Iraq Images

Hello, my name is Specialist Campbell , I am a soldier in the Pennsylvania national guard, deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My friend James gave me an envelope with the Flat self Jonathan. flat-self-1I quickly folded Little Jonathan and put him in my pocket till the next day’s mission. The day started early, 0400 hours, We had a simple mission. We needed to take our passengers to Camp Liberty Baghdad, for an important meeting and Flat self Jonathan was riding with me in the Gunners platform of our 73,500 pound truck the MRAP.  MRAP  is an acronym which means Mine Resistant Ambush Protectant vehicle. flat-self-2





I took a few pictures of Jonathan with my M240 Bravo Machine Gun, and one of him looking through my binoculars. We arrived in time for the meeting and had time for a photo op and lunch at the Burger King. We picked up our passengers and returned to Camp Taji Iraq conducted an After Action Reveiw and were briefed about the next mission. The end.

Thank you, Jason Campbell.

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