Flat Scouts July Adventures

Our Flat Scouts had a busy July all over the world.  Here are a few of their adventures

Even Flat Stanley’s need their teeth cleaned!  Joel and Flat Scout received great news: no cavities!

This month we had a blast.  We got to go see a movie with the pack,  and then we went to Chick-Fil-A dressed up like a cow on Appreciation Day.  Then, to top it all off, we got to have a great time at the Astros game with my Dad.


My mom forgot Stanley in Texas, but he was with us in heart on our trip up to Avalanche lake in Montana.

At Mt. Rainier we went on a really long hike. I got to slide on my bottom in the snow. We saw marmots and a mountain goat.  We also went to Mt. St. Helens. I got to watch a movie about the volcano. It erupted 38 years ago.


We went to Latourell Falls. I stood on a rock at the bottom of the falls. We went to the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. I saw a seal. It kept getting closer and closer.


Lounging in the pool with my buddy Frank the Flat Scout.  It’s been a hot summer and our pol is finally finished.  I’m going to teach Frank how to swim tomorrow. It’s also Shark Week! We decided to watch Jaws in the pool with no lights.  I wasn’t scared.


Flat Scout and I visited the remains of a 4th century church on the summit of Mt. Nebo in Jordan overlooking the Plain of Jericho.  A Scout is Reverent, so we were quiet and took off our hats.

All told, it was a great month.  Stay tuned for more Flat Scout updates as we approach the school year.

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