Making Mosaic from Corn Pelt



  • Corn Pelt

  • Dye as u want

  • Water


  1. Choose thick and wide corn pelt, so it will easy to form.

  2. Boiled corn pelt, water and dye together, until the color is absorbed in to the corn pelt.

  3. Prepare the surface which is you will stick at, coloring with water of color or oil paint as undercoat.

  4. Cut the corn pelt become small pieces, to make mosaic from it. After it, stick pieces into surface as you want.

We, student from B group of Petra 5 Christian Kindergarten started to color the surface. After that, we were stick small pieces of corn pelt on the surface.

We were showing our mosaic on the Flat Stanley doll. Now we have a new Flat Stanley.

Petra 5 Christian Kindergarten

Galaksi Klampis Utara 1-3

Phone 62-031-5936655

Surabaya- East Java


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