Flat Stacy and Angela have a nice weekend Together

Date: May 3rd, 2014
Flat Stacie and I went shopping on Saturday afternoon. She felt tired after walking for 2 hours, so I took her to the Chinese tea shop to take a break. She drank a lot.


In Taiwan, it’s usually hot and humid in May. Flat Stacie felt hot, we needed something to make us cool down. So I bought her ice cream. She was very happy. After finishing the “ICY” ice cream,  Flat Stacie and I were going to find some “Treasure” next.



What was our “Treasure  Hunting “?

   Oh! We go to the supermaket. Flat Angela felt thirsty, and there were too many kinds of drinks, she didn’t know which one she wanted. Yogurt, sport drinks or juice? At last, she chose the juice!


      It was 7:00. Flat Angela was very hungry, she wanted to eat something. She was looking for the food, and she was starving. Her mouth watered when she saw the food, so I bought her some foods. 

At last, I took Flat Angela to play some games; Flat Angela is very strong in the kind of games of grab machine, so she won some prizes



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