Sydney’s Adventure with Flat Chris from OK

Hi my name is Flat Chris. I am really excited about meeting Sydney. Today she introduced me to her mom, her brother, and her dad. After Sydney introduced me to her family we went in Sydney’s room and played barbies and read a book. The title of the book was Kermit’s Christmas Tree (with 25 jewel stickers). The story was about two frogs named Kermit and Robin. They were looking for the perfect Christmas tree but every tree was too big or too small or too something. When the book was finished we went to bed.

In the morning Sydney could not do anything with me because she was at school, but when she got home she had supper and then she ca me and got me to watch television. Then we all went outside and tried to get Shawn’s boomerang out of a super tall tree; it was in the middle at the very top. Even when using a pool skimmer, that it as tall as her, Sydney’s mom could not get it out of the tree. After that Sydney’s mom said “we will have to wait until the daytime Shawn”, and then Shawn said “but it will blow away”. After that Sydney’s mom said “no it won’t”, and then Shawn went inside. Sydney’s mom stayed out for a few minutes and Sydney and I chalked on the gate. We wrote ‘Do not Enter/Exit’! I wrote ‘Flat Chris/Sydney’. After that Sydney’s mom said “Sydney it’s time to come in”. Sydney said “okay”.

So we went inside and Sydney and said to her mom “what can I do with Flat Chris?” She did not know what we should do with him. Sydney took me upstairs and we tried to make a store that had things on sale. We put ‘for sale’ on a pair of head phones, on a bottle of sand, on Brain Quest, on a very tiny angel, on a big angel that you hang on the wall (it said something about friendship on it), and on a fold up fan. There was a key inside the fan’s case. When we were setting up our sale we discovered that the head phones didn’t stand up on their own. We had to get a pencil, and the pencil helped them stand up. When we finished putting that one thing up Sydney’s kittens, Sammy and Haily, came in and knocked it over. The one kitten, Sammy, hissed like this “Haaaaaaaaaaa”! Sammy has never done that before! After that we tried to set up the store but the kittens wrecked it. We had to clean up and go to bed. Good night everyone”.


Flat Chris

(and Sydney)

P.S. Who ever has me next please take me to the park.

Brooke & Flat Stella


My name is Brooke Hansen. I am American but I am living in Thailand. I made Flat Stella then I went to New Zealand to have an adventure.

The first thing we did is go whale watching. There was a whale called Noodle. Stella liked it so much she jumped in to have a short swim with him. She jumped back in the boat. He took forever to go down. We just saw the back part of him so we couldn’t see how big he was. We had to wait for him to go down to see his tail go up. We saw dolphins on the way back.

One day we hiked 30 km. Stella got tired so I had to carry her. We walked by a lake and in the mountains. We went in a jet boat to an area where they filmed Lord of the Rings. It was really scary because the captain could spin the boat.

We went in a cave. It was filled with glow-worms. The scary thing was it was pitch dark. We were in a boat. All we could see were glowing dots. Stella was so afraid of the eels and trout. Luckily she didn’t fall in. The guide told us we could drink the water because it was so clear. My sister drank it.

Flat Stanley, Matchmaker

Once upon a time an author by the name of Jeff Brown was putting his young sons to bed.  One of the boys was reluctant to go to sleep and kept talking, trying to put off the inevitable, until he said he was afraid the big bulletin board beside his bed was going to fall on him.  Jeff reassured him that he was safe.  Then on his way out the door, Jeff added, “Of course, if the bulletin board did fall on you, you would be squashed flat as a pancake.”

The boys giggled at the idea, and for the next several nights Jeff and his sons told stories about what it would be like to be flat.  One really great benefit?  If you were flat, you could be rolled up and mailed to different places to go on amazing adventures!  Jeff ended up putting the stories into a series of books—and so Flat Stanley was born.

Teachers from many countries read the stories to their classes and had the students make Flat Stanley paper dolls to send all over the world for adventures of their own.  The students wrote letters and asked people to take Flat Stanley to work or a noteworthy location, take pictures, write about Flat Stanley’s adventures, and mail the doll, letter, and pictures back to the class.

Meanwhile, back in California, my mom was still on her own, as she had been for about 30 years.  For about 40 years she and Clare Keeney had attended the same church, but they didn’t really know each other.  Clare’s wife always wanted to leave as soon as the service was over while my mom regularly hung around talking until the janitor handed her the keys to lock the place up.  But, after a long illness, Clare’s wife died.

Among his many other talents, Clare tunes pianos.  Mom asked him to tune her piano.  He did.  She took him out to dinner along with some other friends.  They all had a fine time.  And that, my mom thought, was that.

I have one girl cousin, and she and her husband have five children.  They live on a farm in Illinois.  The kids sent Flat Stanley to Aunt Marilyn, asking her to take him to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Honestly, my mom wasn’t all that excited about going.  The Golden Gate is more than an hour’s drive each way through city traffic.  But Mom taught school before she retired, so this wasn’t a request she could easily turn down.  She was grumbling, though, not looking forward to the trip.

Then she saw Clare at a class at church.  She thought to herself, I wonder if he would go with me on my Flat Stanley adventure?  She asked Clare, and he said he thought it sounded like fun.  They went to the Golden Gate Bridge and took pictures.  Then they went to lunch in Sausalito.  They talked and laughed all the way up and all the way back.

And they’ve been together ever since.
On March 27, 2004, Marilyn Allen and Clare Keeney got married.

Flat Stanley came to the wedding.  While he flew into town in casual clothes, he brought a tux that he wore to the ceremony.  He also brought a friend with him.  The friend didn’t come to the wedding, though.  He stayed at home and read a book.

Flat Stanley, I presume.

Stanley and the End of the School Year

by Lauren and Emily
Grade 2
Foxboro Regional Charter School, Foxboro, MA

Stanley was at his desk in Mrs. Corrado’s room.  He had a blank piece of paper that he was drawing on.  He was drawing a picture of his teacher.  His teacher was talking about the end of the year.  She said, ” I think that our smartest boy and girl should be in a contest.”  That afternoon, Mrs. Corrado said, “Listen up!  We’re going to have a contest.”  Stanley raised his hand and asked, “Who is going to be in the contest?”  Mrs.Corrado said, “Stanley and Emily”.    Stanley  frowned. “Not Emily!” he said.  Emily was really smart.  Stanley asked when it was going to be.  Mrs. Corrado said, “Tuesday, June 10, 2003.”

Stanley said, “I have a few days to practice.  It is only the 5th.”  Now, Lauren walked in the door.  She was new to the school this year.  Stanley said, “Tomorrow, I’m going to practice all night.”

It was the 10th.  Stanley was worried about the contest all night and day.  “Attention class!  It is time for the contest,” said Mrs. C.  “First up is Emily.”  She spelled the first word correctly.  It was butterfly.  Then came Stanley’s turn.  He got his word right.  They got all the words right.  Now it was time for Emily’s last turn.  She got the word wrong.  That meant Stanley won!

That night, Stanley was so excited.  He told his family. They were happy for him.  “What word did you spell?” asked Stanley’s dad.  He answered, “Birthday”.  “WOW!” said Stanley’s brother.  He was amazed.  The family ate and went to bed.

Stanley woke up the next morning.  His family gave him a surprise party. He had fun!  Now, Emily on the other hand, was feeling blue.  She had lost the contest.  She had lost the trip to Florida, which was the prize.  Stanley was going to have a good time!  And, he did!

Flat Stanley’s Adventure

By Katie Postlethwaite

Flat Stanley is a boy and this is a story of Flat Stanley.

One day Stanley got lost in the jungle. He was walking along then he saw a tree house. He made a table and some furniture and cupboards. He found a bed inside. When he finished the last touches he went outside. Then he heard a THUD…THUD.

He went one step forward and …..SMACK an elephant jumped on him. A few minutes later he woke up and looked at himself.

“AHHH!! Whats happened to me. I’m all FLAT!”

He got up and walked to the lake. He found a shell and took it back to the tree house. He listened in the shell and heard the singing of a mermaid. But when he took it off his ear, he could still hear it so he went back to the lake. Then he saw a real mermaid. She swam up to him and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed then fainted. When he got up he had a fishes tail. He went into the water to see what was down there. So he went down and down until he saw the mermaid. He said “Do you know how I can pump myself up?” She told him to go back to the elephant to pump yourself back up. So Stanley rushed to an elephant. Flat Stanley said “Please can you pump me up?”

“Yes I will,” said the elephant. Then he got his huge trunk out and pumped Stanley back up.

Flat Steven in the Haunted House

By Simon Wright

It was a dark night and the wind was making the door and the window shake.
Flat Steven couldn’t sleep because he heard noises like “WOOOOO” .
He found a torch next to his bed, turned the torch on and went out of the room to see what he could see.
He saw a shadow so he followed the shadow down the twisting stair case into the lounge. The door slammed shut behind him then the fire started to flicker. It was the wind that was making the noises.
Then he realised it was his own shadow he had been chasing.

A Spooky Night

One spooky night, Flat Stanley was in his warm, cosy bed.

He couldn’t get any sleep because there was a bang, a crash and a spooky noise coming from downstairs.

Flat Stanley went down the stairs. The CRASH came louder and louder. There was something going on in the kitchen

He opened the kitchen door and there it was…

His father getting a glass of milk

His father said, “GET BACK TO BED NOW!”

Flat Stanley went back up stairs and climbed back into his cosy bed.

But then there was another noise coming from the steps.

Flat Stanley opened his door, but this time it was a man with a black mask on his face.

The man stared at him. Flat Stanley said “Hello, What’s your name?”

The man said, “I’m Robert the kidnapper”

Flat Stanley fainted and fell on the floor.

Just then Stanley woke up. He ran to his room and locked the door.

Flat Stanley checked all the windows, but Robert never came back.

Flat Stanley opened the door to see if he had gone for good. “Phew!” said Flat Stanley and he went back to his cosy warm bed.