September 2020
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Flat Scout goes to Jordan & Cyprus

Our den leader to our Flat Scout with him to Jordan & Cyprus this summer.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

Our first stop was at Umm Qais, an old Roman town near the northern border of modern Jordan.  Here, we saw amazing Roman architecture and a view north into Syria.


Flat Scouts August Adventures

It was a fun summer for all the Flat Scouts, but we managed to squeeze a little more fun into August before heading back to school

We’re getting pumped for second grade and eating a last minute snack before bedtime!

Here we are shopping for back to school stuff and one last dip in grandpa’s pool […]

Flat Scouts July Adventures

Our Flat Scouts had a busy July all over the world.  Here are a few of their adventures

Even Flat Stanley’s need their teeth cleaned!  Joel and Flat Scout received great news: no cavities!

This month we had a blast.  We got to go see a movie with the pack,  and then we went to Chick-Fil-A dressed up […]

FlatScouts Go To Utah

After spending Independence Day in Idaho, two of our Flat Scouts made a trip down to Utah.  Keep you eyes on the road while you drive (even though the scenery is beautiful).





In downtown Salt Lake City, one of our Flat Scouts saw some […]

Flat Scout visits the Dallas Cowboys

Flat Scout went with Evan to Dallas, TX for the week and had many fun adventures including a tour of The Star (the Dallas Cowboys’ training facility)

Flat Scout Working Hard in June

Flat Scout went to help both Joels build houses in Spring, Texas…

…visiting Joel’s Mimi and playing in her pool area and learning to swim…

…and cooling off from the heat and grabbing a treat.


Flat Scouts like to swim

We went to the pool with Stanley. I like to do flips on the diving board. It was fun.

Flat Scouts have fun outside

Playing nerf wars with Stanley on nice summer mornings


Flat Scouts go to Four Corners

I (Vincent) had fun at Four Corners.  We bought two arrowheads and took pictures at the Four Corners marker.  I know that Four Corners is a good place to be in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona all at the same time.

My den leader’s flat Scout came too since he’s my Dad.



Flat Scout in Florida

Aydnn took his Flat Scout to Miami, Key West & Sanibel Island, FL.

He went swimming, shell hunting and played in the ocean. […]

Flat Scout in the Oil Field

Pack 3664’s version of the Flat Stanley project challenged our Tiger Cubs to visit cool places with a Flat Scout and then send pictures and notes to each other over the summer.  Not to be outdone by his Tigers, Den Leader Jared Jensen took his Flat Scout on a field visit to a Key snubbing […]