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Guy Fieri from the Food Network

This was taken AUG 28 BWI (Balt MD) on United non stop to San Francisco.

Guy was reluctant, he’d never heard of the Flat Stanley Project.

Our flight attendant jumped at the opportunity!

Stan and Dale on the Celebrity Millennium

Just returned from a very enjoyable Alaskan cruise. I was amazed at how many people recognized the Flat Stanley my sister was carrying!

The man holding Flat Stanley had previously taken a Flat Stanley into orbit!

It turns out Karen Baxter’s Garage doesn’t fix all flats.

Jocka and Maria were entertainers on the […]

More from the Grannies on Safari in Mongolia

Here is the Mongolian school the Grannies visited and donated the iPod touch as a gift from Flatter World Inc.

The Grannies made friends with a group of 9th graders at the 115 school in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia.  We told them that we were excited to be in their country and that as “Flat Grannies” […]

Update by the Grannies on Safari in Mongolia, September 20, 2011

Just a note to say we really enjoyed Mongolia and especially meeting the kids in the ninth grade at school #115 in Ulan Baatar.  We were fortunate to meet the English class of this wonderful school that is teaching Mongols to not only learn English but about their own important history – Genghis Khan!

The class […]

Flat Grannies on Safari on the Trans Siberian Railway 2011

You may recall when the Grannies on Safari announced their partnership with Flatter World on August 19 in Chicago. It was a fun event with flat costumes. 


Flatter World launched the new Flat Stanley app for the iPhone and the Grannies announced their latest trip to Siberia. Things have changed since the middle of […]

Flat Agnes in Indonesia

agnes stanley story

Students of Group “Agnes Stanley” in class 11 Science 3 , SMAN 1 Karawang:

Faiz Deja Ramadhan Anita Dewi Istiqomah Angga Maulana Entri Aprilia Ita Puspitasari Ghani Wicaksono Syah Putra Saky Rianto Yuda Ardiansyah


The Guest Star:

Mr. “Kind” from England. Mr. “Howba” from Netherland. The Oarsman with cano. […]

Flat SCUBA diving with Tom Madden

Flat TJ with the airplane pilot David Webb

Flat TJ seated with Grandpa and Grandma

Flat TJ watches the take-off

Flat TJ at a shipwreck on shore

Flat TJ feeds an Iguana


From Fajar Nugraha, West Java, Indonesia

Hallo, I`m Fajar Nugraha from SMA Negeri 1 Karawang, west java, Indonesia, This is our Flatstanley, Chek this out please, Thanks




My Grand-daughter’s second-grade classroom in Jack, Alabama, is involved in the Flat Stanley Project.  This past week, Flat Stanley joined me at the Wisconsin Capitol to protest Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  I created a story about Flat Stanley’s experience, not to rally for my beliefs, but to talk about Democracy.   I hope that you enjoy […]

From Bob Vitaletti, Denver CO

I just completed a Flat Stanley project for my grand niece in Scranton PA, (it’s actually my Third Flat Stanley project over the years). Her teacher sent me your web site link. Here are the two parts.



Indonesian Spaghetti cooked by Mas Akbar Suhardianto for Flats Karawang

Hello friends, this is the first i made spaghetti.

a varety of flavors mingled here. I eat spaghetti with flatstanley. :3 yummy :3

Indonesia – Gemma Zulhaida’s Flat Karawang

Hello we were at Niagara vehicle in Dufan. This game is located in the USA region of Dufan.  This is one of the thrilling and exciting game. Making our heart beat harder. Dufan or Dunia Fantasi is the outdoor playing place the largest in Indonesia. Here many kind of games are very interesting. […]

Grammy winner Michelle Branch and Autism Neuroscientist Uta Frith

Kari sent these to me. Minnesota Flat Stanley meets two famous people:

Grammy winner Michelle Branch

Autism Neuroscientist Uta Frith


Flat Stanley Travels by Balloon and on the Wings of an Angel

Mr. Hubert,

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Debra Hurley from Maiden Elementary in Maiden, NC .

Our story began on Dec.18, 2010 when my husband came in from a “walk about” on our land and had found a Flat Stanley. He had no idea what it was all about but […]



I am serving in Afghanistan. I am from Delavan ILL. The grade school sent me Flat Stanley. Here are some pictures.

Gordon L Rush Mazar-E Sharif Afghanistan


“Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania

Hello! My name is Natalia Cosovanu and I teach English at School no 5 “Bogdan Voda” in Radauti, a small town in the north of Romania. I have recently started the Flat Stanley project with my 5th to 8th graders and I would like to nominate my school for  special recognition as my students are very […]

Author Walter Sayers visited our class!

London, Ontario author Walter Sayers visited Mr. Hubert’s class. Walter Sayers is the illustrator/designer and author of the story “My Big Fat Waldoodle”. The story is about William and his pesky doodle that keeps getting him into trouble when he is trying to do his homework.

For those in the London area interested […]

Flat Stanley visiting the Keukenhof in Holland

Sent by a friend from the Galapagos excursion, Mireille Beyne


Flat Stanley in Georgia

Hi, here are some pictures from Flat Stanley’s adventures in Georgia.  Today, Flat Stanley and I went to Stone Mountain GA where we saw the granite carvings of the Civil War Heros (General’s Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Grant, and Jefferson Davis).  After that we went to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in dawsonville GA.  […]

Flat Stanley from 95q Eastwood School in New York

dalehubert-busking.htmIt’s true the Flat Stanleys from New York have stayed a long time in London, Ontario, but they’ve have a good time.

On May 8, 2010, they had the privilege of meeting Royce Gracie. For those unfamiliar with him, Wikipedia reports:

Royce Gracie is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter, a UFC Hall of […]

Flat meets Blake in Little Rock (TOMS Shoes)

Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, Inc

Stacey Hall

Deputy Spokesperson

Office of Governor Mike Beebe

238 State Capitol

Little Rock, AR 72201

Flat Stanley in Richmond, Virginia

Here are some pictures I’ve been taking of Flat Stanley in Richmond, Virginia. My son lives in Pensacola, Florida with his mom and sent me this project. There’s a pic with Flat as a passenger in one of our stations live trucks. Flat anchoring the evening news with former MSNBC anchor Bill Fitzgerald and Flat […]

From the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

Special thanks to Stacey hall and First Lady Ginger Beebe from the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for their continuing support.

First Lady Ginger Beebe with Secretary Madeleine Albright and Flat Stanley

Flat with his favorite weatherman, TODAY Show’s Al Roker

Flat Stanley and James Carville

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Dale Hubert took Flat Stanley to the Galapagos Islands

In March, 2010, my dad and I went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It was a Celebrity Cruise and all the passengers were certainly treated like celebrities! We were surrounded by expert guides and helpful staff. It was a perfect vacation.

In Ecuador Flat Stanley visited the caldera of an ancient volcano. What […]

Flat Stanley hanging out in CSBA’s garden!

Cynthia Bingham Administrative Assistant Masters in Governance Program California School Boards Association

Australia – Canada Exchange

This is an exciting opportunity. The grade 3-4 class taught by Mr. Hubert and Ms. Moss in London, Ontario, Canada, are going to be corresponding through this blog with Mrs. Wood’s class in South Australia.

Here in London, Ontario on February 20, 2010, the ground is covered with snow and it’s – 8 degrees Celsius. […]

Niagara Falls, submitted by Andrena Victor

Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA

Hello, Dr./Mr. Hubert, how are you? My name is Todd Barber, and I’m the lead propulsion engineer on the Cassini mission to Saturn at JPL in Pasadena, CA. I also worked on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. A family friend sent me Flat Stanley last month and we had a wonderful time getting […]

Flat Jack Stanley

Hello Dale Hubert,

Our family has been enjoying reading the Flat Stanley books to our son, Jack.  Just today at his school he was part of a costume competition.  The kids had to dress up as story book characters.  Jack’s dad made this Flat Stanley costume for Jack to wear out of recycled paper and […]

Monkey Puzzle Tree

This is an amazing plant. I took these pictures in Scotland in August, 2009. Flat Stanley was in a monkey puzzle tree. The leaves are incredibly hard – almost as if they’d been made out of ceramic or even steel. They are sharp, too – like the blades of knives.Here’s the most interesting […]