September 2020
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Byron Somerset

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Terrace Bay Public School, Ontario

Terrace Bay Public School

On a frigid -27 Celsius January day, Flat Stanley from Sault Ste Marie, visited the Terrace Bay Public School.  Being from a small remote Northern Community, Flat Stanley has given our children the opportunity to explore and understand the world around them.

Thank you Stanley and can’t wait to see […]

Toronto Hockey Game

William Tredway Junior Public School

Ms Arcato sent Flat Stanley to a Hockey Game John McDermott who sang the national anthem placed Stanley in his suit pocket for good luck. Our mayor David Miller discussing game strategies with Stanley before the game. “Maybe I could bring this net back to Andrew, he would […]

Sugarbush near London

Flat Stanley Went to a Sugarbush In Southern Ontario, Canada Submitted by Dale Hubert

Hayden sent me a Stanley from Montgomery. Alabama and I took him, along with some other Stanleys,  to where maple syrup is made.  We went on March 27 and there was still some snow, but it was melting fast. […]


Hi Dale One of my students sent Flat Stanley to relatives in Ottawa (April 28/02). They sent some wonderful pictures of Stanley’s adventure to Ottawa. Thought you might like to post them on the website. From: Andrew Buck Centennial Hylands Elementary School Shelburne, Ont.




Niagara Region with Flat Lindsay

Hi Dale: My son, Dean, received Flat Lindsay in the mail from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Lindsay is my cousin’s daughter, second-cousin to Dean I think!  Both Dean and Lindsay are 8 years old. Lindsay’s and her classmates each made flat images of themselves and sent them to whomever they wanted – with a few instructions […]

London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco

Submitted by Dale Hubert

As Londoners, we are very proud the wonderful Flat Stanley Project actually began in our city by local teacher Mr. Dale Hubert.  As London’s Mayor, I was delighted to receive a visit from Flat Stanley at my office a few months ago.  It was great to show […]

Jumbo the Elephant Statue in St Thomas

Submitted by Dale Hubert Jumbo the Elephant was a favourite attraction in Phineas T. Barnum’s circus.  Sadly, Jumbo was killed by a train on September 15, 1885 in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada. There are two stories of how it happened.  The circus people said Jumbo saw the train approaching and a smaller elephant was […]


Kleinburg, Ontario, September 2007

Flat Stanley enjoyed meeting Perfume the skunk.

Wow- porcupines are big! Very slow moving, too.

Good thing Flat Stanley doesn’t look like a rat!

Flat Stanley met Canadian photographic artist Birgit Bateman


Hawk Cliff

Submitted by Dale Hubert

Flat Stanley visited Hawk Cliff on the north shore of Lake Erie in Southern Ontario.  It is one of the best migratory routes for raptors in the whole world.  When the birds fly south they don’t like to fly over water.  They prefer flying near land so they can rest and […]


From the Mitchell Advocate about St. Patrick’s School in Dublin, Ontario

RMC (Royal Military College) Kingston, Ontario