2 Tires Flatter than Stanley in Scotland

The Scotland Trip didn’t end as well as it began. It could have been much worse, though. I didn’t lose control of the vehicle and no one was injured.

flat tire and flat stanleyBut still, we were all deflated when I managed to blow the left front and the left back tires while only 18 miles from the end of the trip. I’d driven more than 1800 miles without incident but as a bus passed closely by on the right side, something on the road wrecked both tires on the left side. Fortunately, I was able to drive the car to the nearby Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. There was even a pay phone there, so it appeared help was on the way “within 60 minutes” according to the person at the tire service. But then the restaurant with the payphone closed and the repair truck hadn’t arrived.

rangersTwo hours later, there was still no sign of help but fortunately, Park Rangers Caroline and Beverley showed up. They were great! They let us use their mobile phone and kept us company for the next hour awaiting the tire service. They even drove some of our group into the next town. After several more calls, the repair truck finally arrived and the Volvo was hoisted onto the flatbed and driven into Balloch.


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