Flat Family Project

The Flat Family Project is Dale Hubert’s variation on his Flat Stanley Project. It is very similar to the Flat Stanley Project and at this time still uses the same List of Participants and the same Picture Gallery and blogs. The difference is that instead of being restricted to a Stanley as the flat character, all family members and even their pets are available as flattened figures. This opens the door to more female characters being sent as well as extended family members. There’s the possibility of cross-generational exchanges now that grandparents are part of the flat family.

Give your characters any names you choose – name them after yourself and the members of your family. Send along flat pets to keep them company. Use digital manipulation or an old-fashioned drop of glue to attach a picture of your face on the Flat Stanley that you are sending and now it’s a Flat You! Write your own Flat Family story and post it to the blog.

robinwilliamsThis is a picture of Robin Williams posing with a Flat Family in Afghanistan. The Flat Family Project is a great way for families who are separated to keep in touch.

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