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Flat Stanley and President Obama

Flat Stanley is the perfect listener to state secrets – he’ll never talk!

Flat Stanley with Premier Of Bermuda

This is a Flat Stanley my son, Charles, sent to his cousin Premier Dr. Ewart Brown, M.P.

Thank You Chuck Juice,

From the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

Special thanks to Stacey hall and First Lady Ginger Beebe from the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for their continuing support.

First Lady Ginger Beebe with Secretary Madeleine Albright and Flat Stanley

Flat with his favorite weatherman, TODAY Show’s Al Roker

Flat Stanley and James Carville

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Flat Stanley at the Olympics

Sophie Mlodzik of Arkell, Ontario Canada sent me her Flat Stanley for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. I didn’t realize what a phenom he would be or how many friends we would make (because of his popularity!!). He has been seen in several places at the Olympics and even got to take part in the Opening […]

Sarah Palin

White House Easter Egg Roll

“Captain McNeely” at the 2008 White House Easter Egg Roll I performed at the 2008 Easter Egg Roll at the White House. I was there with the Disney Channel and Mickey Mouse. I brought Flat Stanley. He was sent by the North DeSoto Elementary School students in Stonewall, Louisiana.

Lester McNeely (A.K.A. Captain McNeely) […]

White House Visit

“For years children have colored, cut out and mailed Flat Stanley to places around the world. Flat Stanley was created by Jeff Brown, who has served on the editorial staffs of several magazine publications. The White House has received thousands of Flat Stanley letters over the years, and this photo essay features one of Flat […]

White House Visit

White House Visit

These pictures were taken for his granddaughter Hope and Lookout Mountain (TN) Elementary by Mr. Frank Fowler

Flat Stanley and Hope’s Grandmother after a visit to The White House

Flat Stanley at The President’s Podium

Flat Stanley & Hope’s Grandmother with First Lady Laura Bush

Flat Stanley & […]

Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen

Here’s a photo taken for a child in Gainesville, Florida.  Flat Stanley is with Phil Bredesen, the 48th Governor of Tennessee. Sandy Fletcher Assistant to the Governor/Personnel Officer Office of the Governor State of Tennessee

Governor of New York, George Pataki

Here’s Stanley with the New York State governor, George Pataki March 15, 2004 Maria’s Flat Stanley flew to New York City and back with NY State Governor George Pataki. Submitted by: David Huggins Tesago Elementary School Clifton Park, NY […]

Governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey

Dear Mr. Hubert:

I am sending you a photograph of Flat Stanley with Gov. Jim McGreevey, Gov. of New Jersey, taken at the New Jersey Education Association Convention at Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 7, 2002. Angela Rivera

Congresswoman Lois Capps

Governor Jebb Bush loved meeting “Stanley” while on Christmas vacation in Boca Grande, Fl. Miss McCurdy and Mr. Bennis’s Fourth grade class Fawn Elementary School Natrona Heights, Pa. I included my niece Kimberly’s photo who is in their class. Thank you, Bonnie McGee Boca Grande, Florida


Colin Powell Takes Stanley Travelling

Flat Stanley Goes to Washington — And Beyond As are all of Stanley’s trips, this one was quite an adventure!  This time, Stanley flew aboard Air Force One, when he went with Secretary Powell as he traveled with President Bush to Mexico, Peru, and El Salvador.  Ben Greiner, from the Harbor Day School in Corona del […]

President Bush’s Inauguration

Dear Sir,

I learned about Stanley while subbing in a small Iowa school. A teacher across the hall needed someone out of state to send a Stanley to. I offered my sister in San Antonio. Ever since my return to teaching full time, I have read Stanley with my students. They send their Stanley on […]

President Bush with Flat Stanley

President and Mrs. Clinton

Stanley Meets the President of the USA

Stanley with President and Mrs. Clinton and Hershel Gober, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Prime Minister Martin and FS in the Globe and Mail

Flat Mark has the next prime minister’s ear Grade 4 students asked Martin to show their doll what’s involved in being PM

By JANE TABER Wednesday, December 10, 2003 – Page A3

OTTAWA — Flat Mark is a construction-paper doll about 14 inches tall, sporting Beatle bangs and a brown shirt and turquoise pants with […]

Prime Minister Martin’s Site with Flat Stanley

The Prime Minister of Canada


My day begins at 9 a.m., when I first arrive at the office of the Honourable Paul Martin. I’m excited but a little nervous to meet the future prime minister. Judging by the hubbub, it looks like the day is well underway by the time […]

Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty and Minister of Education Gerrard Kennedy

The Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Education Submitted by Dale Hubert

On August 31 Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty and Minister of Education Gerrard Kennedy visited Wilfrid Jury Public School in London, Ontario to make some funding announcements.  Dale Hubert, the creator of the Flat Stanley Project, is a teacher […]

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg

Minister of the Environment, Indonesia

Indonesian Minister of the Environment, Mr. Rachmat Witoelar , holding Flat Asep.

He is between Mr. Dada Rosada (left) and Mr. Cucu Saputra (right).

Vera, who is one of the Flat Asep team, is on the right side.


Senator Joseph Lieberman

Senator Joseph Lieberman

Flat  Stanley shook hands with Senator Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut) and his wife as they were walking into the British Embassy to see Queen Elizabeth II of England.  The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh came to Washington, DC for an official two-day visit.  Senator Lieberman enjoyed afternoon […]

Member of Parliament for Churchill Manitoba

Here is Flat Katie with the Member of Parliament for Churchill Manitoba (Tina Keeper ) and with Waneek Horn-Miller.  All three are enjoying the opening ceremonies of the Manitoba Indigenous Games in Thompson, Manitoba (July 2007)

Attorney General, Thurbert Baker for the State of Georgia

Fabian’s Flat Stanley Met a Celebrity and an Attorney General Emmanuel Lewis who played Webster on TV with Tonette Eaves Attorney General, Thurbert Baker for the State of Georgia and Tonette Eaves


Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

Flat Stanley visited the California Capitol of Sacramento and spent an entire floor session of the Assembly with Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal on Thursday, 2/26/09.

Niki Tennant

District Director

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal

54th Assembly District

State […]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

The Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

(Click here to view the First Lady’s Flat Stanley Partnership with the Clinton School)

(Click here to visit the First Lady’s site)

The first picture is of the Governor and First Lady with some of the Clinton School grads holding their Flat […]

Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

Flat Stanley Visiting the First Female Governor of Louisiana,

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

December 27, 2007

Dear Joshua,

Thank you so much for sending me to visit […]

George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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