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Vancouver 2010 – Day 2

On day two of the olympics we went to see the flame before going to the Women’s hockey game.  Unfortunately the fence that surrounds the flame was covered up and we could barely see it.  We will try again on another day.  We did meet some reporters from the Ukraine.  

The skytrain was busy with lots of excited people heading events of all sorts.  There is so much to do here in Vancouver. Here we are with one on the thousands of volunteers. Thanks for the directions to Canada Hockey Place.  The cool connection is that his brother works at a hospital in Toronto; hi from Vancouver! 

Getting into the venues takes a little time.  Here we are waiting to go through security. We played “eye spy” while we were waiting – you would be amazed how many different red things there were.

The security checks are just like being in the airport.  They scan you and your bags.  We were able to bring our “Go Canada” poster, but had to leave our water behind….

Here is the team Slovakia during the warm-up. Our hats off to the Slovak goalie, she had 63 shots against her and only let in 18 of them…. bet she was tired after that game.

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