Flat Stanley, Matchmaker

This is one of the most exciting Flat Stanley events I’ve ever been a part of. A few weeks ago, Eric Velez contacted me to say his long-time girlfriend was a teacher and a huge fan of my Flat Stanley Project. Eric asked if I’d like to help create a Success Story by using Flat Stanley as a way for him to propose to Miss Jessica Rodriguez. After much e-mailing back and forth and the creation of some flat images of Eric and Jessica, the stage was set for an assembly at the school. After watching some Flat Stanley information that I’d prepared, the students were surprised to see their teacher on the screen, “flattened” and she was even more surprised when Eric arrived and proposed to her! (She said yes.)

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  1. Thanks to Dale, my fiance and I as well as all the 100 little 1st graders involved will remember this day forever! Thank you so much Dale!

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