September 2020
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Shanghai, China Thought I would forward these pictures to you of Flat Stanley that I took while traveling China. I took these picture last week for my niece Megan in Boston while on a business trip, most of which were taken in Shanghai. Tim

Flat Stanley at the Shanghai convention center


University in Beijing

Flat Stanley Visits China

To Mrs. Matson’s Second Grade Class, Flat Stanley finally arrived in Beijing, China safely. He took a tour of Beijing’s finest Universities this afternoon! 1) Tsinghua University Visit: Flat Stanley first visited Tsinghua University which is the best engineering and business school in China. Many say that Tsinghua University is the MIT […]


China Hi Dr Hubert. A co-worker asked me to take his nephew’s “Stanley” with me when I went to China last winter.  Attached are two pictures of Stanley experiencing a cold Sunday morning on the Great Wall, and Tiananmen Square.   We were alone on the Wall, but got a lot of strange looks from passers-by […]

Guandong Province

Flat Stanley in China with Vernon Erickson of Gateway Engineering Recently Stanley flew to China.  It takes a long time to fly to China.  From South Dakota he flew to Chicago.  From Chicago he flew to Hong Kong and then to get to his destination in China he rode a bus which took him through Hong […]

Great Wall

Stanley Climbs the Great Wall of China As a backgrounder,Tatiana Cho Bautista, our granddaughter from New York, sent Flat Stanley to us as a school project. We brought him to China on a tour and was adopted by our tour group as our mascot. BTW, my wife Emy,69 years old and I, Jose,72 years old […]

Fujian Tulou

Fujian Tulou Homes in China

Here’s an email from our Uncle Mike who works in China.  My daughter Madison drew a flat “Angelina” picture for her project.

Madison The factory that I was at Monday had a power shortage and that gave me the afternoon off. The factory translator and driver took me to see […]