September 2020
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Alejandra Enjoying Easter !!

In Easter I enjoyed so much.

First I went to the church with Pat (my godmother) to The sunday Palm Mass.

On Thursday I went to the mountains where we stayed till monday Easter.

We enjoyed running in the fields with the cows, making photos in the waterfalls, staying quiet seeing the sheeps and  how the dog try to put […]

Flat Stanley in Georgia

Hi, here are some pictures from Flat Stanley’s adventures in Georgia.  Today, Flat Stanley and I went to Stone Mountain GA where we saw the granite carvings of the Civil War Heros (General’s Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Grant, and Jefferson Davis).  After that we went to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in dawsonville GA.  […]

Flat Teacher

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Flat Stanley in Seatle Here are some pictures of Flat Stanley in front of the Space Needleand some orange modern art in Downtown Seattle from Roberta


Muhammad Ali

My son Bailey’s Flat Stanley is presently traveling with his Uncle Todd who lives in California.  Todd went on business to England, and on one of his flights ran into Muhammad Ali and they got their picture taken. How amazing is that?  I thought you might want to add the picture to your web […]

Flat Megan and the Skink

This is Megan with a skink at the Denver Zoo.  Megan is a student in Mrs. Flinn’s First Grade Class.

Flat Rachael

January 11, 2007

Dear Granddaughter, Flat Rachael:

We have been busy doing volunteer work at the Greater Detroit Chapter of Hadassah in West Bloomfield Michigan. It is cold here in Michigan and we had to wear our coats. But, we have had unseasonably warmer temperatures than […]

Flat Gracie

The Travels of Flat Gracie Flat Gracie at Madison Square Garden, New York Flat Gracie in Philadelphia Flat Gracie and friends on Amtrack in New Jersey Flat Gracie at the Louvre in Paris, France Flat Gracie by the River Seine […]

Flat Fairies

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Flat Don and Mary

I just read an article in the LA Times today, Oct. 15, 2006, about the creation, Flat Stanley.

It was so nice to hear about Stanley’s origination and adventures.

I though you might enjoy hearing about OUR adventure!

This past month, we had a different take on Flat Stanley.  Our friends, Don and Mary, had […]

Flat April

Flat April visited Canada


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Flat Family Project

The Flat Family Project is Dale Hubert’s variation on his Flat Stanley Project. It is very similar to the Flat Stanley Project and at this time still uses the same List of Participants and the same Picture Gallery and blogs. The difference is that instead of being restricted to a Stanley as the flat character, […]