Lucy White’s Flat Stanley goes to Florida on Holiday…

Here are some photographs of Lucy White’s Flat Stanley visiting Sarasota, Florida from Whiteley, Hampshire in England…  Thanks to Dale for letting us publish some photo’s on this blog…

IMG_1516                                       IMG_1517

Flat Stanley arrives at Auntie Jenni and Uncle Geoff’s in Florida…            …and then heads off for a Bike Ride with Auntie Jenni…

IMG_1520                                               IMG_1526

Dylan plays with Flat Stanley and welcomes him to the house…                          Flat Stanley has a siesta with Tia…

IMG_1530                                        IMG_1540

… and a quick chat with Harvey (in his favorite fruit bowl!)…                          Catching up on some reading while chilling in the pool…

IMG_1550                                                                 IMG_1552

Watching the sunset while having a nice glass of lemonade 🙂                        Too much chocolate mousse…  stuffed! 😉

IMG_1555                                         IMG_1556

Tips on hunting gecko’s from Harvey….                                                                                      …and also from Dylan…

IMG_1562                                           IMG_1564

Watching “Rango” (one of his favorite movies!) 🙂                                                         Off to Nokomis Beach to climb some trees…

IMG_1571                                           IMG_1576

…and paddle in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico 🙂                   …and here are some prehistoric sharks teeth he found on Nokomis Beach…

IMG_1579                                           IMG_1582

… and then off for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico in his all-in-one plastic swim suit 🙂         …and finally, some sea kayaking…


After an exhausting week, his last day was spent chilling by the pool 🙂


Flat Stanley Goes to DC


We were thrilled to learn that my dad took my son, Jorli’s, Flat Stanley on a trip to Washington DC. My dad even went out of his way to take Flat Stanley downtown to see the White House and other Great historical site.

He sent back the plane ticket, a brochure, Flat Stanley with a DC stamp on his shirt and lots of pictures of their adventure.

My dad was very creative and we were all thrilled with his Flat Stanley. We will never forget it 🙂

Tabby and Flat Stanley

"Love at Last"
Tabby and Stanley

I met Flat Stanley when I was in first grade. Instead of sending him away to a friend, he got to spend Spring Break with me and my family. When I met him we spent all 9 days of spring break together.

Flat Stanley visits VA, from PA

My friend Chrissy, who lives in PA asked me to participate in her son’s (Gunnar) school project. Her family seemed to be too busy to work it in to their schedules and I was more than happy to help. She mailed me Flat Stanley, and I took him to many places such as my workplace, drumming class, and to the annual Beltane festival in Newport News, VA. I have posted photos. What a great idea, and an awesome project! We were quite disappointed to learn, that the children did not have an opportunity to present the letters or photos to their class. I was hoping there was some kind of website, if not I had planned on creating my own. Great work Dale!

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Alison Jones of The Poison Apple, with Flat Stanley

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Chrissy Alandar (Gunnar’s Mom), with Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley, and the May Pole

To learn more about Beltane, visit Beltane, on Wiki

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Flat Stanley, with Belly Dancer Dana Beaufait Voi Spinner Voi Spinner

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Flat Stanley, with Belly Dancer Julia R. Zay Rogue Dance Innovations

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Flat Stanley, with Belly Dancer (and Volunteer Staff Member) Rachael Caraballo

From the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas

Special thanks to Stacey hall and First Lady Ginger Beebe from the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas for their continuing support.

First Lady Ginger Beebe with Secretary Madeleine Albright and Flat Stanley

Flat with his favorite weatherman, TODAY Show’s Al Roker

Flat Stanley and James Carville

Flat and country singer Tracy Byrd at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion

Flat Stanley, First Lady Ginger Beebe, and Mary Matalin