We are a family from Canada living and working in Mozambique.  We are homeschooling our children and have included Flat Stanley as part of our curriculum this year.  After registering on your site we have had 10 Flat Stanley’s visit us from around the world in the last 2 months and approximately 50 additional requests.  Here are some of the pictures.
It has been a great experience.  Congratulations on your award – it is truly a worthwhile project.  As a teacher and a mother I see many values in this project.  I am sure you are aware of all of the.  For us the added benefit of receiving new and interesting mail in our remote location has added to the pleasure in the endeavour.
If I had one request it would be that clearer instructions are given to people who are browsing the site asking that people are certain that they contact people prior to sending their flat stanleys.  This would help them to be sure that the people are not overwhelmed with Flat Stanley projects at that time.
Congratulations on a job well done.
Karen Braun



Hallo, everybody. I am Welisha from X A, SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I will tell you about ‘Kuda Lumping’  when he visited Arab. Last year, my parents went to Arab

for doing pilgrimage and they took ‘Kuda Lumping; with them. These below are the pictures of “Kuda Lumping’ with my parents.


This is my father. The picture was taken in the front yard of ‘Masjidil Haram’ in Mecca.

‘Masjidil Haram’ is the most famous Mosque in the world. Every year, million of Moslems come here to do pilgrimage.


This is my mom. ‘Kuda Lumping’ and my mom are in the other side of ‘Masjidil Haram. They looked very happy.


This picture was taken in front of Hilton Hotel. It is not far from ‘Masjidil Haram’


My mom and ‘Kuda Lumping’ looked very happy although they are tired after doing some ritual activities.

They stayed in Mecca for a few weeks.

Composed by :

Welisha from X A, SMAN 5 Bnadung, West Java, Indonesia

Mars Dream


While I was staying at Jessica Rees’ grandparents house I had a exciting dream – in color. I dreamt that I traveled to the planet Mars to visit the NASA Exploration Rover, Spirit.Spirit is a robot that was sent to Mars on a big rocket to look for signs of life. And also to study the rocks and soil and look for water that might have been there many, many years ago – even before Jessica’s Grandma and Grandpa Rees were born. Spirit is also there to prepare for astronauts to go there someday.

I just wanted to kick some sand on the robot – all in fun of course.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is almost as big as Earth. It gets super cold at night on Mars and there is no food or water, plants or animals, or good air to breathe. But, as even a little first-grader knows, dreams are like cartoons – anything can happen and still things always go the way you want them to (hey, this is starting to remind me of me). So, since this was just a dream, I didn’t have to wear a spacesuit or explain how I traveled there.

There was ONE thing I had to be very careful about though. Spirit has cameras to send pictures back to Earth and I had to hide from them. Why? Well, don’t you think that if a camera took my picture, and sent it back to Earth, it might surprise and scare the people?

Maybe we had better not show this picture of me on Mars to anyone. Let it be our secret.

Flat Stanley

Malaysia- Panang and Bangkok

Malaysia- Penang and Bangkok images from Eric Erickson,
a freelance journalist on assignment in Asia

View from Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

At Kek Lok Si a Chinese Lion watched over Flat Ashley

View of Penang

Outside Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram, Lorong Burma.

This is a Thai temple in Penang with a 33 metre gold plated reclining Buddha, one of the longest in the world

Outside Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

Flat Ashley takes a break in her suite at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang

Flat Ashley takes a wild cab ride in Bangkok

Hungry for home in Bangkok, Flat Ashley finds a familiar sign

The outside the shrine of the Emerald Buddha.  Out of respect, no photos are allowed inside

Overlooking the courtyard at the Golden Palace

Maine, South China

South China, Maine
Hi everyone just want to share with you my trip to Gino’s Uncle Dwayne’s and Auntie Debbie’s house in South China Maine. I had a real good time. I hung out with The Three Yorkies they have Scout, Sierra and Digga..they are very nice dogs..then I got a little tired and took a nap with Frankie the cat.I played a game of pool with Uncle Dwayne and I beat him…went for a walk to feed the goat Buttercups with Auntie Debbie and really enjoyed that…going to do a little gardening today and get the flower beds ready for the summer…and then we went and for a walk to feed the chicken that was really really fun, because we got one egg that the chicken laid… oh yeah and also went for a ride on the Lawn Mower with Uncle Dwayne to clean up the yard and I tell you they have an awful big yard.
I am glad that I had chance to travel to South China Maine for a visit I had a Good Time..Signed Flat Stanley

Kyoto with John Bush

Flat Stanley’s First “Hanami Festival” in Kyoto, Japan!

Dear Adrienn and everyone at Class 3-306,

My name is John Bush, and I live in Kyoto, Japan. Each year in the month of April, all of us here in Kyoto enjoy the world-famous Kyoto “Hanami”, which is Japanese for “cherry blossom festival”. During hanami season, people come to Kyoto from all over the world to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. Everyone spends the day under the cherry trees and enjoys a wonderful picnic lunch of special Japanese food and tea, and the beautiful pink cherry blossoms gently fall all around us as we eat. It is great fun!

This year we had a VERY special guest visit us from Staten Island, New York. His name is Flat Stanley. We were very surprised to meet Flat Stanley, and everyone here thinks that he is very special. We took Flat Stanley to the hanami festival, and everyone had a wonderful time! We all enjoyed the Japanese food and tea, and we all wore our traditional Japanese clothing, known here as a “kimono”. Sadly, we did not have a kimono for Flat Stanley, but he still had a great time wearing his tee-shirt and blue jeans. We ate and laughed and sang Japanese songs with Flat Stanley at the hanami festival, and it was a very special day that all of us will never forget! Here are two photographs of Flat Stanley and I enjoying hanami. The man on the right in the 2nd photograph is my friend, Mr. Peter MacIntosh. Peter’s wife was a “Geisha” for many years, and they both live here in Kyoto.

Flat Stanley told us about all the great students of Class 3-306, and we hope that all of you will some day visit the beautiful city of Kyoto! Flat Stanley had a great time here in Japan, but sadly he had to leave us and continue his travels around the world. Everyone here in Kyoto hopes that Flat Stanley has a safe and fun journey, and we already miss him and hope to see him again one day. Please take very good care of Flat Stanley, OK? He is very special!

Very truly yours,

John Bush

Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo and Mt Fuji

A Visit to Japan

This is the final feast and 4 of the 6 Flat Stanley’s on our Japan trip. There were 20 teachers in our group.

This is flat Stanley on the metro in Tokyo and riding a large folded paper crane at Hirai Junior High School in Kashima

Here is Flat Stanley on the bus as we drove towards Mt. Fuji. I’m afraid I couldn’t get them both in focus, so I went with the mountain! This is the last photo I’ll send!


Okinawa, Japan

Dear Chelsey and Classmates,

Well, for those of you who don’t know, Chelsey sent me to Okinawa, Japan to her Aunt Jana’s house all the way from Ms. Mello’s class at Mary Finn Elementary School in Southborough, Massachusetts. I arrived in Okinawa, Japan through the Military Post Service to your Aunt Jana in Okinawa. She is a counsellor at an Elementary school here in Okinawa. The school is for children of Marines stationed here.

Okinawa is part of Japan now, but has influences of many culture including Japanese and Chinese. The island is only 60 miles long and 5miles wide at it wide part.

I arrived at the perfect time here. It was Spring Break and all the students where out for an entire week! I had lots of fun playing with Chelsey’s cousins, Carrie, 12 and Tommy, 4. The family lives off base and has many Japanese neighbors. Here is cousin Tommy letting me out of my envelope.

This picture is right in front of their house on the seawall. You are looking at the East China Sea. They get many strong typhoons here and many times get out of school for them. Normally, you can find surfers and divers in the ocean off the wall. Here I am with cousin Tommy.

I also got to go riding with your cousin Carrie at one of the few Japanese riding stables on the small island. Here is a picture of Carrie and me riding.

Carrie’s riding teacher decided to show me how to jump a horse. I am attached to her helmet below. Claudia took me through a double jump on a horse named Makota. It was very scary, but she’s a great rider.

Everyone drives on the left side here. Your Aunt Jana told me that this was hard for a day or two, but now she can drive just fine. Here I am driving on the left with Aunt Jana.

Another unique thing here in Okinawa are the drink machines. There are located on every corner. Even in our little neighborhood.

Stanley decided to cool off with a Japanese Green Tea drink. It was 80 degrees Fahrenheit today. This picture is of him enjoying the shade of a local blooming tree.

Here I am on a Shi Shi dog. There are two in front of every house here to bring good luck.

Well, it has been a long day and I’ve seen so much, but I need to jump back into my envelope and take a long rest all the way back to Massachusetts.

Take care, and see you soon!



Hurricane Katrina Hits Louisiana

Hello Flat Stanley Fans!
My name is Stacy Bodin and I am a second grade teacher in Erath, Louisiana.  Last year, I participated in the Flat Stanley Project and was anxiously waiting to participate again.  The recent visit of two Hurricanes to Louisiana delayed me starting the project this year. Hurricane Rita’s tidal surge sent record high flood waters displacing half the children and teachers in Vermilion Parish.
Erath is a coastal parish in Vermilion Parish in Louisiana.  My home is approximately 10 miles from the gulf and my hometown was covered with Hurricane Rita’s recent tidal surge.  Though the Hurricane itself hit to the west of us, the east side brings water with it and that is what we received.  In fact, our small town of 2100 was on CNN and the other leading news shows often the week of Hurricane Rita’s visit.
My sister and her family lived in New Orleans where Hurricane Katrina hit.  They lived in the area where  the water remained the longest from the levee break.  In fact, her home literally sat in seven feet of water for 3 weeks.  Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29th and they were finally able to see their home for the first time on October 8th.  Of course, it is totaled.  They moved in with our family, hoping to find a rent home in New Orleans soon. I have pictures and sites linked to my page if you are interested in viewing them.
Our town is still cleaning up and our children were shipped to another area school.  We are platooning our children for the time being.  We aren’t sure how long we will be out of our school.  FEMA is now in the process of cleaning up for us but that is expected to take a good while.
This past spring, our school had made plans to work with the Flat Stanley project as our reading theme for the year.  But with the hurricane visits, we are just looking to survive and that has been put on hold!!  Last year, I did participate in the Project and loved it.  I didn’t host a Stanley, but did respond to three projects. I was hoping to host a few this year, but will not be able to do that.
Though I don’t have the time to host a Stanley, I don’t mind responding to something.  In fact, if anyone wants to participate and I would like to try and respond.  We can send links via email and my kids can respond through the mail. I was luckily placed in a classroom at my new school with 12 computers, so we could respond with letters, etc. or via email.
Because I am at a new school and not knowing “how long” we will be here, you could email me at my home email address or mail me at my home address at 16007 HWY 685, Erath, LA 70533. I was invited to participate by several teachers at the beginning of the year and I responded yes,  however if anything was mailed to us, it was lost in the flood.  I just wanted you to know that I am still interested.
A wonderful story emerged through Hurricane Katrina’s visit that you may want to share with your children.  My sister and her husband have a set of 12 year old twins.  The evacuation was quick and they left their two pets not realizing that the New Orleans levee would break and flood New Orleans. Once that happened, my family prepared them for the death of the two pets. My nephew was extremely upset that his rabbit Bugs died.  We grieved with him and for the rabbit for weeks.  My sister Janine and her husband Thomas returned to New Orleans on October 8th to finally get pictures for the insurance company and to bury the pets. The rabbit stayed in my nepehew’s room in a large cage.  My sister quickly went to his bedroom to take his little body out to bury him and found “Bugs” still alive after 42 days!!  My sister had 7 feet of water in her home for three weeks, so we were amazed!  The bottom of the cage was plastic, so the cage floated for three weeks.  My sister had left him food and water, but not for 42 days.  When they called, we were all in awe with the story.  His eyes were dull and he was thinner, but he was alive.  He is now living at my house and seems to have adjusted to his new country home!  I created a powerpoint about my nephew and Bugs’ experience for my 2nd graders.  That can be found on my homepage ( ).  Click on  “A Journey of Hope”. I created several links on my homepage as well.
You can download the powerpoint to share with your children.  My kids loved the story and comforted the many who are still displaced at this time.
Last year, I purchased 3 sets of 30 Stanley books to work all year with “Stanley” as my main theme this year.  I just adore Stanley!!  I was saving until I could afford the next three sets of 30 this year when Hurricane Rita hit. I was going to use one story each six weeks this year in Social Studies, Science, Math and Reading.  I had already created cute math lessons with the first book.  My plan was to use some of the online lessons and I was going to create more lessons for each. However I lost all of those in the water.  When things settle down, I will begin again and buy the books when I can afford them.   I did have 3 of the 90 books with me to start planning, so, I can at least read those three Stanley books to them.
Please feel free to send Stanleys to me and my class if you want to learn about Hurricanes or the process of how coastal states handle hurricanes, evacuations, displacement, etc. I am a teacher whose children write daily and work with a large amount of technology projects.  I have participated in several state technology conferences and I have also presented at two National (NECC) Conferences, so I am extremely comfortable with technology projects in terms exchanging via email, etc.  Either way is fine for me!  Just drop me a line if you are interested in sharing information about your area with my class.
To see some pictures are information about what happened our home parish, I have sent some links below.  I attached pictures of my classroom. (These were taken about a week after the hurricane).
Stacy Bodin
Dozier Elementary (School Homepage)
We have a children’s parish site that was created this summer by our Technology Camp students.  (Our home parish is Vermilion Parish).  Our state has parishes, not counties.
Erath Children’s link with information about our town,

Hungary and Austria

Flat Stanley went to Budapest and Vienna for Christmas, 2003


The first thing Flat Stanley noticed in Budapest
was how fast the escalators to the subway moved!
It’s the oldest subway system on the continent.

A lovely young Hungarian lady introduced Flat Stanley to her beautiful dolls.  It was love at first sight!
Stanley liked the hand-painted eggs, too.

The ancient statues in Budapest let Flat Stanley pose with them.

Even the police officers were very friendly.

There were statues all over Budapest.  The one on the left was made by the Russians.
It is not well-liked.

When the Russians were there they probably wouldn’t have liked Flat Stanley, either.

Now that the Russians are gone, Hungarians use their own parliament.

It is one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world.

Flat Stanley is on the staircase.


Flat Stanley really enjoyed flying Austrian Airlines.  The Flight Attendants were great!
Stanley’s clothing was almost a match for their uniforms.

Stanley was almost on the menu and he even got to sit in the cockpit

Flat Stanley met some knights.
The one on the left is a street performer from Vienna who pretends he’s a statue.
The ones on the right are real suits of armour in a museum.

Stanley enjoyed the statues.  They were as quiet as Stanley.

Flat Stanley went to the Museum of Musical Instruments.  He saw the violin that was played by Mozart’s father and many strange guitars.  The museum guards wouldn’t let Stanley touch anything, but they held him up for this picture. No, this isn’t a giant Stanley on the roof, it’s a model of Saint Stephan’s Church in Vienna.

Flat Stanley visited a terrible place.  It was the Concentration Camp at Mauthausen, Austria.

He doesn’t feel like talking about it right now.  It was horrible.