50 Stanleys Mailed

I just wanted to let you know that my students are REALLY enjoying this project. We have made and sent out around 50 Stanley’s–first to relatives and then to other classrooms both from the list and some who contacted me after I posted a message on proteacher.

I thought that my kids would benefit from this, but I never imagined how much they would get into it. Last week we were reading from our art book, and it was describing a museum in Washington. We have a Stanley from Washington, so one of the kids yelled out “Do you think Stanley has ever been there?” We took out our map and tried to guess.

Also, one of my students sent his Stanley to my cousin. She just emailed me asking if she could video some of the things her kids and Stanley were doing. Can you imagine that? Another teacher emailed me telling me that she had gotten a new student who was in a wheelchair. To make her feel “welcome” she was the first one to take Stanley home (sent by us). She was told to bring him back the next day, but she didn’t. Because she was new she really didn’t push the fact. Later in the day one of the other student’s informed her that the little girl’s mother wouldn’t let Stanley come back to school because he had a fever! then the student asked “do you think it is because we made him stand in the corner during gym time (he didn’t have gym shoes)!

This is a wonderful project, and I am so very thankful that we are a part of it. You mentioned that you think the teachers should get more recognition–I personally think that you should get more!!!

Mary Dean

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