Colleen from NJ

Dear Dale,
I am now a fourth grade teacher in Paterson, New Jersey.  I actually heard about this project when I was in college but had no idea it was as big as it is.  This past year(2000-2001), my third grade class and I read the book and created our own Flat Stanley’s.  Each student decorated their own Stanley and wrote a letter to people asking them to continue sending him around the world after they wrote us a letter to let us know where he was visiting.
I am extremely happy to report that on our first attempt, our Flat Stanley’s made it to every continent on the map.  Our most exciting adventure was when he visited a small island of Micronesia that had just recently built their first and only school.  Also, we received some wonderful pictures over the internet of our Flat Stanley in the airport in Shanghai.  My students, as well as myself were extremely thrilled to have received newspapers Stanley had sent us from Australia when he attended the Olympics in the fall of 2000.  To say the least, our project was a terrific success.
Over the summer I was able to put all of the letters in a scrapbook so that we can have an ongoing log of all the places we have been.  Our map has been cleared of all of last year’s markings and I am getting ready to read Flat Stanley to the new group of fourth graders that will start school tomorrow.  Just thought you might be interested in hearing about our success!

Colleen Breitwieser
Charles J. Riley #9
Paterson, NJ

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