September 2020
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Jenna (from NY) brings her Stacy to Dance Class

New York Video by Shannon Conboy

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New York City for Morgan

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New York FDNY Memorial

New York City FDNY Memorial

My daughter’s school has recently been doing the Flat Stanley project here in Florida.  My daughter has sent him to New York and is sitting on the FDNY Members Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

New York City

New York City My mother is a kindergarten teacher and she asked me to send the photos on to you.  A woman and her son laughed a lot when I was taking the pictures on the subway with Flat Stanley.  I had fun being silly while participating with this project.  Thanks! J.D.

Flat Stanley […]

New York and Connecticut with Jennifer Frentress

Flat Stanley in New York and Connecticut with Jennifer Frentress

New York City with Grandma Micki

Flat Stanley was visiting Grandma Micki in NYC. He travelled from far away Michigan being sent on this trip by Grandaughter Hannah.  We spent a lovely day visiting midtown NYC and Mr. Stanley was a very proper date for Grandma Micki.

1) and 2) going towards the Empire State Bldg.

New York Subway Adventure

Northmont Principal and Flat Stanley detained by New York subway authorities Now don’t think the worst – this has a very happy ending. First, here is some information about Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a character from an internationally known children’s book and has been featured in USA Today. Flat Stanley is a paper cutout […]

New York City Booklet

Flat Stanley’s Trip to New York City by Aunt Mimi (for Nicholas)


New York City

Flat Stanley Went to New York City

Submitted by Dale Hubert

Flat Stanley had a wonderful time in New York City! He pretended to be King Kong on the Empire State Building, he spent time at Central Park, he visited the Museum of Natural Sciences and he went to Ground […]