August 2019
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Day 4 of a Year of Flat Stanley

A few friends of mine invite me out to lunch and I thought I’d ask Flat Stanley if he’d like to join us.  He gladly accepted.  We went out to have some Sundubu (Korean tofu stew).  Flat Stanley is always happy to try new things, even new foods.  This stew comes really hot with a raw egg on the side.  When you put the egg in the stew it cooks it!  He also got to try different types of Korean dishes like kimchi.  Flat Stanley was really glad he came.  He enjoyed all the food and the experience of trying something new.

Flat Stanley tries Sundubu

2 comments to Day 4 of a Year of Flat Stanley

  • AndyR

    Hi, I see you and Stanley are in South Korea. I’m thinking about doing a Stanley project with my classes in Chungbuk. Was this part of a project? I’d be interested to hear about how you approached it, if so 🙂 Cheers Andy.

  • Amanda Stolarski


    Thanks for commenting! I’m sorry to disappoint, though. On this day, Flat Stanley and I were in a part of northern Virginia, USA that has a large Korean population and thus an abundance of authentic Korean restaurants. My goal with Flat Stanley is to take a picture everyday for a year depicting a different activity or place. So far we have been relegated to the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia area. The challenge of my project is not as much ‘where has Flat Stanley been,’ as ‘what has Flat Stanley done’ and to come up with 365 different ideas.

    I hope this helped and let me know if I can assist you further. Good Luck to you, your classes and their Flat Stanleys! 🙂


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