Kuda Lumping and Angklung

lat Kuda Lumping

and Angklung

We’re Corps Angklung Lima, an angklung ensemble from 5 Senior High School Bandung, West Java. We consists of about 30 students. Most of us are female students, but there are some male students also.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with Tyas, our trainer. She’s writing some notes on the large music score we use to practice.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping and an accompagnement, one king of angklung, consisting of tubes constructing a chord.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with Kang Rey inside our Angklung Room. He graduated from our school in 1985, and he often comes to our school to help with our team.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with our giant music score, titled Janger. We’re practicing this song for the upcoming angkulng festival.

This is Flat Kuda Lumping with Icha, one of our member. They’re standing in front of our angklung room.

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