Okinawa, Japan

I started out with this project to show the children of Okinawa how similar all children were. They like the same things and even though live in different places …all shared a common element……. they are kids.
I teach for several schools here and these children do not speak any English…. so I had to work with them to make them understand the meaning of FLAT STANLEY. With book in hand we made it through. I had my students then create their own versions……one looked like MULAN. They took great pride in their artwork but were even more excited to have something they made go to the states! The even did Japanese brush writing to tell their own story. With the G8 Summit being hosted here on OKINAWA in 2000 I thought it would be a good idea to have other kids see what a grand place Okinawa is. I have had an incredible response to the program and am so glad I *surfed* the web and found this site

Christine Amos
Gushikawa Board of Education
Okinawa, Japan

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