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Hello, Dr./Mr. Hubert, how are you?
My name is Todd Barber, and I’m the lead propulsion engineer on the Cassini mission to Saturn at JPL in Pasadena, CA. I also worked on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.
A family friend sent me Flat Stanley last month and we had a wonderful time getting our picture taken in thermal infrared (hottest to coldest = white, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue), riding models of both the Sojourner/Mars Pathfinder rover and a Mars Exploration Rover, and checking out Mission Control at JPL.

I thought I would submit these photos to you in case there is interest in displaying them on the Flat Stanley website, particularly since 2009 is the year for Flat Stanley to explore science.
It’s not every day we have a visitor as distinguished as Flat Stanley, either!

Regards and congratulations on this wonderful project.

Todd J. Barber
Cassini Lead Propulsion Engineer
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Oct09 023

Oct09 016

Oct09 014

Oct09 002

Oct09 020

Oct09 025

Oct09 003

Oct09 004

Oct09 005

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