Santi with Flat Stanley during easter holidays


I had a great time with flat stanley during easter holidays. Flat stanley has done homework with me, has gone to the swimming pool, to the tennis court and has had  fan together with my cousins. I even had the easter chocolate egg with Flat Stanley. He Loved it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Lisa I can’t wait till I tell you all about my exciting easter holidays. Hope your’s have been good also.

See you tomorrow,


Alejandra Enjoying Easter !!

In Easter I enjoyed so much.

First I went to the church with Pat (my godmother) to The sunday Palm Mass.

On Thursday I went to the mountains where we stayed till monday Easter.

We enjoyed running in the fields with the cows, making photos in the waterfalls, staying quiet seeing the sheeps and  how the dog try to put them in a fence, fedding the squirrel, also riding my bike, celebrating Andrea´s birthday.. lots of things !! 

I like so much easter and eat lots of chocolate, and also find the small chocolate eggs that the Easter Lapin hide for us in the garden

Ohhh, my Easter is finished !! but tomorrow  I will share my adventures with my school friends !!

 See u in next Flat Stanley Adventure !!

Roger Garcia Spring Break adventur

Roger has spent Easter holidays in Begur, a little village near the sea. He has been walking on the sea side, picking up sponges and all things he has found in the beach. He has played football with his brothers. He has also gone to “La Pizzeta” to eat a wonderful pizza!. The other day he went walking from one beach to another along a “camí de ronda”. When back to Sant Cugat, he has eaten the “mona” with his brothers, cousin and uncles. All together, a very funny holidays!!!

Flat Stanley and Zach in Alt Empordà

Zach Huestis took Flat Stanley to Alt Empordà, Spain.  Zach and Flat Stanley stayed in Zach’s Grandfather’s house in the small town of Espolla.  Zach and Stanley really like Espolla, it’s in the country and is surrounded by farms and vineyards and olive trees.

Zach took Stanley to see the Espolla Castle, right across the street from the house, and in the first picture you can see Stanley and Zach next to the Castle.

Later, they went to the city of Figueres, where they played in a park.  Stanley like playing on the swing with Zach and his sister and brother.  Later in Figueres, Zach showed Stanley the Dalí museum, which is pretty crazy looking and has big eggs on the roof.  Stanley thought it was a funny looking building!

Zach and Stanley like the outdoors and they went on a nice bike ride in the trails that run through the vineyards behind Espolla.  Later, Zach showed Stanley the chickens that live in village.

Zach also took Stanley to the beach in Roses.  You can see Stanley enjoying the beach while Zach was busy playing football with some boys he met at the beach.  Stanley liked cheering for Zach’s goals!

At the end of the day, Stanley enjoyed some ice cream with Zach’s sister Annika.

Alex Llorens Easter Break

Alex has gone to Tamarit, along the coast in Tarragona, and Blanes, ideal place to rest. Alex and his family has taken the car to get to both places. Alex has had plenty of time to do some sport activities for instance ridde bicicle, soccer, and tennis. Alex has taken a brave bath in the swiming pool. On Sunday Alex has found candies and eggs that the Easter Bunny has left for the kids. At lunch time, the same Sunday, he has gone after chickens and ducks. Now he is getting ready for his return to school and explain all his experiences. See you tomorrow Lisa, Nuria and M.Almudena.

Alaska – Sled dogs and the Yukon Quest

Hi there. My name is Peg and I live outside of Fairbanks, Alaska with my husband, 44 sled dogs and 1 sled dog wannabe. During the school year which is mid-August to mid-May here, I work as a Safety Assistant at North Pole High School. We’re just down the road from Santa’s house – honest.

Soon I will be heading to Juneau with the dogs where we will spend the summer offering dogcart rides to tourists. Just getting there is a major undertaking which includes driving for two days through Alaska, the Yukon, B.C. and then Alaska again where we get on a ferry for 4 1/2 hours before finally getting to Alaska’s capital.

Next winter I’m running the Yukon Quest – a 1,000 mile dogsled race from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon.

I’d be very interested in having some Flat Stanley’s along for all the adventures between now and then. Of course Flat Stanley would be welcome to ride the sled with me during the race as well.

Happy trails!


Flat Stanley in Vermont

We flew into Burlington International Airport Friday, March 4 and to our surprise, we were greeted by Flat Stanley.  We did not who he had been traveling with but he quickly joined us in our visit for the weekend.

Among our adventures were attending the musical “13” at the Vergennes Opera House (entirely staged and performed by my niece and her friends), meeting my sister and various other Chittenden County residents, and getting caught in the fourth worst snow storm in Burlington history. Quite a weekend!

We did not want to leave Stanley behind since we all had such a good time together so we took him home to Virginia.  If you left him behind in Burlington, let us know and we will be happy to send him to you.


Carl Nubile