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Camila’s Flat Stanley Adventures

Hello, my name is Camila, I’m a 2 nd grade student at Ozona Elementary School in Palm Harbor Florida. I want to share the fun adventures and many places my Flat Stanley had and visited. I got  letters  from 5 countries.


Córdoba, Argentina, march 15th, 2011


Dear Cami,


Thank you for sending Flat Stanley to Argentina! We had a really good time together. He visited many places and lots of people!

First, here in Cordoba, Stanley, Aunt Sue and I visited a friend of ours, Melina. It was late summer so we were by the pool having mates. When people get together here in Argentina, we usually drink mates, a popular hot beverage.

We walked around the city as well. Cordoba is a very old city so we visited important historic landmarks such as the Cathedral you see on the picture.

We are gonna  miss you Flat!

We had a great time here and I wanted him to stay with us longer, but I thought it would be nice for him to visit some other members of our huge family. So, he visited my sister-in-law in Caleta Olivia. It is in the South of Argentina, about 2700 kilometers from Cordoba city (1.6777 miles). It is a beautiful city on the San Jorge Gulf by the Atlantic Ocean in the Patagonia. Although, as I told you, it was late summer, it was really cold there already. That is the reason why Joaquín (the little baby) and Mauricio (his father) are wearing warm clothes. Marina is taking the pick so she is not on it. As you can see, they are on the beach. It is a particular one, since it has no sand, but millions and billions of little rocks.

After Caleta, Stan travelled all the way to visit aunt Bety and Granma Ana in Las Toscas, the city where your mom, aunt Bety and I are from. It was Fall already. He was there just in time to celebrate aunt Bety’s birthday party. It was a pity Susan and I coud not be there. They threw a big party; aunt Bety invited the whole family, they ate empanadas (meat pastri) and choripanes( sausage in a bun) and chocolate cake.

The day after, aunt Bety and your grandma went for a ride to show Stanley the city. They visited El Mirador, a historic place from which the founders of the city used to watch for natives attacks. They played around in the city square as well.

Also he went to San Justo in the state of Buenos Aires. He was there with Paula and her son Elias. Paula is our cousin (Granma’s niece).

Now is time for Flat to keep traveling, his next stop is Alexandria in Egypt!


We love you!


Tios Susana y Hernán




Alexandria, Egypt, March 20th, 2011

Hello Cami,


Thanks for sending your Flat Stanley to Egypt! We had so much fun with him walking around so many historic places. I’m Carolina, from Misiones, Argentina. I am living here in Alexandria, Egypt with my family.

My two little reporters are Banseeh and Giuliana. They had a great time showing Flat Stanley cool places.

Flat, Banseeh, Giuliana and Carolina at  Citadel of  Qaitbay,  situated at the entrance of the eastern harbour on the eastern point of the Pharos Island. It was erected on the exact site of the famous Lighthouse which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Royal Library of Alexandria, or Ancient Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, was the largest and most significant great library of the ancient world. It flourished under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty and functioned as a major center of scholarship from its construction in the 3rd century BC until the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC. The library was conceived and opened either during the reign of Ptolemy I Soter (323–283 BC) or during the reign of his son Ptolemy II (283–246 BC).

Now Flat is going to Turkey!  Have a safe trip Flat!!!



Love, Carolina, Banseeh and Giuliana.







Cappadocia, Turkey, april 15, 2011


Hi Camila:

Thanks for send Flat Stanley to my place, my name is Sandra and I live in Turkey, with my husband and two kids, Meli and Mert. We took Flat to visit Cappadoccia, The area is a famous and popular tourist destination, as it has many areas with unique geological, historic and cultural features.

The region is located southwest of the major city Kayseri, which has airline and railroad (railway) service to Ankara and Istanbul.

The Cappadocia region is largely underlain by sedimentary rocks formed in lakes and streams, and ignimbrite deposits erupted from ancient volcanoes approximately 9 to 3 million years ago.



Now Flat is going to Madrid, Spain! Have a safe trip Flat!


Sandra and Family.




Madrid, Spain , april 20th, 2011


Hola Camila:


I’m glad to have Flat Stanley with me! My name is Meli and I live in Madrid, Spain with my husband. We went with Flat to visit the city and many places such as The Royal Palace and The Royal Theater.  We want to make Flat happy. Also he got dress up for the duty. Hope you enjoy it as we did!



Now…. last ….but not least! Flat is going to Largo, Florida, USA to your Aunt and Uncle’s house.

Hasta Luego!(see you later!) Meli.



Largo, Florida, may 6th, 2011


Hi Cami!
Thanks for sending your friend Flat Stanley!!!
We had a great time; playing, sharing and learning from all the places he has visited.
He had a great time with Bombon, Negrita and Onix!



Cami, we love you VERY MUCH!
Tios Diego & Carolyn.


Agnes Stanley’s story from Indonesia

Flat Stanley’s Trip Story
The Character:
Flat Stanley’s name is Agnes.
Students of Group “Agnes Stanley” in class 11 Science 3 , SMAN 1 Karawang:
1. Faiz Deja Ramadhan
2. Anita Dewi Istiqomah
3. Angga Maulana
4. Entri Aprilia
5. Ita Puspitasari
6. Ghani Wicaksono
7. Syah Putra Saky Rianto
8. Yuda Ardiansyah

The Guest Star:
1. Mr. “Kind” from England.
2. Mr. “Howba” from Netherland.
3. The Oarsman with cano.

On Saturday, We went to Sunda Kelapa harbour , we went there by train we left there with different railway station, but the same train, each of us left from Cikampek railway station, Dawuan railway station , Klari railway station and Karawang railway station. We did it because we left from the railway station that nearest from each our house.

First Angga , Ghani ,and Faiz left from Cikampek railway station. Faiz has bought four tickets for them and Entri too however Entri sent a message to Faiz that Entri left from Dawuan railway station with Anita. And Anita and Entri have bought tickets too.

At the moment, Ita was waiting at Klari railway station and then Ita sent a message to Entri to asked where the compartment that They stayed. They were at Fourth Compartment then Entri asked Ita that has Ita bought a ticket ? Ita has’nt bought a ticket then Entri told Ita for don’t bought a ticket. So the ticket from Faiz could be used.
Ita found Anita, Entri and others in fourth compartment. Anita hasn’t taken a bath that day because Anita was hurry up. Finally We were in Karawang railway station, Yuda and Rian left from there and Agnes followed us too to went Sunda Kelapa Harbour. Agnes was a doll from our task of Flat Stanley. Then we sat together in fourth compartment. Rian said after the train arrived that he wanted to come back to home because he ran away from his house. Rian said to his mother that He wanted to run in that morning. At the train We always deceived Rian. In the Train We saw scene in train’s window talked together, told a joke and other. Some hours later we arrived in the last railway station that Jakarta Kota railway station.

In 8’ o clock We arrived in Jakarta Kota railway station. But, before we went to Sunda Kelapa Harbour, We wanted to the toilet. Rian, Entri, Yuda, Angga and Ghani waited infront of Toilet because just Anita, Ita and Faiz who want to pee. Did you know ? Anita is very-very long time in the toilet. Until we supposed that Anita took a bath there. But when she went out from the toilet. She claim, She didn’t took a bath there.

Because a long travel we felt very-very hungry so we decided to look for food seller. Many food seller there because we had the same taste. We decided to eat Soto Lamongan was sold in front of Jakarta Kota railway station. Did you Know ? We wanted to Sunda Kelapa Harbour, but We didn’t know how to went there, finally We had to ask to food seller there. Ang He gave information for us that if We went to Sunda Kelapa harbor, We must went by public transportation with number fifteen.

Before We could arrive in Sunda Kelapa harbour. We passed Kota Toea Jakarta. In this place many building which was built by Netherland Colonial when They colonized Indonesia. And Agnes took a picture. The picture contained her picture and an old building.

We and Agnes also took a picture in front of an old red building there. We also wanted to take a picture in that old red building but when We saw the tickets for come in. We decided that we didn’t want to enter that buildings because the price was very expensive.

We also took a picture in front of the white building. In the fact that the building was an old post office which used by people previously.

While we were walking in the street from Kota Toea to Sunda Kelapa harbour We also took a picture the situation of traffic and Our picture in the middle of street which closed because Saturday.

After that we arrived in a bus station. So we looked for Public Transportation with number fifteen and after we found it. We came in and went to Sunda Kelapa harbour speedly.

On the way, In public Transportation. We sat pleasantly and took a picture for a memory that Agnes the Stanley also could travel by Public Transportation or we usually said “Angkot”. We took a picture of us too much until made driver be confused when he saw it. Oh, Faiz just be able laughed when He saw the driver’s confused face when he looked us took a picture with camera in public transportation.

And then, here it was We and Stanley arrived in Sunda Kelapa harbour in Jakarta. The point of west Jakarta.

We felt very happy there because we could see an old ship was parking there. So, we could took picture of us with the old ship. There, Faiz and Anita took a picture with agnes and view of Sunda Kelapa by turns. Anita and Faiz were be very exist in their Photo album with Agnes the Stanley in Sunda Kelapa harbour. And they were never tired to stop to took pictures there. Finally a someone bargained to them for sailing in the sea with a cano. That someone was an oarsman who leased his cano to visitor in Sunda Kelapa harbour. We bargained to around the Sunda Kelapa by his cano with price Eighty Thousand Rupiahs. And he agreed with this price and we sailed with cano.

On cano , Our feeling mixed. We felt happy, afraid and brave to sailed with cano. Besides Anita always stood up and made the cano shaky and parts of us were scream loudly. And we thought Agnes was afraid too because It was the first time, She sailed with cano. It was funny and amazing.

On the way with cano, we saw a big ship. It was wonderful ship. So We asked to oarsman to stop the cano because we wanted to enter that ship. And He parked his cano beside that big ship.
In the big ship we saw many tools of sailing like a rudder and anchor. And we felt very happy in that ship until we didn’t want to back to cano. We had feel comfortable in that big ship. But we must bac to cano because afternoon would come. Before we went down from cano, Ita had know that the oarsman was from Ambon , Maluku, East Indonesia. But Ita forgot to asked his name. After we went down from cano we paid service of oarsman and his cano based our treaty, Eighty Thousand Rupiahs. And the oarsman seemed very happy when he got his money that day.

And then we continued our trip. We went to Intan Bridge by foot. It was so far but we felt happy when we had arrive there.

This bridge on that morning was used by photographer to took a picture of Mr. and Miss Jakarta City or we said “Abang, None Jakarta.” It was a pride we could took pictures there because Intan Bridge was one of icon and famous bridge in Jakarta city. After that we left Intan Bridge we passed Kota Toea before we went back to Jakarta Kota railway station to came home to Karawang by train again.

Did you know ? The distance between Jakarta Kota railway station – Kota Toea – Sunda Kelapa Harbour and Intan Bridge about 8 Kilometers. It was not too far but we thought that trip was very tired. Our sweat was very musch. Why did it happens ? We thought the weather of Jakarta was very hot so made our sweat went out and our tired caused by hot , not distance. Until Yuda found an ATM , we followed him enter the ATM to made our body became cool .

Anita was very tired and hot with her sweat and her sweater. Faiz could not think how much sweat of Anita when she felt very hot because the Jakarta’s Weather and he didn’t take a bath yet that morning. Faiz saw Anita still happy with her sweat.

In Kota Toea, we dropped in the Puppet’s Museum or “Museum Wayang” because we wanted to saw this museum. In that morning that museum didn’t open yet so we could enter it at the afternoon. We paid Eight Thousand Rupiahs to bought tickets to entered it. So the tickets for each one was One thousand Rupiahs.

Agnes took a picture with another puppets in Puppet’s Museum. It was very nice and funny. We felt happy when we saw her photo.

We met a tourist from England who name we forgot to ask him. We knew he was from England because He spoke English fluently. And We took a picture with him in Puppet’s Museum.

After met one tourist, we also met another tourist in Exit door of Puppet’s Museum. Entri was fed up with that tourist’s guide. He was angry when Entri requested to a tourist to took a picture. But different with his guide this tourist was very kind and spoke Indonesian a little. Finally, the tourist said “Howba” after we said “Thank You” . So, we didn’t know what his language and where he was from so we called him with name was “Mr. Howba”.

The trip was finished and we went back home by train again from Jakarta Kota railway station until each our station. On the way, when we went back home. We were very tired so we slept. We thought this trip would be expensive experience which we didn’t found with another friends, places, task, and time. We felt very happy although we were tired. We always would remember our trip story with Agnes the Stanley. Thanks for your reading.

—–Thanks to:——

Mrs. Dede Sumiati, M.Pd.
Agnes the Stanley
Angga Maulana
Anita Dewi Istiqomah
Entri Aprilia
Faiz Deja Ramadhan
Ghani Wicaksono
Ita Puspitasari
Syah Putra Saky Rianto
Yuda Ardiansyah
Angkot’s Driver
Oarsman Cano in Sunda Kelapa
Mr. ….. from England
Mr. Howba
Indonesian Railway Service Company (PJKA)
All of Person who support Writing this Story. Sorry, We can’t mention one by one.
All of Reader

Flat Stanley Goes to DC


We were thrilled to learn that my dad took my son, Jorli’s, Flat Stanley on a trip to Washington DC. My dad even went out of his way to take Flat Stanley downtown to see the White House and other Great historical site.

He sent back the plane ticket, a brochure, Flat Stanley with a DC stamp on his shirt and lots of pictures of their adventure.

My dad was very creative and we were all thrilled with his Flat Stanley. We will never forget it 🙂

Flat Stanley’s long trip to Anvaya Cove, Philippines

I brought Stanley with me to the beach. I brought Stanley with me to the villa. The ride was sooooooooooooooooooooooo long. It took 3 hours. I felt scared because the car might break down. I was getting bored that’s why I watched DVD because it was fun. I had fun watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was nice. After, I fell asleep. I dreamed about me and Flat Stanley had a mission in Black Ops. Finally, we reached Anvaya Cove. I felt happy being with my best pal Flat Stanley.

Santi with Flat Stanley during easter holidays


I had a great time with flat stanley during easter holidays. Flat stanley has done homework with me, has gone to the swimming pool, to the tennis court and has had  fan together with my cousins. I even had the easter chocolate egg with Flat Stanley. He Loved it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Lisa I can’t wait till I tell you all about my exciting easter holidays. Hope your’s have been good also.

See you tomorrow,