Flat Stanley Rides with Trucker Buddy

September 5, 2009

Today we started very early. We got up at 6:30 am and went to load the trailer with pork products. The pork products come from pigs. We loaded 37,000 pounds of meat to take to Oakland, California, from there it will board a ship and go to Tokyo, Japan.

When we weighed the truck and all of the pork products we weighed in at 75,000 pounds. That would be like having 1500 1st Grader’s, standing on this scale all at one time. We would have to be very still.

After we were loaded we had to go and weigh the truck and trailer to make sure that we were legal on the axle weights. Once we were legal on all axles, we were off to California again.

We are taking Interstate 80. We can be on that road from, Iowa to California. We will go through many different states, and still be on the same road.

I got to get my picture taken by the truck while we were on the scale. It doesn’t look anything like the bathroom scale that we took with us to the planet Tyran. This scale is much larger, and the numbers go much higher than the home scale

Here I am on the scale with the truck
Here I am on the scale with the truck
I am standing on the step to get in the passenger side of the truck
I am standing on the step to get in the passenger side of the truck

I am learning many new things in the truck with the Hemerson’s. Al is very safe when he is driving, he watches for the families in the cars and SUV’s and any other obstacle on the roads. He has driven over 3,000,000 million miles, accident free. That is like traveling to the moon and back six times. Or 120 times around earth. It has taken him 36 years to acquire these miles. That would be a very long bus ride.

Before we can leave, he must inspect the tractor, that is what they call the truck, and the trailer. We pull either 48 foot or 53 foot long trailers, that gives us an overall length of 75 feet. He checks the tires, the brakes and lights, making sure that the truck is also safe for us and the other people that we share the road with.

We have to do paper work every day. The paper work reminds me of homework from school. We get graded on it, when the state trooper’s, or the DOT men in blue car‘s, want to see this, we must have it ready and they don’t give us any make up time. It should be done every day! Golly, this is harder than I thought.

I will write again.

Your friend,

Flat Stanley Lambchop

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