September 2020
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Oylmpic Torch

Here is a picture of Flat Stanley at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron. Flat Stanley was frequently spotted among the huge group of revelers. He really knows how to party!

John Timms

Community Relations Officer

Coast Mountain Bus Company

Flat Stanley at the Olympics

Sophie Mlodzik of Arkell, Ontario Canada sent me her Flat Stanley for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. I didn’t realize what a phenom he would be or how many friends we would make (because of his popularity!!). He has been seen in several places at the Olympics and even got to take part in the Opening […]

Vancouver 2010 – Day 2

On day two of the olympics we went to see the flame before going to the Women’s hockey game.  Unfortunately the fence that surrounds the flame was covered up and we could barely see it.  We will try again on another day.  We did meet some reporters from the Ukraine.  

The skytrain was busy with lots […]

2010 Olympics- Toronto to Vancouver

Our family has 3 adopted Flat Stanley’s and 1 Flat David.  Our adventure started at Pearson International Airport. Pictured left to right are Flat Stanley “Gr2″, Flat Stanley”Kiwi”, Flat David and Flat Stanley “Gr1”. 

Flat Stanleys Grs 1&2 are part of the boys school projects while they are away. Hello St. Theresa!  Kiwi comes from Tauranga, […]

Olympic Torch Relay

The 2010 Winter Olympics are about to begin in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Scarfone, a parent of two of our students, carried the Olympic torch in Ontario. He brought his official torch to our school to show our students. Flat Stanley went along for the ride!


Olympics 2006

Flat Stanley at the 2006 Olympics

(Special thanks to Bernard Weil and Randy Starkman)

Canada’s five-medal winner Cindy Klassen poses with “Sydney”, a scarf Star photographer Bernard Weil asked her to wear at medal ceremonies, and “Flat Stanley” a cut out doll given to her by Star reporter Randy Starkman.

Gold-medal […]

Nebraska – Swim Championships

Sacramento to Nebraska

Haley’s Flat Stanley went to watch cousin Jon Rye swim in the Nebraska State High School Swim Championship all the way from Sacramento, California.  It was televised live on NET television and flat Stanley was introduced as a celebrity by color commentators Matt Rye (Haley’s Great Uncle) and Olympic Gold […]

Greece- My Big Flat Greek Vacation

My Big Flat Greek Vacation

Submitted by Dale Hubert

Stanley loved his trip to Greece.

He met some wonderful people.

Stanley got some help in competing at the Olympic Stadium at Delphi. (Take a close look at the runner’s left hand)

Even the rocks were interesting.  This […]