Flat Stanley from 95q Eastwood School in New York

dalehubert-busking.htmIt’s true the Flat Stanleys from New York have stayed a long time in London, Ontario, but they’ve have a good time.

On May 8, 2010, they had the privilege of meeting Royce Gracie. For those unfamiliar with him, Wikipedia reports:

Royce Gracie is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter, a UFC Hall of Famer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He holds the most submission victories in UFC history with 11, which he earned between UFC 1 and UFC 4. Gracie became a larger than life figure in the mixed martial arts world for his domination in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He became famous for beating opponents much larger than him, and between 1993 and 1994, he was the tournament winner of UFC 1, UFC 2, UFC 4, and fought to a draw with Ken Shamrock in the championship match in the Superfight at UFC 5. [2] Gracie popularized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and revolutionized mixed martial arts with his results contributing to the movement towards grappling and cross-training in the sport.

Here he is with Flat Jason and Flat Kierra with Royce Gracie!

But the month of March was even more exciting. All of the visitors from PS 95 q went with Mr. Hubert to the Galapagos Islands. Sadly, only Flat Kierra and Flat Jason safely returned. Keep in mind that the Galapagos are very windy islands… Some of the poses resulted in flat visitors being swept into the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps a sailor will one day find them and mail them back.

Here are Flat Jason and Flat Kierra with Mr. Hubert with a giant tortoise on a Galapagos Island.

Here’s something interesting about the giant tortoise. Do you know why it has such a large shell? You might think that it’s for protection, and that’s true. However, the predators on the Galapagos Islands are the Galapagos Hawk and some rodents. Why does it need such a big shell? Here’s the answer: When the tortoises were evolving, there were other predators – including dinosaurs! – so, the Galapagos tortoise is still protecting itself against dinosaurs, even though they are now extinct.

As you may know, Mr. Hubert was once a street singer, before he became a teacher and the creator of the Flat Stanley Project, he sang in the streets of Europe.  Here he is, many years ago.

While in Ecuador, on his way to the Galapagos Islands, he met these entertainers from Argentina. One is holding Flat Jason and Flat Kierra while the other holds a Flat Stanley.

Did you know that the Galapagos Isalnds were created by volcanoes? Everywhere you looked you could the cones of ancient volcanoes. In fact, there are many active volcanoes in the area!

Here they are, with a real wild iguana! Fortunately, iguanas are usually quite slow, especially when they were cold in the morning. But Flat Jason and Flat Kierra were nervous while they were this close to such a scary beast!

While at Wilfrid Jury Public School, Jason wrote:

Dear friend,

This is Flat Jason. He lies to go on trips to Applebee’s and he likes to eat popcorn, cancakes and even ice cream. He likes to play: football, baseball, soccer. I like to play hockey, and Flat Jason likes to watch TV, and visit Santa. Please take care of flat Mikey. Your friend, Jason.

Richard wrote:

Thursday, January 21, 2010,

Dear Jason,

Your flat Jason is having a great time! We have built a snowman and watched TV and played on my Nintendo D.S. We had a great time together!

From, Richard H.

Fatin wrote:

Jason is enjoying his time here. Jason and I went to buy a Nintendo D.S. Jason chose a pink one because I’m a girl and girls like the colour pink. Not so long after, we went to my cousin’s birthday party. We ate chocolate cake, and flat Jason loved it. We also ate chocolate cookies. After a while, we played hide and go seek. The next day, I played with my Nintendo D.S and I wnet shopping to get something to paint. When I got home, I painted, and Jason did too. While we were painting, my mom was cooking hamburgers. A little while later, we read a book about Chester. It was funny (hahaha). Just then, we went to watch my favourite movie. Then, my mom said, “Do you want some ice cream?” So we said, “Okay! Okay!”, but flat Jason couldn’t eat it, so I made him flat ice cream. Jason loved it. A minute later, we went to bed, but before that we brushed our teeth. Then we wne tot bed. Jason said, “I forgot to tell you: I’m having a wonderful time!”

From, Fatin.

P.S. It’s so much fun to play with Jason. Also, have fun!

Gillian wrote:

Marach 2, 2010,

Dear Jason,

Flat Jason and I are having a great time. First we went to my hockey game. It was a tie. After that, we went to McDonald’s. I got small fries with a chicken burger. Flat Jason had flat fries. Then, we went home. I read a book called “Miley Cyruc Miles To Go”. Jason read, “More Tales From the Class at the End of the Hall”. He really liked it. I have to go so have fun reading my letter.

From, Gillian.

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