Historical Journey at Karangkamu
(Legend of Ciung Wanara)

Not far from Tasikmalaya, it’s about 30 Kms to the east, there is a historical site of Galuh Kingdom. The site tell us about the life of Ciung Wanara in the past. In there we can find and see the place where Ciung Wanara was born, the former of the Kingdom royal audience hall, the thumbs of Adipati Panaekan, the stone icon of Lingga Yoni.

The most interesting is we can see the four colors river there. There are two rivers, Citanduy and Cimuntur that join to be one. The rivers runs to the south and ends in

Indonesian Ocean. When it is brightly. Sunny, we can see the color of brown, yellow, blue, and greenish. It’s so fantastic.

Kampung Naga

A Trip to Kampung Naga
Hello friends…
Anita, Chintya, Devi, Febe, and Maria are studying in class seven at SMP BPK Penabur Tasikmalaya will be going for a trip with Flatstenley. On the Saturday we are going for recreation at a village that called Kampung Naga.
Before going to Kampung Naga, Flatstenley lives at febe’s home. We promise that we will meet at 08.00 am at the school. We are ready at 08.00 am but, Flatstenley and Febe are not coming yet. Then we are going to Febe’s home and invite them. Febe is ready but Flatstenley is still sleeping. We then together wake him up. Lastly he wakes up and very quickly we leaving for the trip.
Before we go to Kampung Naga we drop in the school. We take some pictures in front of the school with Flatstenley and our teachers. After all, we continue our trip. When we arrive at Kampung Naga, we go down stairs to Kampung Naga.
At the village we take some pictures at some places fortunately, still have some places, which are very sacred, and we cannot take pictures at there. The culture at Kampung Naga is very unique.
Moreover the villagers are very friendly. We talk about the culture with the villages. Actually they are made lots of handcrafts and get all the matters from the jungle. They sell all the handcrafts to the tourism who are coming to their village.
After finish the trip we must climb up the stairs to go back at the car park. Flatstenly looks very tired and we are feeling the same way too. Fortunately Anita brings some foods and drinkers. We enjoy the foods in the car on our way home.
Whoever going to the Kampung Naga, they will be mesmerize and satisfied to see the unique culture of that village. Exactly they will get lot of know ledges that is very useful in the daily life.

Journey to Rajapolah


Do you know our Stanley Project story?? That was very interesting journey… Let’s see our story… Our friends, Jessica, Othe, Linda, Erline, Vina, and also our Stanley (we’re girls group! EXECPT Stanley of course) is join going to Rajapolah. Oups, I must introduce our guider too, Mrs. Arin! And name of our Stanley is JOLEVA, do you know what is the meaning? It means our friends and teacher’s name (Jessica Othe Linda Erline Vina Arin), but that name is too long for us yup? So we just call him JOJO (What a cool name?!). Okay, now our journey are begin...

At 08.30 AM, we go from our beautiful school (SMP BPK PENABUR Tasikmalaya). We have sufficient time for taking some photo in front of our school. Now, we go with a car to Rajapolah. Do you know where is Rajapolah? Rajapolah is a place between Tasikmalaya and Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, this place is famous with the handcrafts. In the car we don’t stop for kidding and laugh! So, that car was very-very noisy! At 09.15 we arrive at Rajapolah, but we were hungry, so we eat “Nasi Cikur” (One of Indonesia traditional food), of course we eat in the car. After eating, we take some photo at handcraft shop, Othe is taking a photo with Jojo wear a mask! How cool?! You can see the photos under this text… Many things we do in Rajapolah… That was so interesting!! Jojo must be very happy with this journey…

At 12.00 AM, we go home… And of course with our sweet memories in Rajapolah, we don’t want to forget this journey… Do you want go to Rajapolah too?!

This is our friends!!!!!!!

From left : Erline, Vina, Jojo, Othe, Jessica, and Linda

Do you want to buy sandal or hats?

Jojo is love this hat too!

So cool!!!! Guess who are they?! (The Mask)

Jakarta High School

The reports of Stanley activities

in BPK Penabur Senior High School


We are the team of BPK Penabur Senior High School in Bogor. We and our new friend : Stanley the smart and flat boy at hall of school. We always worship first before we begun our activities. We begun our activities at half past seven a.m until two p.m.

Day 3

We have studied at laboratory of Biology There we studied about skeleton with our teacher, Miss.Defita, beside that we studied about the algae too. Stanley have seen the class of algae with preparate in microscope.

Day 3

We have environment observation at Cilibende River. We want to know about the level polution in Cilibende river. According to our observation, we found that river have a high polution. Valid, we found the Tubifex in there. Tubifex is worm class of Oligocaeta. If have found Tubifex in the river, it valid the river have high polution.

That is Stanley with Tubifex.


West Java, Indonesia

Dear Mr. Hubert,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yusuf Chandra an English Teacher at Elementary School of St. Yusuf I at Jl. Trunojoyo 3 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Our students love to have friends from all over the world even though they don’t speak much English as English is only a foreign language but it will be fun to work together and this Flat Stanley project is a good one to start with.

We try to make Flat Stanley a week visit to our school and invited by the parents of the students to their houses as well. Stanley is dressed Sundanesse dress. (Bandung is a sundanesse area so we call it sundanesse).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our story.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Yusuf Chandra


A Day at the Farm in Jakarta with Stanley

by Nisaa
Hi my name is Nisaa. I’m in the third grade. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Today me and my cousin Shofi met a new friend named : Stanley the flat boy.
We took him to the farm near my house, We also took our little sisters : Azka and Iffah, look they also have little Stanley with them !!
In the farm, first we went to the fish pond where we were doing some fishing and rode a bamboo raft. Stanley looked very happy in the raft, because we got a fish.
After that we went to the paddy rice field, Stanley look puzzled when he walked through the field because it was his first time. We also play up in the tree house, it was fun for Stanley.
Finally we finish our day at the farm, by feeding the sheep and the rabbits.
What a busy day for Stanley and us at the farm.
We hope Stanley can visit us again someday. There are so much places that we want Stanley to visit.
Bye Stanley

Island of Panjalu

Flat Stanley Visits the Island of Panjalu

Our new friend Stanley come to my country is to visit an island in Lengkong lake, Panjalu. The distance from Tasikmalaya to Panjalu is about 30 Kms. After arriving there, we took some photos, but our friend Stanley still wanted to be taken, so we took some other photos. Then we rented a boat, it was Rp 40.000, so each of us spent Rp 10.000, but neither did Stanley. We sailed around the island, while we were sailing, we saw many bats.

After sailing we landed in the island in the middle of the lake. We made some poses. There was a cemetary. It was King Borosnyora’s. We heard about the history of the lake. According to the people the lake was created by King Borosnyora’s effort aid his peoples, where as the water in the lake was from Mecca when King Borosnyora’s traveled. After listening to the history of lake Panjalu, we went back home. On the way home we had some unforgetable jokes with Stanley. That is all the adventure of Stanley.

Today is Friday. Our teacher takes us to a corn field. There we meet Ujang. We learn about corn and have a lot of fun.

Today is Friday. Our teacher takes us to a corn field. There we meet Ujang. We learn about corn and have a lot of fun.

One…two…three…red…blue…green…are numbers and colours that we learn. Come to Playgroup BPK Penabur Tasikmalaya and you can learn more with us.

“Satay … Satay … !” Do you want some satay? It is our favourite food. Ujang helps us bake them. He is a great cook.


Hello my name is Ghelar. I have a new friend. She is a girl but flat ! Her name is Euis. So I call her “Euis the flat girl”.

One day, after school time, I invited Euis to come to my house and we are cooking with my Mom. We make fried rice and fried noodle.

After finished, we had lunch together. Hmm …. Yummy !!. we were very happy.

By : Ghelar Setyo Pamungkas

Grade IV BPK PENABUR Elementary School

Tasikmalaya – West java


Italy Visit by Kuda Lumping

Hallo, friends. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We are now in the grade 12.

From the left to the right : Kiki, Cherry, Anita and Citra.

We are going to tell you about other activities of our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ in Italy.


‘Kuda Lumping and Mrs. Marsel are in Rome. There is a pond in the city.

Long time ago it was used to go bathing in the summer. Most people went here to take a bath.

But now it is one of tourist spots in Rome, not only  foreign tourists but also domestic ones visit this place.

Do you know why? Because there is a belief if someone throws away a coin to the water,

he/she will come back again to this place. Do you believe it?

Now, ‘Kuda Lumping,  Mr. and Mrs. Marsel are in Pompeii, the lost city in Italy.

Mt. Vesuvius exploded hundred years ago and destroyed the city.

Now, Pompeii becomes one of tourists destinations in Italy. Most people come here  to see the ruins of Pompeii, the lost city.

This picture used to be fire place of a big  restaurant in the Pompeii era.

Here, they cooked and kept the wine in the clay, big jar for many years before it served to the guests .

This is a statue of a Roman Hero. It was not wearing any cloth

Mr. Marsel and ‘Kuda Lumping admired it very much.

They are still in Pompeii. The air is fresh and behind them there is a blue mountain.

It is a beautiful and fantastic scenery.

The picture was taken in the bridge in Venice. The buildings are built along side the river.

There are many gondolas sailing here and there, up and down the stream.

This is a big square in the centre of Venice. Thousands of pigeons can be found here.

They are flying among the visitors. Everybody can feed them but never disturb and hurt them.

Composed by :

Kiki, Cherry, Anita and Citra, students of SMAN 5 (Senior High School)  Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Italy Visit by Kuda Lumping

Last year, Mr. and Mrs. Marsel had a trip to Europe. Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ joined them.

That was the first time for ‘Kuda Lumping’ to visit Europe. This picture was taken in Roma.

Behind them is Pisa Tower which is the famous tower in Italy

They are still in area of Pisa Tower. You can see on the right side of the picture, there is one of the 7 wonder and it is called a Pisa tower.

Mrs. Marsel took a picture with students from Bologna, Italy. They greet our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’.

Can you see? How happy our flat is among them

Wow! ! . That ‘s great.. Our Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’  is trying hard to push  the tower in order not to fall down.

Do you agree? It is helped by Mr. and Mrs. Marsel.

It looked like as if “Kuda Lumping’ had pushed the tower. Exactly, they could’…..

It is a nice journey. They are still in Roma. The building standing behind is Pisa Tower

Hi, It’s Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ from Bandung,  West Java, Indonesia and this picture was taken when he was in Italy.

It’s a really a nice country. You can see in the picture when they were traveling around the city by a bus without roof.

So Mr., Mrs. Marsel and Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ could enjoy the scenery in the city

Look! They took a picture with one of students from another country. She was also a tourist like me.

It was a very an interesting trip for them. Do you want to join them?

Here we go. … another fabulous place in Italy.

This is a picture of Mrs. Marsel and our Flat  with tourists from Japan. They are enjoying their trip.

Look! Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’ is in Rome Mrs. Marsel and ‘Kuda Lumping are in front of the famous Colosseum.

“Kuda Lumping’ looks very happy to be there.

It’s time for Venice!

‘ Kuda Lumping’, Mr. and Mrs. Marsel are standing at St. Marks Square.

Look at the background view, It’s a famous Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Cathedral!

Wow !!!! How amazing it is to be in Italy, taking pictures with the so-called street musician.

She uses some glasses as media of playing music.

‘Kuda Lumping’ , Mr. and Mrs. Marsel must have had a good trip.

Composed by : Nadia, Fitrie, Astrie and Pangeran

From  SMAN 5 (Senior High School) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Goa Jepang -Japan Cave

Hallo, Everybody. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Now we want to introduce our new flat ‘ARAGONI’.

The name derives from our names, Nandar, Ariesta, Aghi, and Daniel.

Last week, we took our flat ‘Aragoni’ to the one of historical site near Bandung, named Goa Jepang (Japan Cave)

This cave used to be a place for hiding and gathering information and so

a place for keeping weapons and ammunition when Japan occupied our country, Indonesia.

Look at the picture of our flat ‘Aragoni’ who is standing in front of a room for scout.

This place used to have a function  for seeing the condition and as the protection if there were people who tried to attack this cave.

These are Aghi and Nandar with ‘Aragoni’. This picture was taken in front of the main gate of Japan Cave

Our flat looks so excited because he can join us to  visit ‘Goa Jepang’

Look at the picture taken by Aghi. The boy in the picture are Daniel, Ariesta and ‘Aragoni’. They are standing in front of the main gate of ‘Goa Jepang’

Our flat ‘Aragoni’ is standing on one of the rest place for Japanese soldiers

when our country occupied by Japanese long time ago

The picture was taken in front of monument near ‘Goa Jepang’

Ariesta and Nandar hold our flat. They look so tired after walking around ‘Goa Jepang’

Composed by : Nandar, Aghi, Ariesta and Daniel, students of Five Senior High School (SMAN 5) Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Galunggung Mountain

Galunggung Mountain

Flat Stanley Project of 2 Vocational High School Tasikmalaya

Hello guys…

In this nice opportunity, we would like to introduce our team, we were The Flat Stanley team from SMK N 2 (Vocational High School) Tasikmalaya West Java, Indonesia. and we were members of English Conversation Club the real cool & funky organization in our school. The photo’s right in front of our school, see from left to right there were Mr Dadang, Akmal Susinta, Mr.Ario (our Head Master) Tega, Yaser, Mr Wiharto and in the middle, our special guest Flat Stanley.

On Sunday 21th May 2006, Flat Stanley visited our school and he invited us to climb Galunggung Mountain as popular tourism object in Tasikmalaya. Excitedly we received his inviting, so at 09.30 we went together to Galunggung Mountain by car, but two of us that is Akmal and Tega couldn’t go to there because they had family’s importance so they changed by Rifki and Sani. Galunggung was volcano with elevation 2,168 metres ( 7,113 feet ) above sea surface, it was be located in 17 km from Tasikmalaya City. At 11.00 a.m we arrived at Galunggung Mountain we were very happy, and the situation was already busy, we found a lot of people with various activities, such as camping or just Rest & Recreation. Probably it was because of holiday time.

We went directly to valley, we then took a rest in a small shop “warung“ to have some food for lunch and some hot drink because we were hungry and also the temperature was very cold. So we had to refill our energy as preparation before we climbed the mountain.

At about 11.30 a.m. we went to the crater of Galunggung with new spirit and we were very excited, we climbed ladders step by step. Although finally we were still tired, Did you know how many ladder that we climb ? there were 620 ladders. And did you know how tall the ladder ? 315 metres, tiredly, wasn’t it ?

But, one of our guidance teacher Mr. Wiharto didn’t follow us to climb until crater, and one of us asked him, Why Mr. ? Simply he answered, where would I find the massager after this ? we realized his condition he was too fat, he could be difficult to bring out his self. indeed it was so funny, wasn’t it ?

Finally, we arrived at crater. We were happy, because we finished our struggling to climb ladders one by one. On the crater we saw beautiful nature view, actually in the middle of crater there was island like Toba Lake in Sumatra, unfortunately we couldn’t see it because the water was full and you could swim there, we saw Tasikmalaya City view from the crater and it was very beautiful. The width of the crater about 40 ha.

In the last two centuries, this volcano erupated three times at remackable similar intervals of 72 and 88 years. There was a catastrophic eruption in 1822 which claimed around 4000 victims and was thus one of the five most disastrous eruption in Indonesia’s history. After 1822 eruption, a lava plug formed and gradually blocked the vent. The next big bang came in 1894, albeit with a much smaller loss of human life, and sometime after 1918 the lava plug formed a new. On 5 April 1982, big explosion ushered in a new series of eruptions of Galunggung mountain, enormous “ lahar “ (mudflows) rushed down from the mountain flanks forced the evacuation of more than 30,000 local resident.

On the other hand, there were some tourism obeject that we could visit such as hot springs, swimming pool where you could swim, Waterfall, Montane Forest, Ericaceous Forest and the facility complete enough.

At 02.00 p.m. we left Galunggung Mountain, we were happy, satisfied, and very tired, even our feet muscles became painful. That’s all our journey.

Lovely, wasn’t it ?

Hasta la vista, baby !


Play In The Garden!!!!

Hallo our name Ajeng, Ratih, Anin, and Vika, we had the new friend of his name of the Deserted flat, Marry, and Lady. We now were being in the garden behind one of our friends, here plenty of beautiful crops and grew very fertile. This photograph that we could during playing in the garden …

This the Deserted photograph of the flat, Marry, and Lady with the tomatoes crop. Saw!! Evidently his tomatoes have borne fruit!! Tomatoes very nutritious because often contained vitamin A and C

If this one they with the betel crop, this betel crop including the crop of the living pharmacy right!! Betel could be traditional medicine to treat the thrush, cough medicine, and the antiseptic

Ok…Now they with the crop that tasted hot that right!! The chilli!! This chilli, possibly if you that was overseas the frequency used paprika. The chilli apart from for the cooked material also was able to treat the stomach mules, to hair tonic and stimulan

This the last photograph, they was with the crop of the crocodile tongue, the crocodile tongue also the pharmacy crop lived. The crocodile tongue had the benefit for us that are to penumbuh hair and cough medicine.

Oops.. until we forgot to point out the photograph, the available photograph of the flower in the garden, this had several photographs of the addition that would we show including the frangipani and the flower asoka ….

Ok…only that could be shown by us to you and if you wanted to have the crop..the fertile crop like above, you must treat him well his method by pouring and giving fertilizers by being arranged but had one matter more that more important that is you must treat him with the affection!! If doing something wrong words helped sorry…

Bye…..Bye…. and….See you……

Group: Ajeng,Ratih,Anin, and Vika

Flat Welder

Flat Welder

Dear Mr. Dale Hubert.

We are Sesilia Halim and Vera Setiawati from SMAK 3 BPK Penabur Bandung, Indonesia. We would like to join a Flat Stanley Project.

The project is make base schem chicken’s food machine. We are survey to ‘Djaya Kencana Company’. This company usually accept order to make something from iron. That work not difficult, but need high accuracy.

This is the method :

Measure the material which made from iron

Cut the iron match with needed

These are pieces of that iron

Then, that iron’s piece was bored

Then, that pieces was lengthened and welded Wow … this weld was so blind the eyes.

So, you must use black glasses.

After welded, the pieces of iron would bend schem. Then, paint

that schem and set the bolt into hole

Hore…the scheme was finished, and can directly to uses

Look, this is the machine without base

And this is the machine with base

This is the chicken’s food machine with base scheme

This is the work room of ‘Djaya Kencana’ Company.

Although scattered, on this place, many of something of iron

had been finished

OK, friends that’s all about our project. We hope our project can increase your insight. Thank you.

See you later again. 

With love,

Sesilia & Vera

Flat Kuda Lumping visits Ranah Minang, West Sumatra

Hello, my name is Allan, a student of SMAN 5 (five senior high school) Bandung, West java, Indonesia.

The photo is taken in front of my class with my class teacher, Mrs. Ida. I come from West Sumatera. My home town is Payakumbuh.

It is three hours from Minangkabau International Airport

The people and the regional language from West Sumatera is called “Minangkabau”  I live in Bandung with my sister.

On Lebaran holiday, I visited my hometown with our flat “Kuda Lumping”.The pictures below show

how flat “Kuda Lumping” enjoyed his travel in my hometown.

Flat “Kuda Lumping” is on the bridge between fort de cock castle, and the zoo in Bukittinggi,

is one of the beautiful city in west Sumatera. We call the bridge “Limpapeh” which means butterfly.

Under the bridge we can see a beautiful scenery of Bukittinggi.

The waterfall is one of tourist spot near my hometown. It is called “Lembah Harau” or Harau valley.

The air is fresh and we can swim below the waterfall. Minangkabau people always go for taking a bath / a swim

to this place a day before fasting month. It is one of specific custom from Minangkabau People. We called it “Balimau”.

Flat “Kuda Lumping” look around to see how beautiful the place is. There are also some home stay to live in.

Would you like to visit my hometown? Just take a plane to Padang, the capital of West Sumatera.

Our local goverment has just opened the new international airport which is called “Minangkabau International Airport” (MIA).

“Kuda Lumping” is an action in front of the steep side of a valley. Look!!

He is climbing the pole in order to see around.

Our flat “Kuda Lumping” look tired after walking around the valley.

Behind the flat, there is a small bridge to the forest.

These women are wearing traditional clothe from Minangkabau.

The clothes are worn in the specific events for Minangkabau culture like wedding ceremony, and other ceremonies.

In this occasion, the women are distributing invitation in traditional way, “Mamanggia”.

They do not use invitation card but they use a quid consists of betel leaf, areca nut, gambier and lime. It is unique, isn’t it ?

My father, Mr. Abdul Khair, a member of local parliament,  shows our flat a path to reach home stay.

In this picture, “Kuda Lumping” watched rice field like the yellow carpet

This is a traditional vehicles from Minangkabau, we call it “Bendi”. Bendi is carried by a horse and full of colorful ornaments.

It carries people to near places in the city.

The step of the horse sounds “tuk tik tak tik tak tik tuk” because of  the shoes are made of iron.

Would you try it? Please come to my hometown.

Composed by : Allan Nafari

Flat Kuda Lumping visits Sulawesi

Flat Kuda Lumping

Hi, I am Andi Dwi, a student of 5 Senior High School, Bandung, West Java,  Indonesia. My father comes from Makasar, South Sulawesi. Do you know where Sulawesi is? It is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia. Sulawesi was known as Celebes where the third president of our country, B.J. Habibie, comes from and now our Vice President, M  Jusuf Kalla,  is also one of the popilar leader of South Sulawesi.

Last holiday, Flat Kuda Lumping and My Family went to South Sulawesi to visit my Grand parents. This picture, was taken from the window of my Hotel, where we can see the beautiful Losari Beach in Makasar. Makasar is a capital of South Sulawesi

Fort Rotterdam is one of the historical building in Makasar. It is located not far from Losari Beach. When the era of President Suharto, Makasar was called Ujung Pandang. Look! Our Flat Kuda Lumping is enjoying  his visit to Makasar.

Behind us, my mother, my sister,  Flat Kuda Lumping is standing under the sculpture of Pangeran Diponegoro who is riding his famous white horse. Pangeran Diponegoro is one of our National Heroes who was exiled to South Sulawesi by The Dutch Government, and his famous white horse

This is the inside look of Fort Rotterdam. Here we can see the beautiful old Dutch Buildings

Our Flat is climbing a tree to watch the grave of Pangeran Diponegoro. Here, the family of our hero were buried. They are his wife, his brother and his children. It is located in the center of the city, Makasar.

It is a traditional house from South Sulawesi. It looks so different from one in Java

Sultan Hasanudin is a National Hero from South Sulawesi. You cannot enter the grave yard without any permit from the local Government. Flat Kuda Lumping cannot get inside because we have to go back to Bandung soon. So we have no time to get license.

The people from South Sulawesi are religious people. We can find mosques easily every where we go. This is the oldest mosque in South Sulawasi. It is located in Makasar. It was built in 1603. This mosque  was renovated in 1981 by government.

This is a room where Pangeran Diponegoro was put in jail until he died. The place is a part of Fort  Rotterdam. Every body who go inside the building, can see this room. Pangeran Diponegoro  is a national hero who came from Central Java. The Dutch Government exiled him and his family, his follower to South Sulawesi

Flat Kuda Lumping is visiting the Kings Grave. What you see is the grave of Gowa King, who led Gowa Kindom long time ago. He was famous for his braveness in fighting against the enemies.

Bira Beach is located in south East of Maksar. It is about six hours from Makasar. The beach is beautiful with white sandy.

That all are the report of our Flat visit to South Sulawesi. I hope if you visit our country, Indonesia, don’t forget to go to South Sulawesi. Because there are lot of interesting places there.

Composed by : Andi Dwi from SMA N 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. (5 Senior High School Bandung)

Flat Intang

Flat Intang

12th March 2005

We are the explorer team from Macassar City, Indonesia. The members are Flat Intang, Gaby, Aze, and Noe.

Part One : Going to Coto Restaurant…

Hosh…Hosh…” said Noe, “Well, it’s the HOTTEST day I ever felt !!!”

It’s 12.00 pm. It’s natural if you feel so hot, I think” said Gaby.

And I think Flat Intang is going hungry, let’s hunt some food” said Aze. (ketupat)

Hey, there is a Coto Restaurant over there. Come on! Hurry up !” said Noe.

Coto is one of the special foods in Macassar. It’s made from buffalo’s meat and spicy broth. Coto is eaten with “ketupat” (rice covered by pandanus leaves and cooked together). (coto)

Ohh, it’s so delicious! I want more !” said Flat Intang.

Hey, hey, we don’t have enough money !” said Noe loudly.

OK! Let’s go to the second place !” shouted Aze and Gaby.

(Noe, Flat Intang, Gaby, Aze)

Flat Icchan and Acchan

Flat Icchan and Acchan in My School’s Co-operative

Hello, we are students of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL of 1 Balikpapan, Indonesia. Our name are Swastika Anggraini, Dina Parawita, Vivian Otha V, and Winda Novianti. The place that we like in the school is co-operative. Why? because in the Co-operative was sold by various requirements for the school from the notebook to school shoes, moreover in the co-operative also sold various food sorts and the drink.
That day, the Icchan Flat and Acchan visited our school Co-operative. They could buy something moreover they also were acquainted and make a photo with Mrs. Santi. Mrs. Santi was the person who was assigned to serve the student who was shopping in Co-operative our school.
We liked bought in the co-operative because apart from prices was covered, his quality also was guaranteed. But we were laziest if shopping in the school co-operative when the rest hour because of the co-operative was chock full by the students that want to Shopped. So not rare we shopped in the canteen when the hour rested. Nevertheless we continued to become the loyal customer of the school co-operative.
Before Flat Icchan and Acchan went, we maked photo with them. Thank you for your visited…….
BYE………. See you later….!!!!!!!!

Flat Den Bagus

Hallo, friends. We are students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I am Nurul Wulan who wears scarf and my friend Ayulia with our Flat ‘Den Bagus’

‘Den Bagus, means a handsome young man from West Java. The picture is taken in front of our school which is  located at Belitung street no 8, Bandung

. We share the building with SMAN 3

This is my friend Ayu with ‘Den Bagus’ in Bandung Technology Institute (ITB) where our first Presiden Soekarno graduated.

The picture is taken in front of Petroleum Engineering Departement building.

This is a tool which is used to detect oil . The location is in the other side of the building

The Petroleum Engineering Department is one of popular department in ITB.

Most High Senior students from other regions in my country want to continue  their study here.

Now, I am in the Technology Laboratory where the collegians are consulted by their lecturers.

Ayu, my friend is in the area of Campus ITB. It is a large campus, so we need the direction in order not to be lost our way.

Everybody who graduated from ITB must be very proud because ITB is one of Bandung pride.

This  is  the biggest sport center in Bandung. We call it ‘Sasana Mandala Ganesha’. It belongs to ITB.

The picture is taken in the  gate of the sport center.

‘Den Bagus’ is in a long corridor which  connects each department in ITB. It is an old building.

You can see the unique architecture of it.

It is a monument Pancasila which is located in front of ‘Padjadjaran’ University, the pride of Bandung.

Do you know ‘Pancasila? It is the five principles of our country.

Wow, Ayu is in front of ‘Gedung Sate’ In the roof of the building you can see a stick of satai so the building was named ‘Gedung Sate’.

It is also the office of the Governor of West Java, and the office of The house of representative.

We are in our school, in front of the trophy’s room. It is the opposite of our Principal office.

The students who win all competitions they participated, always put the trophy here.

We are in one of the corridor in our school. on our right side is the classroom and on our left side is teachers room.

When you visit Bandung, don’t forget to come to our school. It is one of favourite schools in Bandung. We are waiting.

Composed by : Nurul Wulan and Ayulia , students of SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Flat Chef

Hi..!!! My name is Chef Flat, but you can call me Cheffy. And my friend give me that name, because they know if I like cooking so much. Look at me, I’m cute isn’t it wearing my apron? OK, now I want to tell you how to make a special chocolate with my best friend Vebie, Tiwi and Nabhila.
The way to cook it, is very simple. And we don’t need a lot of ingredients. You just
have white chocolate for cooking, cheese, butter, food dye, and corn flakes
And the way to cook it is……
First melt the white chocolate. After it melt put it in a bowl, then wait in a few minute until a little bit cold, but still melt. While we’re waiting the chocolate, we can prepare the baking pan with butter that we already spread on it. Next give food dye and stir it (the color of the food dye is up to you). After that, give it some corn flakes. And bend it with your own idea. Here is my chocolate, nice isn’t it?
This was from SMP Negeri 1 Balikpapan, Indonesia.

Thanks for your support to publish Indonesian Schools in Flat Stanley Project.


Sanni Susanti

Flat Borneo School Anniversary

Flat Borneo at the 41st Anniversary of Our School

Flat Borneo came to the 41st anniversary of our school(SMKN 2 Balikpapan East Kalimantan Indonesia, the address : Jl.Gunung Samarinda III Balikpapan East Kalimantan Telp. (0542) 423182

All of the classes always make “ Tumpeng” to celebrate our school anniversary, tumpeng is made of white rice and is shaped like a cone, and completed with vegetable, fried tofu, fried chicken, egg , fried noodle , tempe ( traditional food of Indonesia made of soy bean ) and any other traditional Javanese food.

Flat Borneo English Debates

Flat Borneo and Her Sister Joined Us in English Debate Competition

Hello, I am Yulia Ekanita from SMKN 2 (Vocational School) Balikpapan

East Kalimantan Indonesia.I would like to tell you about our struggle to

Be the first winner in English Debate Competition

Here is the largest river in Kalimantan , it is called Mahakam River, it is located in Samarinda the capital city of East Kalimantan, it is about 115 km from Balikpapan our city.

And here is the Mahakam Bridge which crosses the Mahakam River, it is more than 400 Metres in length

Our English Debate teams ,Flat Borneo and her sister are posing near of Mahakam River, we can see the Mahakam Bridge behind us.

Flat Borneo, her sister and we are posing on the stage of debate competition.

Fitriani as the first speaker of our team is proposing her argument in the grand final of debate competition of East Kalimantan province level.

And here is Selvi as the second speaker of our team is proposing her argument in front of the juries and audiences.

Here is Lisa as the third speaker also proposing her argument in front of the juries (9 persons) in the grand final of debate competition.

Finally we are as the first winner , and it has been four times our school as the first winner

In debate competition of Vocational school in East Kalimantan Province level.

Flat Borneo and Her Sister Joined Us in English Debate Competition

Hi, everybody, I would like to tell you the activities of our debate teams in English debate competition of Vocational school in East Kalimantan Province level last month, on 19th up to 21st of May. We are 8 altogether, as English Debate Team of SMKN 2 Balikpapan joined English debate competition in Province level which was held in Samarinda (the capital city of East Kalimantan). We have two teams the first team are Lisa, Fitriyanah, Selvi Gunawan and Aisyah Rizky Carolina, and the second team are Vera. ,Fitriyana.R,Masriyana and I.

We went to Samarinda with the others participants of PKS (Student Skill Competition) from all Vocational School from Balikpapan, like SMKN 1, SMKN 3, SMKN 4, SMK5 etc. PKS or Promosi Kompetensi Siswa (Student Skill Competition) is the competition for Vocational school students who have certain skills which are taught in their school, for example accounting, secretary, Marketing, Mechanics, welding, dressmaker, cookery etc, which is held annually .

On 18th May we went to Samarinda , but before it all of the participants of PKS competition had to come together in SMKN 4 to attend ceremony . And about 09.30 we had been on the bus and we arrived in Samarinda at 12.00. In Samarinda we stayed in a dorm. At night the debate teams had to attend the technical meeting which was held in National Education Office from 08.00 to 09.00 Pm. But there was a problem, the committee decided that one school had to join just one team, in the other hand we had two teams. But it was okay, our Debate Team Supervisor, Mr. Edy decided that Lisa Okarina, Fitriyanah, Selvi Gunawan and Fitriyana Rachmadiyanti represented our school joined the competition.

On 19th May, after having breakfast, the debate team went to Polytechnics Campus Mulawarman University (the place of competition). In this time the teams should join the competition 2 rounds, and we could defeat our opponents ( SMK Kartika and SMKN 7) well

On 20th May, in a quarter final we met SMKN 7 again and their performance was better, but we could defeat them again, and in semifinal we met SMK Bontang , we could defeat them, too.

And on the last day May 21st, we went to the grand final met SMKN 1 Samarinda, we performed on the main stage ,many audiences saw us , the number of the juries is 9, our team could propose the arguments well, but we should be patient to wait for the announcement of the winner in closing ceremony in the main place where the open ceremony done.

The time which made us worried came, the announcement of the winner of debate competition, it was really amazing our team as the first winner again, it has been four times our school as the first winner in English Debate Competition of Vocational School.

Bravo SMKN 2.

Thank , see you


Flat Borneo 5

I am Perianah , I am a student of SMKN 2 Balikpaapn East Kalimantan Indonesia, in this opportunity I would like to tell you about Mrs. Marisa and Flat Borneo who visited  my class

Mrs. Marissa is teaching in my class

Here are the members of my class , Mrs. Marissa and Flat Borneo

Flat Borneo and Mrs. Marisa Visited My Class

It was Saturday   April 9th, 2005 , Mrs. Marisa who comes from Switzerland  and Flat Borneo visited my class, she is a house wife and a career woman  , she has 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters . She can speak 7 languages, English, France, Spain, Italy, German, Dutch and Indonesian. When she came to my class all of the students welcome her cheerfully . She spoke English to us and she asked some students about the problem of English. Some of my friends said that listening and grammar were difficult and also the pronunciation. Mrs. Marisa gave us opportunity to ask her about everything related with English. Mrs. Marisa said that if the students made mistakes in speaking  were okay we had to try again and again. Because of her I realize that I must learn English more. Our meeting  finished and we took photos together, we were very happy. And it was a positive activity for English class  I hope  our school can invite her or another person who experts in English. Thank Mrs. Marissa .

See you


Flat Borneo 2

Flat Borneo Visited My School

Masriyana , her friends and Flat Borneo

Hello friends my name is Masriyana, I’m one of the students in SMKN 2 (Vocational High School) in Balikpapan City East Kalimantan Indonesia. Now I would like to tell you about Flat Borneo who has visited our school.

My school is one of Vocational High School in Balikpapan city. There are three departments those are Accounting department, Secretary Department and Marketing Department. Actually my school same with the other Senior High School in Balikpapan city but the difference is the lesson, we don’t learn all kinds of general lessons like in General High School. We only learn about some lessons and we don’t learn about Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Physics lesson. In my school we learn about specific lesson which is related with each department so we are prepared to be skill workers who ready to enter into the work field.

My school was established in 1964 and it has been changed its name three times and has moved twice in different places. Our school area more than 10.000 square metres. It consist of administration office, principle’s room, teachers’ office, Vice principles’ offices, student board office, three computer laboratories, one language laboratory, three typing rooms, a library, a meeting room, two canteens, a mini bank, a mosque, a mini office for secretary practicing, a room for practicing marketing, a school shop, a volleyball field, a basketball field and a badminton field.

We have some extra curricular activities, those are Boy scouts, The red cross of youth, school police, Volleyball, basketball, badminton, Choir, cheerleader, Moslem Forum, English Debate Club, Karate (Self Defense). Many students join those programs, and usually held on Monday morning.

As my activity I choose English Debate Club and I feel so fun with that activity, because I can get many advantages from it. Flat Borneo is also interested to join me visiting my English Debate Club at my school.

Ok friends, that’s all about my school next time I would like to tell you about The English Debate Club in SMKN 2 Balikpapan. Thank Flat Borneo for your visiting, I hope you can visit me next time.

Bye…… See you …..

Flat Baco

Dear Dale
I am Radhietya from British Council Jakarta, as a Montage trainer I would like to share another Flat Stanley (Flat Baco) from East Kalimantan.
The students in this area are very keen to share their Original Flat stories with other schools on Flat Stanley website.
East Kalimantan especially Balikpapan has many places with interest stories and legend, there are several places for conservation area for endangered animal and plants like Orang Utan; we would like to share to other students from anywhere.
One of our students is Bayu from SDN 020 (Primary School) Manggar Baru District, Balikpapan East Kalimantan (Borneo Island) want to share his experience with his Flat Baco.
The school is ready to send and receive mail their Flat with other schools.
Thanks Regards


Hi, my name is Bayu.

I am a 5th grade student at SDN 020 Manggar Baru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

My Friend and Flat “Baco” are studying in the classroom

The SDN 020 Manggar Baru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Borneo Island)

Baco and his friends are reading books at the school library.

After studying Baco go to The School Cafeteria and get lunch.

Baco and Friends are playing football at school yard.

Baco carries a baby holder from Dayak.

My father is Dayak Tribe and my mother Banjar Tribe.

Bayu have one piggy bag baby from Dayak. Piggy bag made of beads, woods, and piggy tusk woven. My grandmother who’s made it. Its shape is unique and interesting.

It can be used as decoration as well.


Bayu Okta Lutfhy Firdaus

SDN 020 Manggar Baru

Jl. Mulawarman RT 2-1

East Balikpapan 76116


Sender: Radhietya

Flat Angela Monument 0 km

Flat Angela


Hi… We are the first year students from Saint Angela High School Bandung. We are (from left to right) Stephani, Raeza, Clarissa, and Dania. We take pictures with Mr. Flat in front of Monument 0 “zero” Km, Bandung. Now, we want to tell you about this monument. You can find that monument on Jalan Asia Afrika, in front of the governmental office. Jalan Asia Afrika is one of the biggest streets in Bandung.

Flat takes a photo in Monument 0 Km. This monument is officially declared on 18 May 2004 by the Governor of West Java, Mr. Danny Setiawan. In fact, this monument has been there since ahead but just declared as monument in 2004.

At the top of the monument, there is a kind of vehicle named “setum”. The “setum” is used to smooth down roads that have been asphalted, which is operated by using coal fuel. Now, this “setum” has not been used again.

When Indonesia was being colonized by the Dutch, Governor General Daendles had stuck a wood stick here and say “Zorg, gebouwd is stand een hier kom terug ik als dat.”. It means “Try, if I come to this place again, this place has been a town.” That is the reason why this monument is built up here now.

In front of this monument, there is a sign representing early calculation of street distance in Bandung.

Let us introduce our Flat Angela.

Flat Angela Gedung Sate

Flat Angela


On November 5, 2005, Flat Angela was in Gedung Sate. Its location is in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Gedung Sate is one of many historical buildings in Bandung. Right now, Gedung Sate is West Java Governor office. Gedung Sate is also used as museum of stamp.

Gedung Sate at Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Indonesia

The building is called Gedung Sate because there is something like ‘satay’ on the top of the building. So more and more people in Bandung call it ‘Gedung Sate’.

Flat Angela: Hellooo… I am at the behind of Gedung Sate now. There is a great, beautiful, and may be the biggest garden in the central of Bandung city. Hey… look at the top!!! What is that?!! It looks like ‘satay’, isn’t it?

This is a Monument of Gedung Sate. There were seven heroes died in Gedung sate. They were Suhodo, Didi, Muchtaruddin, Rana, Subengat, Surjono, and Susilo. They died in a war in 1945 in order to defend Bandung and Gedung Sate from Gurkha’s aggression. In 1952, the corpses of Suhodo, Didi, and Muchtaruddin were found. They were buried in ‘Taman Makam Pahlawan’. However, the other four heroes are still rest in Gedung Sate until now.

Agung Marcell Ricky Nafisi Raynald

Ricky: PEACE!

in Gedung Sate Garden Agung: Good morning, Flat Angela!

Nafisi: Am I pretty?


Hiiiiii…..Looks creeeepy….

Flat Angela in action at Gedung Sate Hall

Flat Angela

The Wonderful Journey With

Miss Flat Angela

Hello!! Let us introduce ourselves & of course our lovely Miss Flat Stanley. We are from Bandung (West Java, Indonesia). We are studying in Saint Angela High School grade 10. We are Angie (16 years old), Linda (17 years old), Celly (16 years old), & Sorta (15 years old). We are classmates.

One Month ago, we try to make this lovely flat girl, we called it Miss Flat Angela. Miss Flat Stanley has curly hair, black eyes. Miss Flat Stanley always go everywhere with pinky shirt, flowery skirt, & also with cute shawl in her neck. What a lovely girl!

Well, these are our photographs in our cool school… Take a look!!

AnGie X-1 / 02 LiNda X-1 / 23

CeLLy X-1 / 27 SoRta X-1 / 35

Angie Celly Sorta Linda

Oh NO!! Sorta want to hit our Miss Flat Angela!!

In Traditional Market

Now, we want to go somewhere with Ms. Flat Angela. Come on, follow us!! And here we are. We are in a traditional market called “Pasar Cihapit”. In this place, we can get cheaper food than supermarket & we can bargain what we want to buy. This place does not only provide food (like rice, meats, eggs, chickens, & fruits), but also cooks equipment, cooking spices.

Just look at these photos!!

In front of the Traditional Market

In the Traditional Market

Pasar Cihapit

Look! Everybody is looking at Miss Flat Stanley, isn’t it?

This is Mr. Bajuri; he’s weighing the meats

Traditional spices


potatoes, pineapples, & avocadoes

Fresh Fruits

Proudly Present: Miss Flat Stanley



Angie, Sorta, Celly, & Linda

That’s our entire story with Miss Flat Stanley

We are tired but, we really enjoyd the day

See you!



Flat Asep’s Adventures

Dear Dale Hubert,

I would like to say thank you to Citigroup Success Fund from CITIBANK that finally I won fund 5 millions rupiahs in applying for this Flat Stanley project, so I could bring 35 students and 10 teachers visiting 5 cities in West Java.

We name our project The adventure of Flat Asep. Asep is a popular name for sundanese young boy in Bandung, our city. Asep means a handsome boy. He is wearing a sundanese traditional costume

The Mayor of Bandung (Mr. Dada Rosada), the Head of Tourism and Culture in West Java (Mr. Budhyana), the head of education in bandung, Mr.Edi Siswandi supported this project and some Indonesian Ministers such as Indonesian Educational Minister (Mr.Bambang Sudibyo), the Minister of Indonesian Trade (Ms. Mari E Pangestu) has known Flat Stanley Project. You can see them holding Flat Asep.

The Adventure of Flat Asep will promote tourist objects such as popular tourist spots, Special foods, fruit, handy crafts from five cities; Bandung. Bogor, Purwakarta, Garut and Tasik.

I would like to say thank to Dale Hubert who will publish it. Flat Stanley project is one of favourite project at my school. Students can share many things in this project. I really appreciate to Dale Hubert who had a great idea. I will share it to other teachers in West Java too. Flat Stanley will be popular in our city I guess.

Best regards,

Dedeh Suatini
English teacher at SMAN 24 Bandung-Indonesia
Bandung Montage Coordinator

Ms. Mari E. Pangestu, the Minister of Trade of Indonesia is with Flat Asep. Mr. Bambang and Mr. Cheppy with Flat Asep. Mr. Bambang is the Minister of Education.
The mayor of Bandung, Mr. Dada Rosada (Holding Flat Asep) and the Headmaster of Bandung 24 Senior High School, Mr. Suparno. The Head of Culture & Tourism in West Java, Mr. Budhyana.
The Head of Educational Office in Bandung, Mr. Edy Siswadi. Mrs. Mia (Who is wearing the red jacket) is volunteer from CitiSuccess Fund (CitiBank).


Hay, Guys. We are from SMAN 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

From the left Raditya, Geranuma, M Noval, Satra and Zoltan. Here we come to tell show you the next adventure of our Flat “Kuda Lumping’ in Europe.

As my friends have shown you a part of adventure of ‘Kuda Lumping’ in Netherlands, Italy and Austria,

now let see what places that ‘Kuda Lumping’ visited  in Germany, Belgium and in French

‘Kuda Lumping’ in Brussels. ‘Kuda Lumping’ is in museum where we can find a beggar sculpture.

There is a mythos, when someone can touch this sculpture he will come back to this place again. Don’t you want to try?

Look! how excited ‘Kuda Lumping’ is after touching a beggar sculpture. Do you know why? Because he wants to come back to Brussels again.

‘Kuda Lumping in the city central in Brussels. It is one of the big square where we can see a lot of old buildings.

Mrs. Marcel and ‘Kuda Lumping enjoyed the traveling very much.

Now they are in Germany. It is the big castle in Germany. The castle is well know as the Swanstein Castle. It is located in the hill and surrounded by beautiful valley. It is not easy to get there. ‘Kuda Lumping’ and Mr. and Mrs. Marcel looked tired after walking around  the Castle

From the parking area, people who want to go to the Castle have to take Carriage which is pull by horses.

Don’t you think it is fantastic?. In the big country like Germany, people still find the vehicles as if we were in the old ages.

I think ‘Kuda Lumping’ and Mr.and Mrs. Marcel never travel by this vehicles in Indonesia.

After taking a carriage for almost 20 minutes, the visitor have to walk again about hundreds meters before they reach the Castel

. It was very tiring indeed but they looked very happy.

Mrs. Marcel and ‘Kuda Lumping’ took a picture in the big square in the middle of Paris.

In this place we can see how beautiful Paris is. Do you want to join or Flat ‘Kuda Lumping’?

This picture was taken in front of Napoleon Bonaparte grave. It is located in Paris, French.

‘Kuda Lumping was very lucky. Because it was taken where ever Mr. and Mrs. Marcel went while They were in Europe.

Composed by : Noval, Raditya, Zoltan, Geranuma and Satra Adi,