggy and Risa from XII J0V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Firstly we want to introduce ourselves. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

On the left side is Bakti, in the middle is Rey and on the left side is Ari. We took our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ to Mount Tangkuban Perahu .

It is located North Bandung, about 30 minutes from Bandung. Mount Tangkuban Prahu  is a part of West Java legend.

The mountain was formed when Sangkuriang got angry because the woman whom he loved refused to marry him.

Who was that woman? She was Sangkuriang’s mother, Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang kicked the boat down and the boat became a mountain.

Do you know what was written behind them? It means Natural Tourism Park, Mount Tangkuban Prahu, Bandung, West Java.

The visitors can reach the top of the mountain to craters. There are more than three craters here.

On the holiday or week end this place are crowded by tourists not only the tourists from local but also from foreign countries.

People who like hiking can reach the craters only 1and half hour from Lembang.

‘Kuda Lumping’. Rey and Ari took the picture in front of the main gate.

Bakti  is not in the picture because he took the picture.

We  have to buy tickets before entering the park The prize of the tickets is about 5 thousand rupiahs, or $. 0.45 each.

It is cheap enough, isn’t it?

Rey is on the left and Bakti is on the right. They were in the bank of  crater. ‘Kuda Lumping’ was with them.

Although this place can be reached on foot, if you like hiking, of course, it was the first time for ‘Kuda Lumping’ to go there.

Rey, Ari and ‘Kuda Lumpig’ were on the other side of craters.

Do you see the slope of the mountain behind them? We can go there on foot if it doesn’t rain.

Mount Tangkuban Prahu is an active volcano. When the situation is not safe, the Government gives warning so it is closed for a few days.

Bakti and ‘Kuda Lumping’ showed you the information board. Everything about this place can be read here.

It is an large area so we need more information in order not to be lost.

Rey and Ari with ‘Kuda Lumping’ wanted to tell everybody how beautiful this place is. The air is fresh and clean.

We went to this place after school and you can see we were still wearing our school uniform.

This is Ari with ‘Kuda Lumping’ behind him, you can see other visitors.

Not too many people were in the location because it was not on holiday or week end.

Composed by :

Ari, Bakti and Rey from XII J – V-09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Mojang – Jajaka competition

Hi, I am Mia, from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Last year, my friend and I sent our story with our flat ‘Prabu Kian Santang’ in Tea Plantation.

Remember?. Last month, Prabu was taken to the Mojang – Jajaka competition.  This is the story..

It was ‘Prabu’s first experience to lively watch a very fantastic exhibition, especially in Sundanese culture.

It was Mojang – Jajaka competition. Do you know what it is?

Mojang means young girls and Jajaka means young boys.

In this competition, they have to wear traditional cloth from West Java and

they have to answer a lot of questions about Sundanese culture.

And the language used is Regional language, Sundanese.

It was unforgettable moment that too exciting to be missed.

Prabu was very excited and the others were too. Even though we shouted and shouted to support our idol

who were on the stage, our voice were not caught on

There were too many supporters came to support their favorite contestant.

Do you see where Prabu is?  He was among them. They gave their best shot. I thought they’d do anything to make their contestant win

It was a little boring time when the contestants came back to the back stage.

My sister and her friends took picture with Prabu. My sister took Prabu to the event because she was one of the committee there..

You should know that my sister used to be a winner a few years ago.

This picture shows us that Mojang and Jajaka who became finalists years before. They are my sister’s friends.

Mojang – Jajaka exhibition is an annual event which is followed by young girls and boys who present their own region in West Java.

This event could be told as the reunion for them

Look! these boys were wearing traditional cloth from West Java. They are the Jajaka Finalists. There are two winners a boy and a girl.

They became partner until the next competition. They have to promote  Sundanese culture to Foreign Tourists.

Some times they travel abroad to introduce their culture.

Wow! Really beautiful, They are Mojang Finalists. Every body looks so nervous to wait the announcement.

Who becomes Mojang and Who becomes Jajaka. They came from the different places . The winners are not always from the same place.

Composed by :

Raden Mia,  XII H-V09, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Ma Ku poh Temple

Flat Stanley Visits Ma Ku poh Temple (xian jien Ku Poh)

This building is in Tanjungpura, Karawang. When I entered this place, I felt something different!!! Maybe because Ma Ku Poh Temple is an old buiding and has many stories connected to ancestors. This is its story..

Ma Ku Poh Temple was built in 1770 by ma ku Poh ash with three ancestors whom they were the spices entrepreneurs.

At first, they sailed from China to Indonesia. After they sailed for several times, they found the three mouths of river. They confussed!Which one did they have to choose and crossed ?finally, they prayed to ask to the God a quidance and they choosed the left one, but they failed and also in the right,they anchored for some days and try to pray again, the answer was same. Next, the three ancestors took the decision that they have to land, so they prayed with Ma Kupoh ash as the mediator and was answered! Althought it had been answered, they still had not been sure yet. So, they did the ceremony again for three times and successfully!! Finally, they landed at 1770 and made the shelter for Ma Kupoh ash that faced to west.

At 1800s, three ancestors met someone. He said that “Ma Kupoh located at dragon’s stomach, but it had to faced the sunrise”. Because of that person’s warning, they bulldozed that place for the first time and bulldozed again in 1863 until 1865.

As addition, in 1780s, it was ever been FLOOD and that building was Destroyed!! unfortunately, there were not inheritance left. There were peculiars that Ma Kupoh have ever been hit by the fire, but the goods which were burned were not look the scars like scorched left. A long time ago, if there were birds flew above that building, that birds would fall to the land, but they would not dead!!


Hallo, everybody. I am Welisha from X A, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I will tell you about ‘Kuda Lumping’  when he visited Arab. Last year, my parents went to Arab

for doing pilgrimage and they took ‘Kuda Lumping; with them. These below are the pictures of “Kuda Lumping’ with my parents.

This is my father. The picture was taken in the front yard of ‘Masjidil Haram’ in Mecca.

‘Masjidil Haram’ is the most famous Mosque in the world. Every year, million of Moslems come here to do pilgrimage.

This is my mom. ‘Kuda Lumping’ and my mom are in the other side of ‘Masjidil Haram. They looked very happy.

This picture was taken in front of Hilton Hotel. It is not far from ‘Masjidil Haram’

My mom and ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked very happy although they are tired after doing some ritual activities.

They stayed in Mecca for a few weeks.

Composed by :

Welisha from X A, SMAN 5 Bnadung, West Java, Indonesia

Making Mosaic from Corn Pelt



  • Corn Pelt

  • Dye as u want

  • Water


  1. Choose thick and wide corn pelt, so it will easy to form.

  2. Boiled corn pelt, water and dye together, until the color is absorbed in to the corn pelt.

  3. Prepare the surface which is you will stick at, coloring with water of color or oil paint as undercoat.

  4. Cut the corn pelt become small pieces, to make mosaic from it. After it, stick pieces into surface as you want.

We, student from B group of Petra 5 Christian Kindergarten started to color the surface. After that, we were stick small pieces of corn pelt on the surface.

We were showing our mosaic on the Flat Stanley doll. Now we have a new Flat Stanley.

Petra 5 Christian Kindergarten

Galaksi Klampis Utara 1-3

Phone 62-031-5936655

Surabaya- East Java


Making Pokak


Hi, friends………. We are the students of Petra 5 Christian Elementary School in Surabaya, East Java. We have some extracurricuars, one of them is Tiwisada which is usually called Little Doctor. Pokak is one of traditional drink of Surabaya besides Sinom and Beras Kencur. It has its benefit which can make warm our body. It is good to be drunk in cold weather or when we are in cold area. It is a fresh and natural drink. Also, it is easy to make. With Mr. Flat Stanley. Let’s see how make it……

Ingredients :

  • 1 ons palm sugar – 3 pieces of lemongrass

  • 2 spoons of sugar – 1 liter of water

  • 3 pieces of gingers – 1 piece of keningar

  • 2 pieces of pandanus – 10 pieces of cardamon

First,clean up gingers,pandanus, lemongrass, and cardamon

Second, peel the gingers and chop small pieces

Third, put all of the ingredients into boiled water

Fourth, add sugar

Thus the making of Pokak. It is easy, isn’t it ?

After making it, let’s taste

Mmmmmh…………… the drink is really fresh. This our story with Mr. Flat Stanley. Hopefully, by this column, you know the specialty drink of heroic city that is Surabaya and interested to make it.

Have a nice trying!

Felicia, Esterlita, Caroline, and Audrey

The 4th Year students
SD Kristen Petra 5

Making Bread

How To Make Bread

Healthy food are able to produce energy for human. The source of energy needed for human are bread, pasta and noodle. All concern to basic ingredients, wheat. Food which contains wheat, vitamin B complex and vitamin E, are good for skin and muscle.

I learn to make bread together with Mr. Flat Stanley and my friends of the fifth grade.

There are three brands of flour to make bread :

Cakra Kembar (high protein)

Special in making bread, pasta and noodle.

Segitiga Biru (medium protein)

For the ingredients of bread, biscuits and many kinds of cake.

Kunci Biru (low protein)

For the main ingredients of cake, biscuit and cookies.

The device to make bread :

  1. Mixer to stir all ingredients

  2. experiment table prossesing

  3. profing to flourish

  4. oven to burn

  5. weight scale impose the quantity

Ingredients :

1. Wheat flour 1.000 grams

2. Milk powder 50 grams

3. Baking powder 20 grams

4. Sugar 220 grams

5. Bread Improver 6 grams

6. Eggs 5 grains

7. Butter 200 grams

8. Salt 15 grams

9. Water 500 grams


  • Use the wheat flour with high protein (Cakra Kembar) minimum 12 %

  • Bread improver used for suplement or nutrition for baking powder, so it can maximally work on bread

  • Margarine is vegetable protein of fat and butter is animal protein of fat

  • Salt is used to control baking powder

The steps to make bread :

Put wheat flour, milk powder, baking powder, bread improver and eggs in the mixer.

  1. Mix with low speed.

  2. Add water bit by bit.

  3. After boiling, add margarine and salt.

  4. Mix until finely pounded or granulated.

  5. Leave for fermentation about 10 minutes until 1 hour

  6. Cut the batter 50 grams

  7. Make and fill the batter according to your taste

  8. Put them in the oven and burn until 2 hours

The bread are now ready to serve.






Lombok Island

Hi, Friends. My name is Ni Putu Nadia. Most people think I am from Bali but it is not.

I am from Lombok Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province. It’s capital is Mataram.

Lombok is near Bali. and it is rather the same width as Bali.

Although my family come from Mataram, Lombok, I study in SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Last month, when my Mom went to Lombok, She took ‘Kuda Lumpiong’ with her.

This is my Mom with ‘Kuda Lumping’. They have just arrived at Selaparang Air Port, Mataram.

They look very tired after a long trip from Bandung.

This picture was taken in front yard of my house in Mataram.

‘Kuda Lumping’ walked around my house and he looked very happy because it was the first time for him to go to Lombok.

Lombok is as exotic island as Bali. Most Foreign tourists go to Lombok now because Bali is crowded

‘Kuda Lumping’ and My Mom are in the city central of Mataram. Behind them, we can see Mataram Mall.

It is not crowded like Jakarta or Bandung so there is no traffic jam here.

This place is a city – park. It is called ‘Sangkareang’ Park. The park is not far from the mall

If you go to Lombok, don’t forget to visit the famous beach. It is Senggigi beach.

Senggigi beach is as beautiful as Kuta beach in Bali. Although the sun shines very hot, the scenery is very beautiful.

‘Kuda :Lumping’ and my mom are in the Narmada Park.

Narmada Park is not only a historical place but also a recreational place.

It was originally built as a ritual Balinese replica of Lake Segara Anakan on mount Rinjani.

Water of Narmada is believed can slow the aging.

‘Kuda Lumping’ and my mom are in the handicraft workshop. There are a lot of handicrafts can be bought as souvenir.

It is located in Bayon.

This picture was taken in Meru Temple. It is the religious building for Hindus.

I usually pray there with my family and friends. Near Meru Temple, there is Mayura Park.

From my house, we can walk to go there.

‘Kuda Lumping’ is with Mr. Hakim who works as guard – school of that building

. O …ya it is my school when I was in Junior High School. It is located near Sangkareang Park.

Composed by :

Ni Putu Nadia X A-V11, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Kuda Lumping Vacation

I am Yulmine a student of Five Senior High School Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I come from Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Sulawesi Island is far from Java. It takes two hours from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, by plane to Makasar, South Sulawesi. From there, it needs eight hours by bus. It is located in the north of Makasar. My parents live in Tana Toraja, while I  live in Bandung, West Java, with my cousins. Last holiday, Kuda Lumping and I visited my home town, Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja has a specific and unique funeral ceremony which is called Rambu Tuka’. It is a big party.  The picture shows us a traditional house from Tana Toraja which is called Tongkonan. In Tana Toraja, dead body is not buried, but it is put in Tongkonan for several times, even can be more than ten years until the family have enough money to held the ceremony. Unfortunately, when Kuda Lumping visited Tana Toraja, there is no ceremony so I can show you the picture of that big party.

After ceremony, the dead body is brought to the cave or to the wall of the mountain. the picture is taken in one of the caves in Londa. The skulls show us that the dead body is not buried but just put stone or ground, or put in the hole.

This is statue of an old man. It is dressed like man. When the cloth is old, it is worn the new one. Behind us, it is a souvenirs shop where you can buy everything specific from Tana Toraja. There are clothes, bags, wallets and other handicrafts

Flat and I are in the cave.  These are the skulls of young people who killed themselves because their parents didn’t allow them to get married. Why ? Because they were still family. It is a sad story from Tana Toraja. It makes Parents will be more careful to make decision for their children.

We are in the other side of the same cave,. There are a lot of skulls which tell us how many people are put there. The visitors can take the picture inside but sometimes the pictures show us nothing. Be careful with your camera!

To respect the dead body, the visitors put something near the dead body like, cigarettes, eyes glasses,  coins and many others. How lucky our flat can visit this place and take the picture clearly.

The picture is taken in the wall of the mountain. They are dolls which show us the figure of the body when they were alive. Here we can see how they were respected and honored before they died. The dolls are called Tau-tau in Torajan language. When there are ten dolls means ten dead bodies  are put there

This is the end of adventure of our flat. Do you join us? I’ll show you more interesting places in my home town Tana Toraja.

The white buffalo is  the symbol of  the nobleman. In the big funeral ceremony it is not easy to find the white buffalo because only rich family can contribute it. It costs seven times from the black buffalo.

Composed by : Yulmine Rian Rante Allo. The student of Five Senior High School, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Kuda Lumping Holiday

Hi, I am Denissa. The picture is taken in my classroom. In my left is Mrs. Ida, my English teacher and in my right is Mrs. Tati , my Indonesian teacher. And the handsome boy is my classmate, M. Hidayat. I’ll tell you about our travelling in the last holiday. I visited my parents who work for PT Freeport. in Papua (West Irian). While my friend, Hidayat visited his parents in East Kalimantan. Hidayat’s parents work for Oil Company there.

On  last Holiday, my sister and I visited my parents in Tembagapura, Papua and our flat Kuda Lumping  joined us. This picture is taken at Lupa Lelah Club. It is a famous restaurant in Tembagapura, especially for the visiters  Can you imagine how big the tire is, and our Flat and I are standing  in front of it.

Flat Kuda Lumping and me are standing in an original bridge in Hidden Valley, Tembagapura, Papua. Below us is a small river. Around us, you can see a beautifull landscape of Hidden Valley. The bridge is designed with traditional art. It is only found in Tembagapura. You find most foreigners here, because  PT Freeport employ a lot of foreigners.

Kuda Lumping and I are standing beside the Asmat traditional art. Asmat is one of etnics in Papua which is famous for its traditional craft. In the souvenir shops, you can buy the small ones as gifts from Papua. And behind us, there is a local hospital.

The man and the women are original people from Papua. We took the picture with my friend and our flat. The original people from Papua have different skin from other islands in my country. They have the black skin like African people. Although we are different in rase, we are one, as our national motto “Unity in Diversity”.

Flat Kuda lumping visited Monument Perjuangan on Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Balikpapan. East Kalimantan.This Monument has historical story especially for original people of Kalimantan. Because Perjuangan means struggling againsts enemies.   It is also the pride of us. Don’t forget to visit this monument if you go to Kalimantan.

Our Flat is in action in front of General Sudirman Monument. It is located opposite of Monument Perjuangan. Have you visit Balikpapan? Look, The street  is very clean and tidy. It is a symbol of our city, Balikpapan, Kota Beriman

This picture is taken from the other side of Monument Perjuangan. Our Flat is very happy  to visit my lovely  home town, Balikpapan. Spend your holiday here . O K.

Composed by Denissa Nathania K. and Muhammad Hidayat from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Kuda Lumping Cirebon


Hello … I’m Vella, a student of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I’m in 11th grade and I’m 17 years old. My hobby is traveling.

Last holiday, I visited my aunt in Cirebon, northern coast of West Java, and flat “Kuda Lumping” joined me.

This is the picture of traditional carriage which is rarely found nowadays, its names is “Kereta Kencana”. It is carried by a two horses.

We find it in the “Keraton Kecirebonan”, Kesultanan Palace in Cirebon. It is never used anymore but it’s showed to the visitors who visit the Palace

. If you go to Cirebon, don’t miss it! It is about 4 hours from Jakarta or from Bandung by car.

This is the ancient Javanese letters which is printed in the stone. Original people called it “Batu Tulis”. It was made 1808.

Only a few peoples understand the meaning of the words. But it’s the symbol of “Kesultanan Palace”.

This ancient Javanese letters are still found in the specific places in Java, not to be read but just the symbol of the ancient time.

It is another traditional carriage. It was pulled by a man. It names it “Kereta Paksi”. We can’t find it everywhere, because it belongs to Kesultanan Palace.

Can you see the ornaments? It is very unique, isn’t it? In this picture, we can see how happy “Kuda Lumping” rides this carriage.

This picture is the gate of Traffic Garden “Ade Irma Suryani”. Ade Irma Suryani is Jendral Nasution’s daughter, who was killed by communist.

Many recreation places for children named after her because she was killed when she was 5 years old.

“Kuda Lumping” and I are in the verandah of the Palace. When there is a meeting for the family of Kesultanan, it’s always held here.

The verandah is called “Prabayaksa” room.

“Kuda Lumping” is among traditional music instruments from Cirebon. Its name is “Genjring Santri”.

“Kuda Lumping” looks happily near the traditional sculpture. People called it “Wadasan” which means “the monkey’s forest”.

“Kuda Lumping” is riding a becak. It is traditional becak. It is different from becak in other region, not only the ornament but also the shape.

It is covered only when it rainy and sunny.

What do you think the people are doing? They are preparing performance in traditional music concert.

They are the dancers of “Sanggar Seni Sekar Pandan”.

The picture is taken from Traffic Garden “Ade Irma Suryani”. From here we can see the beautiful beach especially on sunset.

“Kuda Lumping” tries to learn how to play Gamelans. The people from Cirebon call them Gamelan Gengglong.

This is the report of “Kuda Lumping” traveling to Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

Composed by Vella Astria from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Kuda Lumping and Angklung

lat Kuda Lumping

and Angklung

We’re Corps Angklung Lima, an angklung ensemble from 5 Senior High School Bandung, West Java. We consists of about 30 students. Most of us are female students, but there are some male students also.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with Tyas, our trainer. She’s writing some notes on the large music score we use to practice.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping and an accompagnement, one king of angklung, consisting of tubes constructing a chord.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with Kang Rey inside our Angklung Room. He graduated from our school in 1985, and he often comes to our school to help with our team.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with our giant music score, titled Janger. We’re practicing this song for the upcoming angkulng festival.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with Icha, one of our member. They’re standing in front of our angklung room.


Flat Stanley in Karawang

Hello! My name is Sri Nurhilaliyah, class X.2, School in SMAN 1 Karawang. I live in Jatirasa Tengah, Karawang.

This picture is flat and me in rent house, I live in this place with my friends.

Now a days, we will go traveling to beautiful and interesting place in Karawang City.

This picture is flat and me in Karangpawitan field. This place often use for sport competition and band festival, etc.

This picture is flat and me in Islamic Centre. Usually this place for dormitory of meeting place

This picture is flat and me in Aljihad Mosque

This picture is flat and me in Parlement Building Kawarang

This picture is flat and me in ASKES Building

This picture is flat and me in GALUH MAS area

This picture is flat and me in RSUD Karawang (Domestic Public Hospital)

That the places where I have even visited in Karawang City.