New Flat Stanley Picture Gallery blog

This Picture Gallery blog is a new feature to the Flat Stanley Project that allows participants to upload their own text and images. Up until this, I had to manually add each of the thousands of pictures that were sent to me, and I simply wasn’t able to find the time to continue doing that. This section is searchable, using the Categories selector to the right of this paragraph and also the Search window, so it should be easy to find the images that interest you. At first it’s a bit awkward to navigate a blog, so at any time you can click on the Flat Stanley Project Picture Gallery Blog title to be returned to this page. After creating your account you will have Contributor status, which means you will only have the ability to add text. This is a security feature, so that unauthorized people aren’t able to add inappropriate images. Those with Author status are able to upload pictures to support their text. Contact me if you would like to be an Author. Include some background information about yourself to support why you should be given Author status.

Dale Hubert with Flat Stanley

How to Add Text and Images

To make contributions, simply go to the Meta section in the margin to the left of this paragraph and use the Register link to create your account. A password will be e-mailed to you. You will have the status of Contributor. Then use Meta to Login. Select Site Admin then use the Posts section and click Add New (here highlighted in red).addnew

Adding Images

You must apply to be an Author to post images. Contributors may post text, but are not allowed to upload images. Send an e-mail to Dale Hubert requesting to be changed from Contributor to Author. Then, to add images to your posts, click on the rectangle with the frame around it that appears immediately to the right of upload-insertUpload/Insert (here highlighted in red). When the next window appears, click on Select Files. You can then select an image from your computer and the blog software will add it after you’ve selected Insert Into Post. Be sure to click on the Publish button to the right, or, if you’re editing an existing post, the Update Post button.


I’m looking forward to lots of great images and stories!


Dale Hubert