Chris Demke Maddern Racing Peen-Rite Top Alcohol Dragster

For Immediate Release: 06/08/2009
Chris Demke Maddern Racing Peen-Rite Top Alcohol Dragster

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Demke Takes Flat Stanley To Final Round

Joliet, Ill- The Jerry Maddern Racing Top Alcohol Dragster group introduced a new crew member to their team, who helped them advance to the final round this past weekend at the NHRA Jeg’s Sportsman All-star event held at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL.


‘Flat Stanley’, (the title character of Jeff Brown’s children’s book series), and  the Sunland, CA based team traveled  to Joliet, IL, after earning a spot in the National Hot Rod Association’s Sportsman All Star competition. “We gathered enough points during the past year in the Lucas Oil Divisional Racing Series to represent our home division (NHRA Division 7) at this event,” commented Chris Demke, the 45 year old driver of the Maddern Racing Top Alcohol Dragster. “To be included in the top eight cars in the country, in the sportsman division’s quickest category (Top Alcohol Dragster), and having ‘Flat Stan’ as my co-pilot is an enormous honor.”

Also visiting the Maddern Racing team in Joliet, IL this past weekend was Katie Rogers. As a part of her second grade class’ Flat Stanley Project, ( the young lady from Grand Rapids, MI originally sent Flat Stanley with a letter to drag racing columnist, Tim Charlet this past April. She wanted Flat Stanley to become ‘Fast Stanley’. Miss Rogers wanted to share her love of NHRA drag racing with her fellow second grade classmates at Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

“When he rode with Fast Jack Beckman (driver of the Don Schumacher Racing Valvoline/ MTS Funny Car) in Las Vegas and went 302 miles per hour I was really happy,” said the recent graduate of the second grade. “But, seeing Stanley race on Mr. Demke’s car this weekend is better. I hope they win this big race.”


After defeating Division Six competitor Joey Severance by 0.018 seconds in the opening frame, Demke and Fast Stanley took out Division One racer John Finke in the semi-finals. Demke’s final round opponent would be three-time world champion Bill Reichert from Owosso, MI. Both cars were wired at the launch, only separated by 0.002 seconds. Demke held the lead near the 1000 foot mark, until the power of Riechert’s A/Fuel Dragster over took him, handing Reichert his second Jeg’s All Star victory.

Miss Rogers, wearing her Maddern Racing t-shirt provided by Demke’s mother Dixie, was happy to see Fast Stanley in the final round. “We were cheering in the grandstands for Stanley and Mr. Demke,” said Rogers. “It was a great side-by-side race and my dad and I are proud of Mr. Demke and his team.”

Demke and the Maddern Racing team made seven runs during the weekend and their crew, known as the ‘Circus Clowns’ were up to the task. “Fast Stanley and the boys did great this weekend,” stated Demke. “They gave us a very consistent race car all weekend and we are proud of the professionalism they showed at this event. They are the best in the business and I’m glad they are on my team.”

The Division 7 team will complete their three-week road trip of racing this upcoming weekend at the LODRS event in Fallon, NV.

Since April, Fast Stanley has ridden with NHRA drag racers; Fast Jack Beckman, Jeff Arend, Mike Edwards, Tim Wilkerson, Ed ‘the outlaw’ Jones, David Douthit, Greg Means, Chris Woolverton and now Chris Demke. He has traveled via US Postal service and Fed Ex Express over 15,000 miles in two months. He will be attending the Mopar Mile High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway located outside of Denver, CO in July.

You can follow the Adventures of Fast Stanley on his blog @

Courtesy of Tim Charlet

Photos Courtesy of John Rogers.

From Georgia to Wales

Here are some pictures of Flat Stanley twins with twins Caroline and Greyson on a trip to Wales.  Caroline and Greyson are first-graders in.

David Brooks
(father of Caroline and Greyson)

Snowdonia National Park, Wales
Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Prison Tower at Conwy Castle
Twin Stanleys visit Conwy Castle in Wales with Caroline and Greyson. The Stanleys spent the week in a 300-year old stone cottage in North Wales.
Prison Tower at Conwy Castle
Prison Tower at Conwy Castle

Flat Stanley Goes Fast!

(Pictures Courtesy of Bob Wilber and

Mr. Hubert:

Enclosed is a link to a story we have written on Drag Racing web-site about the adventures of a Flat Stanley sent to me from second grader Katie Rogers from The Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Grand Rapids, MI.

Since his adventure began the second week of April, this particular Flat Stanley has:

–          Raced with 10 different NHRA drivers

–          Eclipsed 300 mph in 1000 feet 10 times

–          Helped two teams win NHRA National Event Championships (Jack Beckman and Mike Edwards in Atlanta, GA)

–          Flown around the state of Colorado with Capt. Mike Metcalf of the 140th Colorado Air National Guard in his F-16

–          Ridden with Ed “the Outlaw” Jones in his Wheel Standing 1933 Fire Truck

–          Been on stage and sang “Hunka Hunka Burning Love” with “BIG” Elvis at Big Bill’s Gambling Hall on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

–          Will be featured in two weeks on ESPN 2’s coverage of NHRA Sportsman Drag Racing as he competes with Top Alcohol Dragster Driver Chris Demke in Chicago, Illinois.

Needless to say, the NHRA community has embraced the Flat Stanley Project and we look forward to providing more info about the adventures of this particular Flat Stanley. I guess you can say- Flat Stanley has become Fast Stanley!

Thank you for all the work you do with this project sir.

Kindest Regards,

Tim Charlet



Joliet, Ill- The Jerry Maddern Racing Top Alcohol Dragster team is on their way to Chicago. They have a full tank of gas, its dark, they’re wearing sunglasses and they will ‘hit it’ this weekend at the NHRA United Association Route 66 Nationals held in Joliet, Illinois.

Needless to say, the fun loving Peen-Rite sponsored team intends to be ‘on top of their game’ this weekend during a very special event for the Sunland, CA based group.

“Chicago is a huge deal for us,” said driver Chris Demke, who along with his wife Arlette celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on Wednesday. “This race is unique, as we have earned the right to compete not only in the National Event on a very fast track, but also the Jeg’s All-Star race held on Saturday.”

Demke is confident with the weather and track conditions they are forecasting for this weekend, the Jerry Maddern tuned dragster can return to 5.20 elapsed time zone they ran earlier this season. He also knows the competition will be just as quick. “We gathered some great run data this past weekend in Topeka, however Route 66 raceway is historically a very fast track,” stated Demke. “I think we can plug in our Pomona tune-up and be ready to race up against a great field of competition.”

Demke will not be the only ‘person’ on board his 260 mile per hour dragster in Chicago. Second grader Katie Rogers’ ‘Fast Stanley’ from Grand Rapids, MI, who has ridden this season with Jack Beckman, Mike Edwards, Jeff Arend, Tim Wilkerson and even Ed ‘the Outlaw’ Jones, will be Demke’s co-pilot. “I am looking forward to having ‘Fast Stanley’ hang out with the Circus Clowns this weekend,” Demke said. “The Flat Stanley project ( is a great teaching tool for children and anything we can do to help teach children the fine art of letter writing is a positive.”

The Flat Stanley project founder, Dr. Dale Hubert is also very happy with the NHRA community embracing the project he began in 1995. “Even after all these years I’m amazed at the way people open their hearts to the little flat guy,” stated Dr. Hubert.

Demke, Fast Stanley and the Maddern Racing team will have three attempts to qualify for this weekend’s event beginning on Friday at 12:30pm. The second session is scheduled to begin at 4:30pm. A final qualifying session will be held Saturday morning at 10:00 am.

Follow the Adventures of Fast Stanley @

For tickets please visit Route 66’s website @ or call them @: 815-727-RACE (7223); 888-629-RACE (7223)

Keep up to date with up to the minute race results on

Courtesy of Charlet Motorsports Marketing @

Iraq Images

Hello, my name is Specialist Campbell , I am a soldier in the Pennsylvania national guard, deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My friend James gave me an envelope with the Flat self Jonathan. flat-self-1I quickly folded Little Jonathan and put him in my pocket till the next day’s mission. The day started early, 0400 hours, We had a simple mission. We needed to take our passengers to Camp Liberty Baghdad, for an important meeting and Flat self Jonathan was riding with me in the Gunners platform of our 73,500 pound truck the MRAP.  MRAP  is an acronym which means Mine Resistant Ambush Protectant vehicle. flat-self-2





I took a few pictures of Jonathan with my M240 Bravo Machine Gun, and one of him looking through my binoculars. We arrived in time for the meeting and had time for a photo op and lunch at the Burger King. We picked up our passengers and returned to Camp Taji Iraq conducted an After Action Reveiw and were briefed about the next mission. The end.

Thank you, Jason Campbell.

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Dale Hubert with Flat Stanley

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