September 2020
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On Top Of The Top

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Enjoying CityWalk

Universal CityWalk

Stanley Hikes

Hiking at the Victory Trailhead Head

Flat Tyler

Special thanks to Shaun Kirby who created this wonderful newsletter for Tyler Kirby, and to Janice Kirby for submitting it.

Tyler Newsletter – Nov 2014





Sydney’s Adventure with Flat Chris from OK

Hi my name is Flat Chris. I am really excited about meeting Sydney. Today she introduced me to her mom, her brother, and her dad. After Sydney introduced me to her family we went in Sydney’s room and played barbies and read a book. The title of the book was Kermit’s Christmas Tree (with […]

Flat Stanley Flies from Thailand to Maine

My name is Nicholas Parker. I am half American and half Thai. I took Flat Stanley on a plane last month. We went to see my grandmother in Maine.  We saw snow for the first time. It was cold and it was windy. Stanley and I went to a pond and saw a tree […]

Brooke & Flat Stella


My name is Brooke Hansen. I am American but I am living in Thailand. I made Flat Stella then I went to New Zealand to have an adventure.

The first thing we did is go whale watching. There was a whale called Noodle. Stella liked it so much she jumped in to have a […]

Flat Stanley, Matchmaker

Once upon a time an author by the name of Jeff Brown was putting his young sons to bed.  One of the boys was reluctant to go to sleep and kept talking, trying to put off the inevitable, until he said he was afraid the big bulletin board beside his bed was going to […]

Stanley and the End of the School Year

by Lauren and Emily Grade 2 Foxboro Regional Charter School, Foxboro, MA

Stanley was at his desk in Mrs. Corrado’s room.  He had a blank piece of paper that he was drawing on.  He was drawing a picture of his teacher.  His teacher was talking about the end of the year.  She said, ” […]

Flat Stanley’s Adventure

By Katie Postlethwaite

Flat Stanley is a boy and this is a story of Flat Stanley.

One day Stanley got lost in the jungle. He was walking along then he saw a tree house. He made a table and some furniture and cupboards. He found a bed inside. When he finished the last touches […]

Flat Steven in the Haunted House

By Simon Wright It was a dark night and the wind was making the door and the window shake. Flat Steven couldn’t sleep because he heard noises like “WOOOOO” . He found a torch next to his bed, turned the torch on and went out of the room to see what he could see. […]

A Spooky Night

One spooky night, Flat Stanley was in his warm, cosy bed.

He couldn’t get any sleep because there was a bang, a crash and a spooky noise coming from downstairs.

Flat Stanley went down the stairs. The CRASH came louder and louder. There was something going on in the kitchen

He […]