Flat Scout goes to Jordan & Cyprus

Our den leader to our Flat Scout with him to Jordan & Cyprus this summer.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

Our first stop was at Umm Qais, an old Roman town near the northern border of modern Jordan.  Here, we saw amazing Roman architecture and a view north into Syria.

Next, we went to some crusader castles.  Check out these stone balls–a lotbigger than the BBs we shoot with the Cub Scouts!  These were used for small catapults to defend the castle.  I also got to see some Arabic inscriptions recovered at a castle that was captured by one of Saladin’s lieutenants.


Next we went to Petra.  This is a Nabataean city carved out of the rock in a canyon. Here I am in front of the most famous part of the city–the Treasury.  It was actually a tomb, but people called it the Treasury because they thought there was a hidden treasure inside.  Here are pictures of Flat Scout with everyone who went on the trip.  You can see a close-up of some ancient Greek writing.  Petra was a cross-roads trading city where caravans could get water on their way through the desert, so you can see Nabataean, Greek, Roman, Assyrian, Arab, and Christian influences throughout the city.


We also went to Mt. Nebo, a place where the Bible says Moses looked over the Promised Land before being taken by God.  I took my picture in an olive tree at the peak.

After all that travelling, we were tired, so we spent a little time at the beach in Cyprus.  We started every morning with a great breakfast of eggs, fresh vegetables, bread and juice.  Here, I got a chance to read by the seashore and see an old Ottoman fort that protected the harbor at Pafos.


Altogether, it was a great trip that I will remember for a long time.  I hope you like the pictures.

Flat Scouts August Adventures

It was a fun summer for all the Flat Scouts, but we managed to squeeze a little more fun into August before heading back to school

We’re getting pumped for second grade and eating a last minute snack before bedtime!

Here we are shopping for back to school stuff and one last dip in grandpa’s pool with my Flat Scout.


Boys of the Wolf Den and Flat Scout Frank “dabbin’ out” from Summer 2018!

Flat Scouts July Adventures

Our Flat Scouts had a busy July all over the world.  Here are a few of their adventures

Even Flat Stanley’s need their teeth cleaned!  Joel and Flat Scout received great news: no cavities!

This month we had a blast.  We got to go see a movie with the pack,  and then we went to Chick-Fil-A dressed up like a cow on Appreciation Day.  Then, to top it all off, we got to have a great time at the Astros game with my Dad.


My mom forgot Stanley in Texas, but he was with us in heart on our trip up to Avalanche lake in Montana.

At Mt. Rainier we went on a really long hike. I got to slide on my bottom in the snow. We saw marmots and a mountain goat.  We also went to Mt. St. Helens. I got to watch a movie about the volcano. It erupted 38 years ago.


We went to Latourell Falls. I stood on a rock at the bottom of the falls. We went to the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. I saw a seal. It kept getting closer and closer.


Lounging in the pool with my buddy Frank the Flat Scout.  It’s been a hot summer and our pol is finally finished.  I’m going to teach Frank how to swim tomorrow. It’s also Shark Week! We decided to watch Jaws in the pool with no lights.  I wasn’t scared.


Flat Scout and I visited the remains of a 4th century church on the summit of Mt. Nebo in Jordan overlooking the Plain of Jericho.  A Scout is Reverent, so we were quiet and took off our hats.

All told, it was a great month.  Stay tuned for more Flat Scout updates as we approach the school year.

FlatScouts Go To Utah

After spending Independence Day in Idaho, two of our Flat Scouts made a trip down to Utah.  Keep you eyes on the road while you drive (even though the scenery is beautiful).





In downtown Salt Lake City, one of our Flat Scouts saw some fish and took a picture with two Cub Scouts.

Next was a trip to Temple Square.  Since a Scout is Reverent, this was a special stop on our trip.  We saw the Christus statue, a bronze statue of The Prophet Joseph Smith, and stopped to smell the flowers in front of the Salt Lake City Temple.


After lots of adventures, our adult Flat Scout flew home to help the Den Leader go back to work.  Lucky us, we got to sit in the exit row. A Scout is Obedient, so we read the safety card before taking off.