Hello From TURKIYE!

Hello from Canakkale in TURKIYE.

We have met Stanley ten days ago and we like him/her a lot. Our submanager (Serap) introduced the Stanley with us at the school.

5 Days ago (16 November 2018), we had a great trip to Istanbul City in our country. We went to the “Panorama Museum” and The Biggest Book Fair in our country which is named as TUYAP. Here is some pictures from our travel of İstanbul.


And, these pictures are from other ( little) students ( from their villages).

Stanley had a great time at the weekend. At the villages, Stanley have met dogs, cats, sheeps, cows and also rabbits.

Stanley had an interesting and enjoyable time with our students. He/she also like the flower, vegetable gardens in the villages.

We have participated to a school (Grade 7) in CANADA. Tomorrow, we are going to send our letters (of students) and our Stanley to Canada.

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