Flat Stanley Project

By looking for ideas for our Summer Reading Program, the Flat Stanley Project fit in perfectly with our theme of “One World Many Stories.” On June 11, 2011, we had a kickoff Ice Cream Social for our Summer Reading Program. We had a section at the kickoff to hand out Flat Stanley packets and explain the project to everyone interested. During this kickoff, we passed out 225 packets.
Over the summer, we heard from many people about how interested they were in this project, or how they had done this at school in the past. Slowly, Flat Stanleys made their way back to the library. As they returned, we put the pictures, journal, and Flat Stanley up on the bulletin board. We also used a string to show each Flat Stanley’s journey on a map.
The day of the Flat Stanley party came on August 17, 2011 and we had 31 people attend, a 14% return from the kickoff party in June. I think we would have had more Flat Stanleys return if we had the project run longer than a few months. We had each participant do a show and tell to talk about where each Flat Stanley travelled. Flat Stanley visited Thailand, Afghanistan, Hershey PA, Columbus OH, and Orlando FL to name a few. We had awards, a trophy, to hand out for the Farthest Travelled Flat Stanley and one voted as the Best Destination by the participants. Also, we had a former local actor come and do a dramatization of the Flat Stanley picture book.
Overall, the project was so much fun and a fresh spin on pen pals. We learned about a number of different places around the world and saw some amazing pictures too. It is pretty cool to see the creativity of the people who received a Flat Stanley too!

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