Flat Stan in the Piney Woods

Well, thank YOU, Mr. Dale.  You are a darling and a delight. My little grand nephew sent FS to our mailbox 2 weeks ago and after the ’shock’ of meeting him (when he slipped out of the large envelope) we thought it was Frankenstein, in anticipation of Halloween!) We plunked him on the counter,  sideways between two jars of pickled green beans for his first night …as our guest, yike!  Then reread his ‘letter of introduction’ grabbed him up and its been a wonderful time …’had by all’! ever since. Flat Stan has visited round, met all sorts of animals and folks and has just been given an extended opportunity to stay an extra week. My 11 year old granddaughter in the adjoining county has him at the moment and will take him trick or treating after I pick him tomorrow and take him to spend the day w/ us while  my husband takes another 3 days of chemo. Hospital experience!

My good friend is a 4th grade writing teacher and is ready to introduce Mr. Stan  into her school. I’lll drop him by there after our return ….thanks to you for your creativity , brilliance and  loving caring.

All the Best,  Loye Barnard, (Dillon Jackson, in Lewisville, NC’s, auntie)

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