Tabby and Flat Stanley

"Love at Last"
Tabby and Stanley

I met Flat Stanley when I was in first grade. Instead of sending him away to a friend, he got to spend Spring Break with me and my family. When I met him we spent all 9 days of spring break together.

Flat Stanley meets a few celebrities

Flat Stanley left Indialantic, FL to explore California.  He met up with his friend Violette who showed him around.  He was able to sit courtside at the Laker game.  He then was able to head over to the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach where he met Christian Slater and Jesse McCartney.  Stanley says he’s headed to the San Diego next to meet some baby pandas.

Tracy Family

A Day In The Life Of Flat Stanley

My husband & children worked on this as a fun, family project today. It’s a scene from A Day In The Life Of Flat Stanley.
This is his room, which features his bed, a nightstand, his dog, his toybox, his skateboard, a throw rug & of course, the infamous bullentin board that ulitmately started the whole thing! 😉
Project By The Tracy Family 2009
U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Oceanside, California

San Francisco Bay with Dave

San Francisco Bay Area

For this visit Flat Stanley travleled 121 miles one way, 242 round trip, to visit the Federico family in the Bay Area, We spent the day skating, listening to music, eating & surfing the net. His trip here was enlightening as he got to visit Silicon Valley, home of high tech! Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, United States. The term originally referred to the region’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all the high-tech businesses in the area; We had a great time today with Flat Stanley.  Thank you Olivia for all the good memories, and Flat Stanley thank you to!
(Dave, Tabatha, Jordan, Liliana & Genevieve)

LA with Elise Tompson from the LAist

Flat Stanley Works the Red Carpet
March 30, 2008

All photos and comments by Elise Thompson for LAist (used with permission) Thanks!

Flat Stanley makes a splash on the red carpet
Flat Stanley makes a splash on the red carpet

Look out, Julia Roberts! Pretty Flat Stanley is here!"
Look out, Julia Roberts! Pretty Flat Stanley is here!”

Louis Gossett Jr. will always be a screaming drill sergeant in my mind
Louis Gossett Jr. will always be a screaming drill sergeant in my mind

Rising star Eduardo Verastequi
Rising star Eduardo Verastequi

Buzz Aldrin. Buzz punched out a guy awhile back for saying the moon landing was a fake - quien es mas macho?
Buzz Aldrin. Buzz punched out a guy awhile back for saying the moon landing was a fake

Hanging with Stephen Baldwin, my favorite smirking reality star. You're holding me a little tight there, Stephen? Stephen???
Hanging with Stephen Baldwin, my favorite smirking reality star. You’re holding me a little tight there, Stephen? Stephen???

Everybody in my class back on Vancouver Island loves Johnny Depp. My feet almost fit in his footprints. Almost.
Everybody in my class back on Vancouver Island loves Johnny Depp. My feet almost fit in his footprints. Almost.

Woaaahhhh Hey! Let me down! This isn't funny!

Woaaahhhh Hey! Let me down! This isn’t funny!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Here are some photos of a trip we took to oversee the Golden Gate bridge.  I thought that would be an iconic image of San Francisco.  We had to cross over the bridge itself from the city and climb up the mountains along a swing back road to the peak opposite the bridge.  It used to be the sight of a World War II gun installation and you can still climb around on the old bunkers.  You can see the city in the distance.  These are photos of me and Justin's other cousin, Chris Honde.  I am sending the picture Justin drew over to Japan to other cousins, to a friend in Brazil and to my home in the UK where some friends of mine are who are willing to take a photo in my absence.
Ann Rousselle

California- Sacramento and the Capital

Capital building in Sacramento, California

Flat Stanley went on a field trip with Dewey Fundamental School’s 4th grade class.   They went to visit the capital building in Sacramento. First students showed Stanley what California looks like on the map.  . For lunch Stanley had a picnic in the beautiful lawns of the capital.  The squirrels thought he was pretty interesting (especially when he had a pile of chips in front of him!).
Thanks for looking!
Tammi Schmorleitz

California- Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Flat Stanley’s Adventure To California and Las Vegas

Flat Stanley came from a first grade class in Michigan. He began his adventure in Los Angeles, California.
First he went to the “Queen Mary” in Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary originally came from Europe after World War II. It docked in New York. My fathers best friend Sid Silverman was on that ship when it came into America. Later they brought it to Long Beach for people to view it! They also say there are Ghosts & Legends on the Queen Mary. Those have been the stories.
The next day, Flat Stanley wanted to do some surfing. He met some friends in Manhattan Beach where he surfed all day! Surf’s Up! Of course you have to watch for sharks in the ocean.
Then Flat Stanley was invited to fly to Las Vegas. He had never flown a plane before!
It was a great experience for him. The crew on Southwest Airlines was so nice to him.
Flat Stanley couldn’t wait to go to see the “Famous White Tigers” at the “Secret Gardens” at the Mirage Hotel. This is where “Seigfried & Roy” who are known as the famous Magicians in Las Vegas for having the White Tigers in their act to disappear. Most of all they are heroes to the animal kingdom for helping save the White Tigers from becoming extinct. It is the most fascinating place in Las Vegas, “The Secret Garden” to visit. They also have White Lions, Panthers, Leopards, an Elephant, Dolphins and many other wonderful animals to see. Flat Stanley got a real treat, he got to swim with the Dolphins and see a show they put on.
He went back to the hotel to relax and order some room service. Since he was on vacation.
The next day he went back to Los Angeles to see some other sites.
He went to Hollywood to see the famous “Graumann’s Chinese Theatre”. He got to meet Spiderman and Superman. Stanley walked on the stars and saw Mickey Mouse’s star along with Donald Duck’s footprints. When you become really famous in Hollywood the city puts your name on a star and or your hands and footprints in front of the Chinese Theatre. The Stars go all the way up and down Hollywood Blvd. People come from all over the world to see it.
After Stanley saw Hollywood he went to Beverly Hills one of the richest streets to shop in America, Rodeo Drive.
But Stanley couldn’t wait to get back to the beach and hang out. He met some friends and did some rollerblading and skateboarding. Stanley went to Venice Beach where a lot of movies are filmed there. He couldn’t believe all the activities that went on there. People where playing instruments and singing on the boardwalk. There were guys and girls working out at the famous Venice Beach outdoor gym. Kids and families riding their bikes and playing basketball. Stanley just had a time of his life.
Then Stanley had to get down to business. He decided since he was here in Hollywood, he would check out the scene in the music business. He met a famous singer, songwriter Benny Mardones who is famous for a song that topped the charts twice in one decade. It’s called “Into the Night”. Benny invited Flat Stanley to Tony Smith’s studio “Main Street” to cut a CD.
First, Flat Stanley decided he wanted to go get his hair highlighted and cut. Just to give him a little different look for the CD cover. Since he was going in to do some Rock and Roll soft music type sound…he wanted to have fun and change his look. So he went in to see Susan Antonishek at the Hair Mechanixs. And off to the studio to record with Benny Mardones and Producer Dave.
The CD sounds great and what a great experience.
Flat Stanley had a lot of fun in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I’m not sure who had more fun… Flat Stanley or me taking him everywhere to show him around and introduce him to people all over the place. Flat Stanley himself may end up getting a star put in front of the “Famous Graumann’s Theatre”. He is becoming more famous every day.
Thank you to the first grade class for sending me Flat Stanley. It is a wonderful way for kids and adults to come together from all over the world to learn about each culture. And may this help bring peace and love all over the world some how, some way, some day.
A special thanks to you Dale for your time and love to put this site up, for the world to come together to share and learn through one another.
Many thanks again,
Susan Antonishek