Tabby and Flat Stanley

"Love at Last"
Tabby and Stanley

I met Flat Stanley when I was in first grade. Instead of sending him away to a friend, he got to spend Spring Break with me and my family. When I met him we spent all 9 days of spring break together.

“Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania

Hello! My name is Natalia Cosovanu and I teach English at School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania. I have recently started the Flat Stanley project with my 5th to 8th graders and I would like to nominate my school for  special recognition as my students are very enthusiastic about the project. They have never turned down any request for a foreign Flat Stanley to visit our town and region. We have had guests from as far as Australia, Canada, U.S.A, Great Britain. Even though they were on the spring or summer break, the students of School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” often came to school and we worked together on writing diaries to send back or took pictures. I should mentioned that they study English as a foreign language and Flat Stanley really helped a lot with practising English. (I have attached some pictures of our Flat Stanley activities.)
This year we intend to continue the project and found a Flat Stanley club. Our school year only started a week ago and we have got around 80 students ready to sign up.
Ms. Natalia Cosovanu
School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” Radauti, Romania

Winchester Public School

Flat Stanley was a school project for students in grade 1 to 4. The librarian sponsored a contest to make a Flat Stanley visiting our school, Winchester P.S. after reading Flat Stanley. Our school mascot is a knight so we have  “Knight Stanley” reading in our library and honouring our castle in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.
Susan Carter

Hazel Dell Elementary

Hazel Dell Elementary

Flat Stanley is babysitting some of his little friends. They are at my aunt and uncle’s house in Granger, Indiana. It was during Christmas vacation.
Over Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, Flat Stanley went to my cousins’ house in Maryland. Over that time my aunt had a baby. Here is Flat with the new cousin. Flat met a girl named Flat Lisa!
My Flat Stanley is on the table with my sister’s Flat Stanley. They are right by a beautiful Christmas tree.
It was around Christmas time when Flat Stanley went to the Steers game in Pennsylvania. Flat Stanley had a fun time because they won the game!
I sent my Flat Stanley to my cousins in South Carolina. They are at their house. It is Thanksgiving. See the turkey in the oven!
Flat Stanley went on an airplane to Arizona. He is just sitting when they took off. Now he is off on his big adventure!
Flat Stanley was in first grade in Opelika, AL. The children were learning about Flat and where he came from. I bet this picture was taken on January 21, 2004.
Flat Stanley went to my great aunt’s house in Washington. My aunt made a gingerbread house. She said it was ugly, but I think it looks just fine!
My Flat Stanley went to my Aunt Ann’s house at North Carolina. They had lunch with Flat Stanley. Flat was there for two months. I sent my Flat Stanley to my Aunt Ann because she was lonely and sick.
My Flat Stanley went to a lot of places. He went to Ohio, Florida, parks and museums. He got shot out of a cannon. He got to see a lot of cool things. I’m sure he had a lot of fun!

Wisconsin Homeschool

Wisconsin Homeschool Visit

Stanley going on a trail bike ride into the Reforestation Camp, County property in Wisconsin that is close to our home.
Stanley and Jacob reading during home school time together.
Stanley visitor doing the pledge to the flag at homeschool.
One dressing up as all time sack leader for the Green Bay Packers, NFL football.  #92
Snowmobiler, sized appropriate for Stanley of course.
Visiting Door County Candle Works to learn how to make candles.
In the following pictures Stanley is eating Cheese Curds in Wisconsin, (squeaky cheese!) and celebrating Mardi Gras in Wisconsin.
A visitor from Oregon gets to experience the fresh Wisconsin Snow and outdoors!
Stanleys are tasting Curds and others are waiting in line to taste the Squeaky Cheese!
Stanleys are attempting to move with magnets.
Many visitors, Kentucky, Kansas….Vermont!
(getting ready to go cross country skiing)
More from Wisconsin:
Kindly submitted by Katie Harbath who wrote,

“I thought you’d enjoy this cute story about Flat Stanley from when the President was in my home state of Wisconsin this week. — Katie”
Taking constituent service to a new level, Rep. Tom Petri’s staff managed to introduce “Flat Stanley” to President Bush during the President’s visit in Appleton Tuesday.
Young children and parents all across the country know that Flat Stanley is a character in a story who was flattened by an accident. Being reduced to two dimensions made it possible for him to travel through the mail. Accordingly, teachers nationwide have young students make their own Flat Stanleys which they mail to people they know in other schools, states or countries as a way to improve their writing and communication skills and learn about different places.
When President Bush’s visit to Appleton was announced, the parent of a second grade student at Barlow Park Elementary School in Ripon called Rep. Petri’s Fond du Lac office to ask if her daughter’s Flat Stanley could get a photo with the President.
With little hope but a willing attitude, Petri staffer Melissa Kok took the Flat Stanley with her to the President’s speech at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.
“I took a couple of pictures of Flat Stanley while President Bush was speaking in the background,” Kok said. “Those pictures didn’t turn out too nice because the camera focused on Stanley and the President was blurry in the background.”
“After President Bush finished with his speech, I moved to the front of the aisle to take better pictures of him leaving. He then proceeded down the stairs and shook hands with everyone in the front row where we were standing. President Bush saw that I had Flat Stanley and even said, ‘Flat Stanley! Did you want to take a picture?’ Of course, I said yes,” Kok said.

Mrs. Powers’ Class

In front of the gates at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Then a stop at Dunkin Donuts in the morning.

Mrs. Powers’ reading class

Mrs. Powers’ reading class

Sandy Skoglund’s picture, “Revenge of the Goldfish”

This is Clarke School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. It is an Oral Deaf School where students learn to read lips and use the little hearing that they have to learn to speak for themselves.

Having a “Subway “for lunch


Riding inside the “Subway” Truck

Famous Rodin sculpture at Smith College

Ellen Driscoll. American, born 1953. “Catching the Drift”, 2002 Women’s Room.

Notice the underwater world of sea creatures and plant life.

Sandy Skoglund. American born 1946. “Liquid Origins, Fluid Dreams”. 2002 – Men’s Room.

Notice the droplets in the sinks

Mrs. Silver’s Class

From Mrs. Silver’s Class

St. Andrew’s P.S. (Our Flat Family)
Mrs. Silver’s grade 3 class and our Flat Stanley
This year we have decided to expand our Flat Stanley project by introducing his girlfriend, Flat Stephanie.
Flat Stanley and Flat Stephanie had a wonderful time in the Mayan Riviera. He swam with dolphins, went to some Mayan villages, visited ancient ruins and relaxed by the pools.

Webster Elementary

From Clinton, Illinois:

Mr. Dean Karr’s Special Education Class and Mrs. Judy Hendricker’s third grade class at Webster Elmentary School in Clinton, Illinois made a Flat Stanley Scarecrow. It was for the community’s annual Apple n’ Pork Festival. The large version of Stanley sports a Webster School sweatshirt. He is now back at the school, where the teachers plan to dress him for various holidays.

Franklin, CA

Flat Stanley came to visit The Franklin Early Childhood Center from California. He brought stickers with him. Flat Stanley is going to stay with our Kindergarten Class for the day. He is going to read and write with our First Grade Reading Buddies. In the afternoon, he will have fun in gym with us. After gym, he is going to the library. Of course, he will be joining us for lunch. Perhaps he will eat nachos and cheese! He is going home on the Whale bus. He will be traveling back to California tomorrow.

Logansport Century Career Center

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Suellen Reed brought Flat Stanley along for a visit to Logansport’s Century Career Center where he was able to witness the innovative curriculum in action.
Flat Stanley is pictured (lower right hand corner) listening to a conversation among Dr. Reed, Logansport Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker and Century Career Center Director Stephen Hagen.

Breckon School in Burlington

Hi Dale,
As part of our grade 3 program this year at W.E. Breckon School in Burlington Ontario, we had fun exploring the Flat Stanley website in our library.
For fun, Breckon grade 3 students, each made a Flat Stanley. Many of these Stanleys were sent on vacations with our students or sent with, or to acquaintances around the globe. WE are so pleased with the response!
We would be very excited and grateful, if our pictures could appear on your website.
Jane Brunetti
Teacher-Librarian W.E. Breckon School, Burlington ON, Canada

Alhambra School, California

Alhambra School District
Alhambra, CA

March 26, 2002
Office of Public Information
Century Students Welcome Special “Guest”
Century High School
For Immediate Release
In the book, Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, Stanley Lambchop is squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. Stanley discovers that one of the many advantages to being flattened is that he can now visit his friends by being mailed in an envelope.

Century High School students recently received a Flat Stanley in the mail from Jazzmen, a first grader in Philadelphia. Jazzmen asked the students in Michelle Leddel’s Humanities class to let Stanley spend the day with them and to write back to her about his adventures.

Leddel’s students embraced the project and wrote to Jazzmen about Stanley’s exciting escapades as they created stories, drawings, and books about his day in Southern California.

The students wrote and illustrated stories that took Flat Stanley to local fast food restaurants, movie theaters, theme parks, and the homes of friends and family members. Stanley ate hamburgers, fries, pizzas, sushi, and even flat pancakes. Leddel also joined in on the fun and took Stanley on adventures to the Getty Center, the Santa Monica Pier, and downtown Los Angeles.

Student writings were vivid with descriptions about going swimming in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, feeling the air while on a fast moving skateboard, and learning new ideas in math and history classes. Some students even made Stanley traveling companions, Flat Stacie and Flat Sarah. In several stories, the juniors and seniors wrote detailed accounts of Stanley and the many animals of Century High School’s popular petting zoo. The students made sure to send Jazzmen a picture of Stanley meeting the school’s newly-born lamb.

This project, “…allowed me to have a wonderful adventure,” says Van Nguyen. “When Jazzmen receives my Flat Sarah I hope she will like it and I also hope that one day, Jazzmen can come and visit us.”

The students are now anxiously waiting to hear back from Jazzmen. They included self-addressed stamped postcards to help her start corresponding with her 27 new pen pals.

According to Leddel, “This project has helped to enliven the students’ writing because they were writing for a purpose: they had a curious little girl in Pennsylvania who was waiting for their responses.”

Jazzmen’s pen pals had a wonderful time during Stanley’s visit. “We got to help a little girl by telling her stories of what we did while her Flat Stanley was in California,” explains Dexter Erise. “I feel good that I got the chance to do something for someone, especially for a little girl across the country in Philadelphia.”

Century students show off their “Flat Stanley” projects, which will be mailed to their new pen pal in Philadelphia. From left to right: Domenique Chayra, Jenny Mac, Jessica Rocha and Teacher Michelle Leddell (holding book written by Dexter Erise).

Mrs. West, Jackson, MS


This is our class with their Stanley’s. They were about to pack several of them up for mailing to faraway places. Behind the students is our map of the United States (and Canada) marking where our current Stanley’s are traveling.
Above their heads is a picture of one of our Stanley’s who recently traveled with friends to see the space shuttle Discovery’s lift-off. Stanley had front row seats and met the director of the NASA center. This project has been quite a motivator for the getting the students to write for an audience.

Mrs. Kurz’s Grade 2 Class

Minnie Grant Elementary, California

After we read the book, Flat Stanley, each student in room 9 made a flat version of themselves!  Each flat student traveled to a friend or relative’s house in Long Beach or a different city.  Some even visited other states and one went out of the country!  When the flat students arrived back in Long Beach, California, there were tons of letters, photo albums, postcards and pictures that were sent with them explaining about their adventures.  We had fun learning about all the different places our flat selves had been!

Mrs. Kurz, 2nd Grade Teacher, Minnie Gant Elementary, Long Beach, California

Kurz Class

Kurz Class

Kurz Class

Kurz Class

Kurz Class