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  1. Hi my name is Justice I am from Maine. I went to go visit New York. It was fun I was cooking up some good food, I also visited Watertown Wizards it is an indoor soccer field. I went with one of my teacher’s family members to visit their primary school called the Indian River Antwerp Primary school. I also visited Fort Virgina in New York. It was a blast!!!!

  2. My name is Trevor. My Flat Stanley went to New Hampshire. I got to see a graveyard, church, and a fire department too.

  3. My name is Isaac and I went to south Carolina. I haven’t gotten mine back yet but I did go visit my step sister. I hope I come back soon! I will let you know when I return back to Maine!

  4. My name is Connor. My Flat Stanley went to New Orleans! I went there with one of my teachers. She sent me back with beaded necklaces for everyone in my class. She got them at Madi Grais. I went on the plane with Rachel Rae she is a famous person on the food network. I walked down the famous street called Bourbon Street. It was a lot of fun!

  5. my name is Rosalyn and my Flat Stanley went to Arizona. But mine has not came back yet.I live in Maine.I liked the book about Flat Stanley and his adventures.We read the book in reading class. It was funny.I hope my Flat Stanley is back soon.

  6. My name is Noah. My Flat Stanley went to Colorado. I rode a dragon, then I hid somewhere on the spider beetle. Then I got pictures of a Colorado Cat, a mountain goat, flying squirrel, and elk. I also saw a mountain called Horse Tooth.

  7. Brandon
    I went to visit Washington. I went to Boeing. This is where they make the airplanes. I was sent a 747 that is the biggest plane! I went to go see the space needle and I went to see the very first coffee store called Starbucks! And I rode the monorail through Seattle when I went to go visit the Public Market. They through fish around through the air there! I bet I was smelly when I left there though:)

  8. Flat Caleb

    I went to see my dad in MA. I went on a boat that was 104 feet long. I got good chocolates. They were shaped like lobster and fish and sea shells. I saw a big sailboat. I had fun!

  9. Hi my name is Flat Emily. I went to Florida and saw hedges of tinker bell it was so cool but I was left in the suitcase. I bet it would have been fun to see Disney World.

  10. Flat cassie

    I went to go see my nanna in N.D we went to church I got my picture taken with the drummer. We also went to the gym to work out. I got to go on the tredmill itwas funny for me and my friends.I also got to go to school and go to resses whith all of the kids. My Nana is a teacher helper there. It was cold and snowy there just like Maine!

  11. Trinity

    My flat Stanley went to Cailfornia. I went through a big red wood tree. I visited Old Sacremento. They have coblestone streets still. And I saw a relly big boat. I had a great time there. And thay still ride horses in carriages and I got to see the capital building!

  12. Hi my name is flat Macey I went to Florida. I saw the princess’ castle, I saw fireworks there. Can you guess where I went? Yup, you guessed it Disney World! It was gorgeous there they made Tinkerbell, Minnie and Mickey Mouse out of hedges! Those are small shrub like trees it was so beautiful there. It was warm and sunny in Florida while it was cold and snowy here in Maine! I can’t wait to go visit Florida again soon!

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