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Flat Tyler

Special thanks to Shaun Kirby who created this wonderful newsletter for Tyler Kirby, and to Janice Kirby for submitting it.

Tyler Newsletter – Nov 2014





Tabby and Flat Stanley

Tabby and Stanley

I met Flat Stanley when I was in first grade. Instead of sending him away to a friend, he got to spend Spring Break with me and my family. When I met him we spent all 9 days of spring break together.



My Grand-daughter’s second-grade classroom in Jack, Alabama, is involved in the Flat Stanley Project.  This past week, Flat Stanley joined me at the Wisconsin Capitol to protest Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  I created a story about Flat Stanley’s experience, not to rally for my beliefs, but to talk about Democracy.   I hope that you enjoy […]

Flat Stanley Travels by Balloon and on the Wings of an Angel

Mr. Hubert,

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Debra Hurley from Maiden Elementary in Maiden, NC .

Our story began on Dec.18, 2010 when my husband came in from a “walk about” on our land and had found a Flat Stanley. He had no idea what it was all about but […]

Erica and Flat Stanley in Rome

My 9 year old daughter, Erica took the teacher’s assignment very seriously, and ended up having lots of fun in our trip to Rome in March/2009. She brought FS everywhere and learned a great deal about the Roman Empire.

Flat Stanley and the Magic Coin

The following is a story I wrote when my nephew Erik sent me a Flat Stanley a few years ago. My wife and I turned it into a book, and included an unusual-looking coin I’d picked up in my travels overseas. I’m sure most of the formatting will be lost here, but I hope you […]

A 7 Year Old to Become Prime Minister of Canada!

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this project has been for my grade two daughter. Her Flat Stanley went on a great (political) adventure. His travels included Jasper National Park, flying with the Snowbirds in MooseJaw, SK, and then on to Ottawa where he not only did some great sightseeing, […]

A Very Touching Note

Dear Mr. Hubert:

I have to tell you how sweet my little 10 year old Douglas is.  A couple of years ago, he was given the project of making Flat Stanley and sending him on his journeys.

Well, Douglas chose his great aunt Pam to be Stanley’s host although he didn’t see her very […]