Brooke & Flat Stella


My name is Brooke Hansen. I am American but I am living in Thailand. I made Flat Stella then I went to New Zealand to have an adventure.

The first thing we did is go whale watching. There was a whale called Noodle. Stella liked it so much she jumped in to have a short swim with him. She jumped back in the boat. He took forever to go down. We just saw the back part of him so we couldn’t see how big he was. We had to wait for him to go down to see his tail go up. We saw dolphins on the way back.

One day we hiked 30 km. Stella got tired so I had to carry her. We walked by a lake and in the mountains. We went in a jet boat to an area where they filmed Lord of the Rings. It was really scary because the captain could spin the boat.

We went in a cave. It was filled with glow-worms. The scary thing was it was pitch dark. We were in a boat. All we could see were glowing dots. Stella was so afraid of the eels and trout. Luckily she didn’t fall in. The guide told us we could drink the water because it was so clear. My sister drank it.

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