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Stanley and the End of the School Year

by Lauren and Emily
Grade 2
Foxboro Regional Charter School, Foxboro, MA

Stanley was at his desk in Mrs. Corrado’s room.  He had a blank piece of paper that he was drawing on.  He was drawing a picture of his teacher.  His teacher was talking about the end of the year.  She said, ” I think that our smartest boy and girl should be in a contest.”  That afternoon, Mrs. Corrado said, “Listen up!  We’re going to have a contest.”  Stanley raised his hand and asked, “Who is going to be in the contest?”  Mrs.Corrado said, “Stanley and Emily”.    Stanley  frowned. “Not Emily!” he said.  Emily was really smart.  Stanley asked when it was going to be.  Mrs. Corrado said, “Tuesday, June 10, 2003.”

Stanley said, “I have a few days to practice.  It is only the 5th.”  Now, Lauren walked in the door.  She was new to the school this year.  Stanley said, “Tomorrow, I’m going to practice all night.”

It was the 10th.  Stanley was worried about the contest all night and day.  “Attention class!  It is time for the contest,” said Mrs. C.  “First up is Emily.”  She spelled the first word correctly.  It was butterfly.  Then came Stanley’s turn.  He got his word right.  They got all the words right.  Now it was time for Emily’s last turn.  She got the word wrong.  That meant Stanley won!

That night, Stanley was so excited.  He told his family. They were happy for him.  “What word did you spell?” asked Stanley’s dad.  He answered, “Birthday”.  “WOW!” said Stanley’s brother.  He was amazed.  The family ate and went to bed.

Stanley woke up the next morning.  His family gave him a surprise party. He had fun!  Now, Emily on the other hand, was feeling blue.  She had lost the contest.  She had lost the trip to Florida, which was the prize.  Stanley was going to have a good time!  And, he did!

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