From the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

Special thanks to Stacey hall and First Lady Ginger Beebe from the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for their continuing support.

First Lady Ginger Beebe with Secretary Madeleine Albright and Flat Stanley

Flat with his favorite weatherman, TODAY Show’s Al Roker

Flat Stanley and James Carville

Flat and country singer Tracy Byrd at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion

Flat Stanley, First Lady Ginger Beebe, and Mary Matalin

Flat Stanley at the Olympics

Sophie Mlodzik of Arkell, Ontario Canada sent me her Flat Stanley for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. I didn’t realize what a phenom he would be or how many friends we would make (because of his popularity!!). He has been seen in several places at the Olympics and even got to take part in the Opening Ceremonies!

Here he is with two of the torchbearers from the last day of the relay.  We met on our way to the Opening Ceremonies.

Vancouver is dressed up for the Olympics – there are Canadian Flags everywhere!

Flat Stanley was fitted for several opening ceremony costumes, including this one worn by the roller bladers.

Everyone was busy getting ready for the show, and so was Flat Stanley – here is is doing Yoga with Scott Price, one of the Audience Leaders.

Unfortunately, none of the performers could take cameras with them into the Stadium, but we all had a great time – Stanley included.  Here he is with some of the Audience leaders in costume…

After the Ceremony, Flat Stanley came with us to Ontario House to watch Bedouin Soundclash.  Can you spot him in the mosh pit?  They rocked!

Later that night, a lot of the cast met up, including Shayne Coyczan, the poet who wrote “We are more” for the Opening Ceremonies.

Check out his performance on YouTube

The next day, Flat Stanley helped out at the BC Victory Ceremony.  He spent the day drumming and dancing with the Gitxsan First Nation in BC Place.  The flag next to the Canadian Flag is the Gitxsan flag.  To learn more about the Gitxsan nation visit their website

At the ceremony, he got to check out the Olympic Rings – awesome!

Here is Flat Stanley with Jennifer Heill right after she was presented with Canada’s first medal of the Olympic Games!  Way to go Jennifer!

While at the Medal Ceremony, Flat Stanley met Senegal’s Olympic Athlete – Leyti Seck.  Go Senegal!

You may have noticed the Gold Medal Around Flat Stanley’s neck.  In a special private Ceremony, Flat Stanley was presented with the medal.  Here he is celebrating on the Podium.  Go Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley has met so many people on his trip to the Olympics.  Here he is with Premier Gordon Campbell of British Columbia.

Most of all, Flat Stanley has been meeting other families and kids. Like these ones who were at the Medal Ceremony.  Everyone seems to recognize him and everyone wants their picture with him.

Flat Stanley is still having a great time at the Olympics and we’ll try to send another Flat Stanley Olympic report soon!

White House Easter Egg Roll

“Captain McNeely” at the 2008 White House Easter Egg Roll
I performed at the 2008 Easter Egg Roll at the White House. I was there with the Disney Channel and Mickey Mouse. I brought Flat Stanley. He was sent by the North DeSoto Elementary School students in Stonewall, Louisiana.

Lester McNeely
(A.K.A. Captain McNeely)
Harmony, Florida

White House Visit

For years children have colored, cut out and mailed Flat Stanley to places around the world. Flat Stanley was created by Jeff Brown, who has served on the editorial staffs of several magazine publications. The White House has received thousands of Flat Stanley letters over the years, and this photo essay features one of Flat Stanley’s visit to the White House.

An early riser, Flat Stanley started his day at the White House by participating in a 7:15 a.m. meeting with Senior Advisor Karl Rove, left, and Communications Director Dan Bartlett, right.
After receiving top secret clearance, Flat Stanley was shown a report by White House Chief of Staff Andy Card.
Because he substituted for National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice at the Senior Staff meeting, Flat Stanley decided to visit her office to give her an update. Instead she reminded Stanley to tell all children to study and listen to their parents.
All of these meetings can make a flat tummy hungry. Flat Stanley stopped briefly at the White House Mess, where he enjoyed a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and juice.
Flat Stanley next joined a meeting with Senior Advisor Karl Rove and his directors. He received a briefing on the schools in his hometown of Chicago.
Flat Stanley then visited the office of Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Bolten, who asked Stanley about an important legislative issue.
Flat Stanley next visited the Press Briefing Room, where he helped White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer with the daily briefing. Ari appreciated Stanley’s media savvy.
“Where’s the Vice President?” Flat Stanley wondered as he made a stop at the Vice President’s Office, which is decorated with historical maps. Stanley learned the Vice President was in a meeting with his staff.
A visit to the White House would not be complete without a stop in the Oval Office. Flat Stanley joined Senior Advisor Karl Rove and others in the Oval Office.
President George W. Bush welcomed Flat Stanley to the Oval Office and asked him to say “hi” for him to all the school children when he returns to Chicago. The President told Stanley he wants young Americans to learn to read and pursue an education so they can fulfill their dreams.
After Flat Stanley’s visit with the President, members of the White House press corps wanted to interview him. Ron Fournier, an Associated Press reporter, asked Stanley some tough questions.
When Flat Stanley’s visit to the White House was over, Jackie Lawson, a White House staffer, packed him in an envelope and returned him to Chicago. What an adventure Flat Stanley had at the White House!

White House Visit

White House Visit

These pictures were taken for his granddaughter Hope and Lookout Mountain (TN) Elementary
by Mr. Frank Fowler

Flat Stanley and Hope’s Grandmother after a visit to The White House

Flat Stanley at The President’s Podium

Flat Stanley & Hope’s Grandmother with First Lady Laura Bush

Flat Stanley & Hope’s Grandmother with Ms. Olivia DeHavilland

Flat Stanley & Hope’s Grandmother with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Greenwood

Flat Stanley with Jim Billington, Librarian of Congress at an agreement signing with The Chinese Minister of Culture

Flat Stanley in an F-18

Congresswoman Lois Capps

Governor Jebb Bush loved meeting “Stanley” while on Christmas vacation in Boca Grande, Fl.

Miss McCurdy and Mr. Bennis’s Fourth grade class
Fawn Elementary School
Natrona Heights, Pa.
I included my niece Kimberly’s photo who is in their class.
Thank you,
Bonnie McGee
Boca Grande, Florida

Colin Powell Takes Stanley Travelling

Flat Stanley Goes to Washington — And Beyond

As are all of Stanley’s trips, this one was quite an adventure!  This time, Stanley flew aboard Air Force One, when he went with Secretary Powell as he traveled with President Bush to Mexico, Peru, and El Salvador.  Ben Greiner, from the Harbor Day School in Corona del Mar, California, started Flat Stanley on this journey when he sent him to Secretary Powell in March 2002.

When Stanley first arrived in Washington, he barely had time to get ready for the trip (good thing he travels light!) because he was in meetings on Monday with the Dutch Foreign Minister, Jozias van Aartsen, and Carla Del Ponte, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.  The next day, he attended a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Estonia, Kristina Ojuland.   Then on Thursday morning, they went out to Andrews Air Force Base to board Air Force One for the start of the trip.  The first stop was El Paso, Texas.

In El Paso, Stanley listened to the President’s speech about making our borders secure against terrorists, but open to those who come to the United States to visit, go to school, or do business.    Then it was off to Mexico, where the Secretary and the President met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien in Monterrey, Mexico to talk about border security and trade issues.  On Friday, Stanley went to a UN conference and heard the President’s speech about how to help developing countries become more prosperous.  Stanley also got to meet King Abdullah of Jordan while he was there.  Secretary Powell and King Abdullah talked about the problems in the Middle East and how the initiative of Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia might help to solve them.

From Mexico, Stanley went with the Secretary and the President to Peru.  He had an awesome view of the Pacific Coast from Air Force One as they flew into Lima, the capital of Peru.  While they were in Peru, the President met with Peru’s President, Alejandro Toledo and other Andean nation leaders about U.S.-supported anti-drug efforts in the region. Stanley had a great time that night at a State dinner hosted by President Toledo.

Then President Bush and the Secretary went to El Salvador to meet with President Francisco Flores to talk about trade and migration and the U.S. commitment to Central America, and to talk with other Central American leaders.  When they landed at the airport in Comalpa in El Salvador, Stanley noticed how hot the weather was and how flat it was around the airport.  But then they traveled up to the city of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, and it was much cooler, because the capital is at a higher elevation.  Stanley got to ride in a helicopter while he was there, and even though he could hardly hear himself think and he had to shout before anyone could hear him, he had great time seeing the countryside and the volcanic mountains outside the city. He wanted to ride around for hours, but he was kind of glad when they safely landed and made their way back to the hotel without him getting blown away by the wind from the helicopter’s rotors!

Stanley was very tired by the time they boarded Air Force One to fly back to Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday.  When someone told him that by the time they got back to Washington they would have traveled nearly 9,200 miles, he felt even more tired — 9,200 miles  in four days! He barely kept his eyes open long enough to meet some more of the really great people who travel with the President, and then he settled back into his seat and drifted off to sleep, wondering where his next adventure would take him and how many miles he would travel on that trip.  He loved riding on Air Force One, meeting all of the great people who travel with the President, and meeting Presidents and Kings and Prime Ministers, but he kind of hoped the next trip wouldn’t be quite so hectic!

Find out more about Flat Stanley and his adventures by visiting the Flat Stanley Project page at!

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Two Senators, Two Powells and an Old Flat Friend

Islamabad, Pakistan
March 17, 2004

Secretary Powell ran into his old friend Flat Stanley, who was traveling this time with a Congressional Delegation on their trip to South Asia. In Islamabad on March 17th, this photo is, from L to R: South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings, Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, Flat Stanley, Secretary Powell and U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Nancy Powell. Stanley looks a little underdressed for the dinner they were attending, but looks like he’s having a good time. [Photo by Craig Kelly]

President Bush’s Inauguration

Dear Sir,

I learned about Stanley while subbing in a small Iowa school. A teacher across the hall needed someone out of state to send a Stanley to. I offered my sister in San Antonio. Ever since my return to teaching full time,
I have read Stanley with my students. They send their Stanley on vacation to one of their relatives as far from home as possible.

Often in a small town, some of the students have no one outside the immediate area, and my siblings (scattered around the US and in the military) have always helped them out. Our most interesting photos came back this month when my brother and sister-in-law took Stanley with them the “Commander In Chief’s Inaugural Ball. He took photos of Stanley in the presence of the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States. This was indeed a special treat for our students.

Every year, my third graders eagerly embrace the Flat Stanley project and learn more about the world. Inaugural Stanley was in Australia the week before the inauguration, and is going to Czechoslovakia in a month. We should have sent his passport when he left for Alexandria, VA, but had no idea how far he would go.

I have attached pictures of Stanley with the Bushes


Lisa Vander Lugt

Prime Minister Martin and FS in the Globe and Mail


Flat Mark has the next prime minister’s ear

Grade 4 students asked Martin to show their doll what’s involved in being PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2003 – Page A3

OTTAWA — Flat Mark is a construction-paper doll about 14 inches tall, sporting Beatle bangs and a brown shirt and turquoise pants with an orange belt and buckle inscribed with his name.

And since mid-November this rather bizarre little character has had the kind of access to Paul Martin that reporters and lobbyists can only dream of.
Flat Mark has attended top-level transition meetings, met with Mr. Martin’s chief of staff Tim Murphy and principal secretary Francis Fox, toured Rideau Hall and even sat in on last week’s tête-à-tête between Mr. Martin and Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson. Not bad for a Grade 4 civics project.
On Friday, Flat Mark will be at Rideau Hall again, this time to watch his new buddy sworn in as the 21st prime minister. That’s where Flat Mark’s brush with political power ends. After that he will be stuck in a manila envelope and mailed back to his home — Room 205 at Fenside Public School in Toronto.
Included in the envelope, however, will be a very detailed account — with pictures — of Flat Mark’s political adventures over the past month. It was put together by Mr. Martin’s executive assistant, Jim Pimblett, who has grown close to the special doll.
Flat Mark is a civics and literacy project — the creation of Karlo Cabrera’s Grade 4 pupils at Fenside. The nine-year-old pupils cut out, pasted and coloured the doll, and named him Flat Mark. Then they wrote to Mr. Martin, asking him to allow Flat Mark to visit, and to show him what is involved in being prime minister. We are sending Flat Mark to the next prime minister of Canada,” some of Mr. Cabrera’s students wrote in their letter to Mr. Martin. “He will visit you and see the different things you do.”
They told him that in addition to the 27 pupils in their classroom, there is “one fish and one really big snake puppet that we call Sammy the Snake.” In their letter they advised Mr. Martin to put a bandage on Flat Mark if he falls or gets ripped — “because he is a piece of paper.” “If Flat Mark gets hungry, there is a sandwich with him along with a can of soda. Maybe, when it’s time to go to sleep, you may want to make him comfortable by putting him on a bad [sic]. Please take care of him and please send him back in the envelope.”
The project captured the imagination of Mr. Martin and his staff, who have taken Flat Mark through the transition process. Flat Mark even went to the Liberal fundraising dinner in Toronto last night.
For Mr. Cabrera, 26, who is a political junkie and had followed the Liberal leadership, this is a dream come true — so much more than he expected when he embarked on the project to teach his students about letter writing and about politics.
“That is fabulous,” said Mr. Cabrera, when he heard the Martin team had adopted Flat Mark. “This is neat!”
He had hoped that Mr. Martin would pose with Flat Mark, and perhaps write a note to the pupils. He wanted this to lead to a discussion about the duties of the prime minister and who he is. And for Mr. Martin and his staff, the Flat Mark project has provided some levity amid the gruelling pace of the transition. “For Flat Mark this isn’t just a civics lesson,” said Martin spokesman Scott Reid. “He has become very good friends with all the people around the incoming prime minister.
“He’s become an intern. . . . He’s up early and he’s working late and he actually is more talented than a lot of the three-dimensional people that we work with.”
Flat Mark was inspired by Flat Stanley, the protagonist of the children’s book of the same name by U.S. author Jeff Brown.
Flat Stanley is a plucky boy who was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him while he was sleeping.
As a flat boy he can do things that other boys cannot, such as slide under doors or fly like a kite. To save on the expense of travel, Flat Stanley was put in an envelope and mailed to California.
But the Flat Stanley story became much more as teachers and school children mimicked the story by sending Flat Stanleys around the world as part of teaching exercises. U.S. President George W. Bush has posed with a Flat Stanley, who had spent a day at the White House after receiving security clearance.
Secretary of State Colin Powell has been photographed with one; Flat Stanley has even been on an episode of the West Wing. And on Friday, Mr. Cabrera’s Grade 4 class will be watching on television as the new prime minister is sworn in at Rideau Hall, perhaps even catching a glimpse of Flat Mark.

Being with the Prime Minister can be risky!

Prime Minister Martin’s Site with Flat Stanley

The Prime Minister of Canada


My day begins at 9 a.m., when I first arrive at the office of the Honourable Paul Martin. I’m excited but a little nervous to meet the future prime minister. Judging by the hubbub, it looks like the day is well underway by the time I arrive.

Paul Martin’s special assistant, Jim Pimblett, talks with his co-workers on the phone and checks over a document, while I get to work reading dozens of email messages. I’ve already checked his day planner, which is packed – and it’s only 9:30 a.m. I think it’s going to be a long day. I hope he has time to pencil in a break!

Paul Martin starts out his morning by reading the newspaper in the comfy chair in his office. (I lost count of the number of stories with his name in them.) He told me his favourite section was the national coverage, but he did get quite a chuckle from the For Better or For Worse comic strip.

Here, I am helping out special assistant Mireille Bonnerot in Paul Martin’s Parliament Hill Office. From the early morning on, it’s non-stop action. Phones ring off the hook, members of Parliament and their staff drop by to ask for information, and countless other tasks fill the day. Behind me, you can see that the walls are covered in funny editorial cartoons from newspapers that Mr. Martin framed.

“Testing, testing, one, two, three.” Minutes before Paul Martin addresses the national media at a press conference in the National Press Theatre in Ottawa, I’m seen here testing out the microphone to make sure Mr. Martin will be heard loud and clear.  At the morning press conference, reporters asked Mr. Martin all sorts of questions about his future plans and policies as Prime Minister.

Here, I take a front-row, centre seat in the National Press Theatre before reporters flood the room. During the event, Paul Martin sits before reporters and cameras, and it’s media free-for-all. Shouting out questions at the same time in both French and English, reporters are randomly pointed at by Mr. Martin to indicate it’s their turn for a response. Mr. Martin is barely finished answering their question before it starts all over again. All the while, reporters furiously scribble down notes and then rush back to their newsrooms to file the day’s stories. (I prefer the method in our classroom where we raise our hands before asking a question!)

In this photo, Paul Martin and I had just finished eating lunch. I enjoyed my sandwich and soda and used my money to buy a cookie from the Parliament cafeteria. Mr. Martin had a healthy lunch consisting of soup, sandwich, juice and coffee.

Paul Martin and I get up to stretch our legs after spending hours in a meeting. Mr. Martin and his team of advisors have only weeks to prepare to take over the Prime Minister’s Office, but they seem to be on the ball with setting it up.  On Dec. 12, Mr. Martin will be sworn-in as the 21st prime minister of Canada.

The first senior appointments in the Prime Minister’s Office were Principal Secretary Francis Fox and Chief of Staff Tim Murphy, shown here from left to right with Paul Martin. These advisors have a lot of experience with politics – both have been elected to public office – and will work closely with Mr. Martin to oversee the office and make policy.

Mike Robinson, left, and Arthur Kroeger, right, are just two of the amazing people who are helping to set-up the future Prime Minister’s Office. Here, they are seen making some revisions to a document. They took time to explain to me that Parliamentarians debate issues in the House of Commons and then vote to make them law. To find out more visit

Here I get a firm handshake from David Herle, who is also helping out with the campaign. He’s been Paul Martin’s friend for a long time.

Paul Martin, his special assistant Jim Pimblett and I take the stairs to his office in the Confederation building on Parliament Hill. This is one of the buildings where many members of Parliament from across the country do their work in Ottawa. The MP representing our school’s riding (Don Valley East) is David Collenette, and his office is just across the Hill in a building called East Block. MPs also have a constituency office in their riding.

Here, I’m seen posing with a RCMP officer who is responsible for protecting Paul Martin. The role of Prime Minister is very important, and this officer was hired to take care of any of his security issues.

Paul and I pose on the couch at Rideau Hall. This is the home of Canada’s Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. The Governor General is the Queen of England’s representative in Canada. While her role is often highly symbolic, she plays a big part in the representing and promoting Canada and paying tribute to Canadians who have made a positive difference. This day, she met with Mr. Martin to officially call on him to become the next prime minister. During their discussion, I got a tour of her official residence. Tours of Rideau Hall are ongoing, so next time you’re in Ottawa you can also visit One Sussex Drive.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty and Minister of Education Gerrard Kennedy

The Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Education

Submitted by Dale Hubert

On August 31 Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty and Minister of Education Gerrard Kennedy visited Wilfrid Jury Public School in London, Ontario to make some funding announcements.  Dale Hubert, the creator of the Flat Stanley Project, is a teacher at Wilfrid Jury School so there was a Flat Stanley nearby for a photo opportunity.  Gerrard Kennedy took Flat Stanley with him and we are looking forward to reading his journal.

It was a big deal, with lots of media coverage.

Some of the custodians even dressed up for the event.  (But not all of them)

Senator Joseph Lieberman

Senator Joseph Lieberman

Flat  Stanley shook hands with Senator Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut) and his wife as they were walking into the British Embassy to see Queen Elizabeth II of England.  The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh came to Washington, DC for an official two-day visit.  Senator Lieberman enjoyed afternoon tea with the Queen.
contributed by Anne Modest

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

Flat Stanley visited the California Capitol of Sacramento and spent an entire floor session of the Assembly with Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal on Thursday, 2/26/09.

Niki Tennant

District Director

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

54th Assembly District

State of California

Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

The Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

(Click here to view the First Lady’s Flat Stanley Partnership with the Clinton School)

(Click here to visit the First Lady’s site)

The first picture is of the Governor and First Lady with some of the Clinton School grads holding their Flat Stanleys.

The second picture is of the half Flat Stanley and half Gingerbread man Christmas tree at the Governor’s Mansion.

Text and images kindly provided by Stacey Stark,
Deputy Spokesperson
Office of Governor Mike Beebe

Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

Flat Stanley Visiting the First Female Governor of Louisiana,

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

December 27, 2007

Dear Joshua,

Thank you so much for sending me to visit your Aunt Laurlie in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am having a very exciting time in her fast paced world of disaster recovery. I have learned so much in the short time I have been here in Louisiana’s capital. Your aunt works for the Disaster Recovery Unity (DRU) for the state. She is responsible for reporting on the work done by the state to assist Louisianans in rebuilding their homes and businesses.

The homes and businesses were wiped out during hurricanes Katrina and Rita which occurred in 2005, when you were only 5 years old. Louisiana lost 250,000 people to other states as a result of these storms. Population estimates released by the Census Bureau today show Louisiana gained nearly 50,000 people from July 1, 2006, to July 1, 2007, for a total population of 4.3 million. One million has 6 zeros, so Louisiana has a population of 4,300,000! Where did all of these people go when they left Louisiana….. to the great state of Texas! This can be seen in Texas’s total population gain after the hurricanes. Texas gained more people than any other state: Its 2006-2007 increase of almost 500,000 was ahead of runner-up California, which added slightly more than 300,000 people.

If you thought one million was a large number, let me tell you about one billion. One billion has 9 zeros: 1,000,000,000. Aunt Laurlie’s organization, the DRU, is responsible for giving out over $5 billion so far in grant money to help people rebuild their homes. Over 80,000 Louisiana homeowners have been helped.

The person responsible for leading Louisiana during and after these storms is the state’s first female governor, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. I am sorry I missed you at Christmas. Aunt Laurlie said you asked about me, but I was spending Christmas with the Governor. Please see our picture. She was very nice to have me over. I would like to add her picture to my website. Aunt Laurlie can send you the electronic version so your teacher can pass it to the people maintaining I will try to catch up with you at Easter.

Your Friend,

Flat Stanley