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Guy Fieri from the Food Network

This was taken AUG 28 BWI (Balt MD) on United non stop to San Francisco.

Guy was reluctant, he’d never heard of the Flat Stanley Project.

Our flight attendant jumped at the opportunity!

Flat Stanley with Bill Maher, Corey Booker and Eva Longoria

Flat Stanley with Bill Maher, Corey Booker and Eva Longoria. I took this pic for my friends son in Brewerton NY

Mark in L.A.

More from the Grannies on Safari in Mongolia

Here is the Mongolian school the Grannies visited and donated the iPod touch as a gift from Flatter World Inc.

The Grannies made friends with a group of 9th graders at the 115 school in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia.  We told them that we were excited to be in their country and that as “Flat Grannies” […]

Flat Grannies on Safari on the Trans Siberian Railway 2011

You may recall when the Grannies on Safari announced their partnership with Flatter World on August 19 in Chicago. It was a fun event with flat costumes. 


Flatter World launched the new Flat Stanley app for the iPhone and the Grannies announced their latest trip to Siberia. Things have changed since the middle of […]

Grammy winner Michelle Branch and Autism Neuroscientist Uta Frith

Kari sent these to me. Minnesota Flat Stanley meets two famous people:

Grammy winner Michelle Branch

Autism Neuroscientist Uta Frith


Flat Stanley from 95q Eastwood School in New York

dalehubert-busking.htmIt’s true the Flat Stanleys from New York have stayed a long time in London, Ontario, but they’ve have a good time.

On May 8, 2010, they had the privilege of meeting Royce Gracie. For those unfamiliar with him, Wikipedia reports:

Royce Gracie is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter, a UFC Hall of […]

Flat meets Blake in Little Rock (TOMS Shoes)

Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, Inc

Stacey Hall

Deputy Spokesperson

Office of Governor Mike Beebe

238 State Capitol

Little Rock, AR 72201

Flat Stanley meets a few celebrities

Flat Stanley left Indialantic, FL to explore California.  He met up with his friend Violette who showed him around.  He was able to sit courtside at the Laker game.  He then was able to head over to the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach where he met Christian Slater and Jesse McCartney.  Stanley says […]

From the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

Special thanks to Stacey hall and First Lady Ginger Beebe from the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for their continuing support.

First Lady Ginger Beebe with Secretary Madeleine Albright and Flat Stanley

Flat with his favorite weatherman, TODAY Show’s Al Roker

Flat Stanley and James Carville

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Wicked – Backstage at the Musical


Sam sent his friend Flat Stanley to New York City to visit his “Uncle Russ” who works as a Broadway Theatre usher.  Stanley managed to sneak backstage at Broadway’s smash hit “Wicked” and have a magical time with the show’s two star witches — Elphaba and Glinda!

Kacey Camp- actress

Kacey Camp – Actress

Hi Mrs. Vigna’s First Grade Class!

My name is Kacey Camp and I am an actress. Flat Stanley arrived at my house in Glendale, CA on Saturday, March 1, 2008.

Glendale is 1,987 miles from Dwight, Illinois. It was a gloomy, chilly day, which is unusual for sunny California, but […]

Muhammad Ali

My son Bailey’s Flat Stanley is presently traveling with his Uncle Todd who lives in California.  Todd went on business to England, and on one of his flights ran into Muhammad Ali and they got their picture taken. How amazing is that?  I thought you might want to add the picture to your web […]

Noah Wyle

My son sent Stanley to New Orleans to visit his aunt.  While there his aunt was able to visit a production set where Noah Wyle was working on an upcoming film.  He was kind enough to pose with Stanley.

Cristine Z. Fargo


Jay Campbell of the New PL and Flat David (TV station in London, Ontario)

Hello Dale: Here are some pictures from our broadcast with Flat David last Tuesday. Everyone I have chatted with thinks this is a wonderful project.

Jay Campbell


Dhani Jones, #57 Cincinnati Bengals

Here is Flat Stanley with Dhani Jones, #57 Cincinnati Bengals., pictured with Arion and myself.

Hope all is well and Happy New Year!


Bill Nye the Science Guy

My son Jonathan’s class did the Flat Stanley project when he was in the 3rd Grade, in 2005. We sent our Flat Stanley to my friend, Tess Ewart, who lives in Ohio. Tess is a middle school science teacher, and it just so happened that she had to attend the NSTA (National Science Teachers […]

Willie McCovey

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“Who Wants to be a Millionaire”

Hi Dale… Here is a picture of one of our Stanleys on the “Millionaire” show. Kim Jones   (Miss Jones’ class) Tamaqua Elementary School, Tamaqua, PA.

Wendy Rieger

Wendy Rieger

Flat Stanley came to the local NBC4 TV station to see Wendy Rieger on air.  Wendy Rieger anchors the local Washington, DC NBC News4 at 5 p.m. week nights. Wendy  Rieger has covered news in the Washington, DC area for more than 25 years and she has received three EMMY awards.   Wendy already knew Flat Stanley but Bob […]

Football Coach Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer Attached is a picture of Flat Stanley with National Champion University of Florida head football coach Urban Meyer. This was taken in 2007 after the Florida Gators became NCAA national champs at Florida Field (aka “The Swamp) in Gainesville, FL. I took the picture, but the Flat Stanley was visiting me from […]

The Undertaker

The Undertaker

On our way back from Florida to Charlotte, we made one of many stops for gas… in one of the gas stations on A1 A we saw this huge bus that had pictures of wrestlemania wrestlers. I approched it and there was … The Undertaker posing for pictures with some fans. I […]

“Third Watch”

Here’s Stanley watching himself on an episode of “Third Watch.” Special thanks to: Dale Abraham Paul Solis Elementary School Gretna, LA

“The West Wing”

Someone on “The West Wing” did a great job of placing Stanley

Flat Stanley visited the offices of WEST WING

Mindy (Producer) poses with Flat Stanley



Flat Stanley- Survivor!

Flat Stanley was sent to Washington, DC from Miss Johnson’s 3rd Grade Class in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  There he met in person his favorite Survivor, Matthew Von Ertfelda.  Matthew had just returned safely from SURVIVOR:  THE AMAZON where he finished in the Final Two.  Flat Stanley asked Matthew a lot […]

Snoopy’s Home Ice

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SJ Sharkie, the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team Mascot

SJ Sharkie, the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team Mascot

My son is in the 1st grade class at John Muir Elementary in San Bruno, California. They are participating in the Flat Stanley project and we’ve been having so much fun introducing FS to all our friends and family.  Here a couple pictures of […]

Rosie O’Donnell

Stanley Meets Rosie

Stanley on the Rosie O’Donnell Show worn by Benjamin Bratt, star of television’s LAW and ORDER. […]

Robin Williams

Flat Families The Flat Stanley Project has taken off in directions I could never have predicted.  I was touched to hear that some people keep in touch with their loved ones through Flat Families. This is a picture of Robin Williams posing with a Flat Family in Afghanistan.




Hi! My name is Kelly Mahoney, and I am a first grade teacher at Elias Boudinot School in Burlington City NJ.  I wanted to let you know that one of our Flat Stanley’s made it to NY and saw Regis!  Here is a picture!



On Flat Stanley’s latest adventure he went to Hollywood and spent the day on the set of the popular show nip/tuck which can be seen on the FX channel. He is seen here with the stars of the show Dillon Walsh and Julian McMahon. We hope our picture ends up in the […]